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  1. Engine Filter/oil Etc Is200 Turbo

    Hi, the short Oil Filter you mention for Celica fitting the IS200 is that the HOF230? (Halfords)
  2. 2017 Lexus IS200

    After the disaster of my 2012 Lexus IS200 I'm back with my new WORKING IS200. These are Pictures I took when I got the car and with upgrades made!
  3. Well I'm talking about me modifying the body etc rather than the engine, I would get someone else to do the engine! I get what your saying but that's my problem not yours! Was more after friendly advice about weather I should fix the engine I have or get a new one baring in mind I want to eventually get around 300bhp mark!!
  4. An update on my own fault really but brought the Lexus as a non runner and told it was immobliser but it's actually head gasket!!! Had it taken to garage and they told me its going to cost a grand!!! Ouch!!! Needs shimming, new valves, new cam belt, new coolant tank etc but pistons are fine!!! After trying to sell it for spares and breaking on ebay with no joy I have had a complete change of heart!.........rented me a garage and am going to use it as a project car and modify it slowly but surely! I wanna do it the justice it Lexus IS 200 deserves as it is the love of my life lol!!! Want to get about 300 bhp but not sure what the best option for me is as the above problems are a problem....... Seen some clever people on the forums and would like some advice etc
  5. Car Wont Start

    Well after a mechanic having a look the timing was out by 3 teeth but the damage is done and it needs a new head gasket! Will get done ASAP when I have the cash!
  6. Car Wont Start

    Thanks buddy it's time to call on some of my mechanic mates I think lol!
  7. Car Wont Start

    Oops don't know much about cars lol! How much do you reckon it will cost roughly? Is it worth buying another Lexus or keep the one I have and repair it? Bearing in mind I only paid 500 for it!
  8. Car Wont Start

    Thanks fil! Believe it or not it's reassuring it's that as its going to be cheaper to sort than Head Gasket especially as I only paid 500 for the car in the first place!
  9. Car Wont Start

    I have the same issue!!! no compression in any cylinders!! Help please people!!
  10. tried messaging you about my lexus issue but it wont let me send it to you, can you contact me on please?

  11. What happens if there is no compression in the cylinders? I've done the compression test and nothing!!!! Help!!
  12. Please help me, I need help fixing my Lexus! Does anyone know a decent mechanics service near Hemel or anywhere in Herts that will be cheaper than taking it to a Lexus Dealer?
  13. I need help fixing my Lexus! Does anyone know a decent mechanics service near Hemel that will be cheaper than taking it to a Lexus Dealer?

  14. I only have a black key and it has been all taped up where someone has obviously tried something to fix it before. Just confused as before I took the battery off the security light wouldnt go off but now it does when the key goes in the ignition. May have to try to get the key coded again. Will try this. I will try to get a vid of it trying to start to show what it sounds like. Thanks for the help guys
  15. IHi guys. Please help me with my problem. I am brand new to Lexus ownership and I bought the car as a non starter and was told it was the immobiliser but have left the battery off overnight which seems to have reset the ecu as the security light has now gone off but I still cannot start the car, It cranks fine but just wont fire. I checked all the coils and plugs today and there is a spark on all cylinders so I dried the plugs and checked them again after trying to start the car and they were wet so there must be fuel going in. I had a look at the cambelt as this was another suggestion I had read about but it looks in good condition (alhough I did notice the top cam cover had possibly been taken off recently as the bolts werent very tight and there was one missing). Ran a code reader and the only faults that had shown were where we had checked for spark but cleared them and there are no codes now. I am now at a bit of a loss. Can hear the relay for the EFI clicking with the ignition so thats fine. Fuses are all ok. Only thing I have noticed is that after cranking the car and letting go of the key and leaving it in the ign position there is a fairly loud buzzing sound which sounds like it resonates from around the inlet somewhere. It sounds like a fuel pump priming but it doesnt stop until I turn the ign fuily off. It doesnt appear till I crank the engine either. The thing that gets me is that it doesnt even sound like its trying to fire. Theres definitely fuel in it as I stuck a jerry cans worth in to make sure. Another thing I am unsure of (and this may seem like such a noob question) is what is the starter motor supposed to sound like? I have never heard one sound like this before. It sounds like it is cranking in slow motion compared to every other car I have driven. The battery is fine as I had it checked and charged it overnight to make sure it is good. Voltage is all good. Please help me somebody. Any help is most appreciated. My car is making me sad already :(