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  1. HI SEB YEP its exactly what I originally thought keeps the car elegant and tasteful and looks really cool ...well done 10 out of 10....I can't wait to order mine next the front deflector cooler panel is a very good idea (easier to clean with one wipe) and modernises the engine bay with todays cars. Nevertheless well done a good tune up mate....when you finnish the wiring try take a pic in dark without the dipped headlights and use that as your main id photo . Then when i get mine done I will do the same ....maybe one day I'll bring mine up to the UK for a non alcoholic beer bash.. mdr(french version of LOL. Keep in touch
  2. Hello Seb Visited your gallery very nice pics;As for the wiring I just wanted a photo of what it looked like prior to fitting but never mind the photo of the vendor showing the small transformer block will suffice, One small technical doubt is the double sticky tape fixation on wire meshing ;as I use a high pressure jet washer at home and sometimes the rollers I will need to see if a flat base bracket with two screws and some extra waterproof submarine araldite will deter the would be poacher : Nevertheless it looks elegant and tasteful can't wait to see a twilight picture ! Nice work I will be ordering mine at the end of the month but I need to find a grill with a flat surface like yours ! LOL After the logo I will start a new post concerning plasti dip on my alloys. I have done some bits inside the car and no adverse affects so far but I am waiting to see what direct sunlight at the end of summer will produce. As the colour anthracite is not yet sold in France and I have only managed to use the colour black on my headlamp washer jet conversion which is now nearly finished just need to take the bumper off to adjust the port side actuator ; regards pmb
  3. Hello Seb can't wait to see the pictures ;don't forget pictures of the badge up close especially the wiring ! and a night shot would be great as well rgds pmb
  4. Thanks for your comments David I have finnished th installation but I need to adjust the port side actuator and replace a bulb in the wash wipe switch nearly finnished .But a quick word or friendly advise the total installation(xenon lights and head lamp conversion was a long winded affair) if you decide to undertake this conversion be prepared to do a few mods and d'ont try to do this job in one week end . I f you need any help jof any kind just drop me a mail and i will do my best to help you. rgds pmb
  5. Happy new year to All So all the parts are fitted and a few more items need fine tuning ; but a few technical pointers; don't forget to disconnect the existing pump electrically and seal the water outlet and purchase 50 cms of plastic tubing and connect to new actuator pump which doubles up as screen washer pump ; I will post mores pictures next week pat
  6. yep it looks cool but we are all waiting for seb to bolt his illuminated logo and post a few pictures meanwhile I have checked out e bay for seb's radiator grill and as soon as I finish cutting the last hole for my head lamp washer actuators and done a full service on the car I will start on the grill ! HAPPY XMAS TO ALL AND MAY YOUR LEXUS GIVE YOU MANY WONDERFUL MILES
  7. MR STAFF Or should I call you Ian ! I first thought you looked like a slightly constipated clown now I know you have been side saddling my torpedo tubes I have the perfect remedy Ian a comfortable ride in a Tesla MODEL S they only catch fire when you crash them !lol :hocus-pokus: regards pmb
  8. This is one of the things I look after last year can you guess what they are ? A pair of brackets on a bumper is hardly a challenge ! regards pmb
  9. OK seb four new pictures posted hope they give you a better idea of what they look like in daylight check out my gallery enjoy !
  10. Slow down Seb your going to blow your head gasket on your iPhone ...18 pictures in one day...that's what I call mega pixels lol Now back to petrol head matters....The wire grill mesh looks great ; will try to pick one up next year. I have posted one new pic with the head lamps switched off ; If you wait I will post a few more tomorrow when its daylight, If you already have xenon's then don't bother as the installation isn't cheap about 500 EUROS .
  11. HELLO ZEBBER Its alot simpler than you think. First of all each head lamp has a smallish electric motor with a triangle plug all I did was to modify the spyder headlamps (is300) to a (is200) and swap the motors over to the new headlamps. The actual ride height actuator is left untouched and all you need to do is turn the small dashboard ride height adjuster switch to suit the best driving position and/or calibrate the headlamps against a white wall .(this is important as I noticed the Xenons are much brighter and I would 'nt like to be dazzled by them) Since fitting them night driving is less alot less strain on the eyeballs ! I also had a look at your website worldtuningfans and the black logo is very nice. Tonight if i Have the time I will vernier caliper my badge and check out the size.As my front grill is slightly chipped I need to plastic spray the grill so I might as well do the mod conversion all in one go...c'ant wait to see what yours looks like in the dark ! If you need help on your headlamps just ask took me quite some time to get it spot on but I d'ont regret doing the job its completely changed its appearance. rgds pmb
  12. I have lived 42 years in the uk and 13 Years in France. I have voted for both camps (left and right) in both countries and i have come to a simple conclusion we are still in the sh...t ...conclusion go and buy a lottery ticket...hopefully win enough a new lexus and d'ont watch the news or read the papers on sunday and scre...w the lot of them....Europe is out of control ! Long live petrol heads ! pmb
  13. Ok zebber I will wait after the Christmas holidays to see your Handy work....If you want to post pics the best way Is to go into your gallery and upload pics ...and then click on my media and choose the photos you want to post in your article ..hope that helps a bit ....check out my gallery you will see my xenon conversion with the electric ride height motors fitted job will be the headlamp washer actuators but with all the winter autum leaves falling can't find the time to do the garden and the car :! rgds pmb