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  1. Would I be right in thinking that the HID bulbs for the Projectors are D4S? I was also wanting a nice clean white rather than the yellowish stock bulbs so probably 5000? Or will they be too blue? any recommendations or links would be great. I didn’t buy the previous they came with the car.
  2. So did I and that’s what I was referring to as I also have never changed the halogen ones either.
  3. I was told it was pretty tough to do with people saying that you had to jack you the car, remove the wheel and arch liner etc.. When i did mine a while back i just removed the trim pieces round the left, right and front parts of the engine the drivers side was easy enough to get to like Oldtrout says but the passenger one i had to move the top and of the airbox and move it out the way (and maybe something else i cant recall) and got my hand in. I found it was helpful to use non powder surgical gloves as not to get any skin oils on the bulb its self. I need to replace one of mine when i get the car back as it will randomly go off so i will replace both and i have also been meaning to replace the bulbs for nice white led ones to match the hids.
  4. Mine is a GS450h so they have the dampening adjuster rod so I don’t know if that would be considered simple. I will consider getting the originals refurbished in the future.
  5. Well i have to say my apprehension to use Autodoc was unfounded (on this occasion). Less than one week after i ordered the fronts from AutoDoc they have arrived. Starting to wish i had saved the £70 from ordering them from Eurocarparts and bought them all from Autodoc but knowing my luck they would have taken a month and i would be screwed for its MOT. Impressed though, very happy with the price and only took a week is very good service. Was very well packaged in a nice big Autodoc box as well. I do need to replace the struts on the bonnet and boot so i will order them as well and see if they take the same sort of time.
  6. Yeah it looks like I can do that with my iPhone. Will update when I get my car back and get it fitted.
  7. Interesting, I thought only one source device could pair with a device at a time. I will report back when I have received and fitted after I have received my car back from Lex-Tech and the engine work is done and the car is MOT’d.
  8. I have just received a message from GTA and they confirmed that is the correct kit. Currently showing at $154.99 and $17.00 Shipping from UK Warehouse. Looking at the video its also nice and easy to fit so looks like I will get that on order. He did mention though that when the phone is paired to their Bluetooth Module and you are playing music it will not pause and swap to the OEM bluetooth hands free kit hence the need for the additional MIC.
  9. Great, Thanks Sami. I have emailed them and see which version they recommend. By the looks of the website this is the one i need. Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod/AUX Kits for Lexus GS 2006-2011 – GTA Car Kits Not a bad price either. I am not interested in the mic either as i am very happy with the built in hands free kit.
  10. Just another Q. I notice on the GTA website they are showing that their products ship in the UK from a company in Lewes. Did a bit of a google but couldnt find which one is was. Any Idea?
  11. Hi Sami I had looked at them but couldn't find the correct one that i needed. Can you link me to the one you have? When you say connects to a free CD Changer Port is that an extra socket on the rear of the unit? I am not sure if i have a spare port unless that is what the old ipod connection is using.
  12. I have looked at the Vais modules and they do look easy to install but not 100% sure if they are compatible with the ML audio system. I will drop them an email to ask.
  13. Unfortunately the ML audio doesn’t have any Aux or USB input from what I can tell. I already have the old style IPod connection that was available as an option that works through the head unit via the additional disc option and that could only play drop iPod playlists.
  14. Well I posted a thread a while back regarding this but never sorted but after spending a load of money getting the batteries and engine sorted I want to finally get my phone connected to the car to listen to music and podcasts via Bluetooth. So what is the latest recommendations to do this? I do love the look of the Grom Audio Vline VL2 with Apple CarPlay but it’s out of my price range. I have seen the Vais unit which is much more affordable. Are there any other options available? My car is a 2006 GS450h with Mark Levinson Premium Audio.
  15. I have just ordered some KYB rears and will be getting them fitted in a couple of weeks when I get my car back from having a load of engine work done. They are KYB part no 551108 They are showing as 104 each on AutoDoc but as I really needed them to get them sorted in a couple of weeks for MOT so managed to get them from EuroCarParts for 136 each. I have also ordered the 2 fronts from Autodoc as I am not in a great rush for them. They are 267 on EuroCarParts but ordered the same KYB parts 551106/551107 for 104 each. There are numerous eBay listings for the same parts loads cheaper but are a waste of time. Having tried to order them 3 times from different suppliers, I even confirmed they were in stock with a couple of them but after ordering the orders were cancelled. I will post back with my results of how the car feels when replaced. Worst case scenario I will have shocks on the car and I can get the originals refurbished over time.
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