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  1. Hi there just thought I would add to this, I too had the same problem. Same noises and everything. Took wheel off and drum to find that either the handbrake adjuster had come of or one of the springs. Anyway they were all inside the handbrake drum. But mangled up. Straightened up the washers and put them back on and it's totally stopped. Looking for the adjuster part on the Internet but as mine is an auto don't really need to rush around for one. Hope this helps. Let us know what the problem was though. Jamie
  2. Great tips guys. Used them wisely (ish) and am now the proud owner of a is200 1999, auto. 83k miles. Love it so much. Makes me smile when I drive it. Just one problem. A knocking from the rear wheel and a metal on metal scraping noise. Only occurred after I jet washed it. Hope don't mind me posting on here. Any ideas? Taking it to my mechanic later on today.
  3. Ok so I bought my amazing 1999 is200 3 days ago and I love it. Playing music all the time until I took my father in it. So turned it off. Only to find a noise from my passenger rear wheel. It's not a constant noise. It sounds like a high pitch noise almost as if metal rubbing against metal. It's on and off on and off the quicker I go the quicker it gets. The breaks are squeaky too. Came to a traffic light and rolling up to it it got louder and felt like a thud? Pulled over and couldn't see anything. Then it went away again and has now come back. It's really annoying!! Especially now I know it's there? Any help? Sorry it's a bit vague.
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums IS200 JME :)