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  1. As stated in post, oil consumption has now settled down don`t need anything between services normally, just an occasional top up mls not ltrs lol and always use a good low ash oil cannot stress enough must be low ash don1t use cheap oil don`t use one that is not low ash no matter the quality and I cocked up my mileage its 138250
  2. Sorted mine in end over 131k miles now and still going strong oil has settled down did need egr valve cleaning and then just used forte dpf, cleaner get on motorway and wind up revs 3500/4000 so it gets good n warm will chuck out lotta smoke but that is it burning out crap then just chuck an odd treament in every 3/4 months works for me. Still on original dpf and not had to touch head etc and yes, when it enters dpf cleaning mode it does chuck out smoke when accelerating, but normally nothing. So In my case no doom n gloom, just try cleaning egr valve (but do a good job) use treatment and if its like mine all will be fine. Mine is mostly is used on short runs 6/7 miles to and from work, no motorway driving no high speed work so would expect to clog up more than most. Dont know about wynns I have only used forte dpf cleaner and this works for me hope this helps
  3. have a ls220d owned it 5 years now and was not new when bought. currently 113000 miles on clock 2006 model top of range one with sunroof sat nav etc etc great car still drives well but mpg not so great, around 30mpg. only problems in 5 years discs and pads front and rear just normal wear and tear, DPF is a pain as do not do a lot of mway miles so clogs up so far got away with using forte dpf cleaner and going for a burn lol lotsa smoke but does the trick for another few months and just recently vsc coming on for what I am hoping is brake light switch hope this helps peeps ps gone through about 6 tyres in this time as well lol as cannot rotate as front and rear diff sizes lol
  4. HI have intermittent vsc coming on sometimes after 5 miles sometimes not for days always clears when ignition turned off had comp checked error codes c1223 and c1249 beleive this is either abs unit or brake switch hoping for switch but having trouble trying to source one anyone know where i can get one from (lexus i can get for £53) seems a bit over top lol ta for any help steve
  5. nope sorry not head gasket no water in oil no loss of coolant had an oil change at a garage recently nothing reported as raising any concerns (and yes I trust the garage my wife works for em lol) I did think it may be valve stem seals or even leaking past turbo bearing but as it is intermittent has me beat also rules out rings would a blocked egr valve cause this? or possible blocked breather causing overpressure in head forcing oil down valve stems????????
  6. need to pick your brains gentlemen. have a is220d with 116000 miles on clock and have an intermittent white smoke problem does not do it whilst stood have been on mway on cruise control doing 80moh and noticed a white puff of smoke every minute or so.At other times it will chuck out a lot of smoke whilst changing gear after hardish acceleration usually first couple of gear changes then clears up! Next day will not smoke at all?? my dpf caused me probs approx 6 weeks ago ( limp mode etc) used forte dpf cleaner and regenerator add to tank get on mway and get up to 70/80 in 3rd (4000 revs to clean it stop and start to stay out o limp mode then disconnected battery to wipe out fault) has been okay since then have tanked up several times so assume that cleaner is all gone? am losing oil but not a lot poss litre in 6 weeks SO gents what the heck is the problem??? ps have not touched egr valve and getting 30mpg no loss of performance and no strange noises. hellppp!
  7. hi cvebog mine was not egr tho will be cleaning that out out when i have time, mine was the Diesel particulate filter (dpf) this is part of the exhaust system (not the cat) and meant to collect soot particles etc. ine being high mileage was getting blocked and needed a good blast to clean it out. They are supposedly self cleaning but, I had only been doing local miles and with the cold probably not helping it registered a fault. So used forte dpf cleaner 1 bottle with approx 1/4 tank o fuel kept driving it at 3000+ rpm then put another bottle in when putting approx £25 diesel in. After 100 miles of messing about in limp mode (stop engine restart and it resets for approx 3mile then back into limp lol) I reset computer to clear vsc (disconnect battery for 30 sec) error cleared and all is apparently well
  8. further update car still fine, spoke to mechanic and he reckons as motor done 100k that I should put a bottle in once a year at a service to keep on top o problem. Maybe a good idea for anyone else with a high mileage diesel to take note of (nip problem in bud )
  9. update have now driven 100 miles and used 1 1/2 bottles of dpf cleaner and reset computer yesterday and problem seeems to have cleared works fine now will probably put a bottle of magic stuff thru once every 3 months to keep it clean
  10. Hi am from scunthorpe and own a is220d the top o range one with fancy stereo sat nav etc. It is on a 56 plate high mileage 100,000+ had for a year now and was a very reliable car. Yes was! just recently with no warning the check vsc came on along with engine management light and traction control, and went into limp mode after 2/3 miles. I had it checked and DPF was diagnosed so am at present trying to clear it using Forte dpf cleaner and regenerator and driving at 3000 rpm + so far done 75 miles when I can get it out of limp mode (disconnect battery for 1 min to clear errors) I then get 4min or so normal driving, when I can rev it, was told by mechanic may take up to 200 miles before DPF will regenerate after this time if it hasn`t cleared time for a new one £600+ I believe so holding out hope t will clear!!!!!! THe car when not in limp mode still drives perfectly. PS mileage wise get 30 mpg no more and have done since buying it
  11. Welcome to the Lexus forums ancientone :)