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  1. Happy Birthday B_D3VZ!

  2. Hi steve thanks for the reply. the injector was takin from a donar is200 that was running so the injector should not be a dudd. The garage ive been to has said the voltage is dropping way low to 3v and should be at 12v as the engine bay warms.....am guessing thats the lead going into injector 6 thats dropping to 3volts..... ive heard of this problem so it may well in deed be the wiring! ..... Il be taking it back for another look. thanks for the input steve.
  3. Hi guys ive also run into this problem! after reading lots of members problems about this and hours on google! im still no further forward :eerrrmm: i had the car on diagnostics which pointed out misfire on cylinder 2 & 6 Ive replaced all 6 spark plugs, and both coils that were giving of misfire readings.... turns out the coils i replaced with the new coils were fine!.... so back again to drawing board! after pulling each coil in turn with the car running i noticed cyliner 6 spark plug was dry! no fuel was being injected to the cylinder and spark plug..... ive had a replacement injector fitted and car serviced new timing belt and oil change and still the problems there!!!! car runs fine when cold for few miles until the engine heats then the misfire and loss of power is there again! a local mechanic has said i may need to consider changing the ECU but i dont really want to pay for more parts that are not going to solve the problem! any help would be well appreciated!
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums B_D3VZ :)