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    220 stock i believe
  2. i dont have a walk through but i can give you general steps. 1. If your seats fold down that might make it easier. There should be a spread out line of plastic pins that hold the cardboard type material in the back window down. these pins will be right behind where the headrests lay in the back seat. Be careful and pop all these pins. 2. From here you need to slide that panel out making sure the clips near the window are disconnected too. 3. Disconnect the factory speaker wire and unscrew the four screws holding the speaker down. If you have the same size speaker as the one in ther (6X9) then you just wire it up and drop it in. If you dont, time for some customizing!!! :D :D hope this helps...Millatyme
  3. I was woundering if these tires (225/40/18 tires) on 18" rims would allow me change rims without messing with the odometer calibration. thanx a lot.
  4. from inside the trunk take off that carpeted shield. there are like 3 or 4 nuts to take off then the light pops out and u just twist the bulb u want off....and replace it
  5. Hey guys and girls, I am thinking about upgrading my speakers in my 94 ES300 and was woundering if anyone could please inform me on what size speakers are in the top dash, and front door panels. I know 6x9's are in the back window. thanx in advance to anyone who can fill me in!!:yes: PS: speaker diameter and depth would be greatly appriciated!!
  6. sorry man but those links are dead for me.....
  7. I am happy with my K&N High Flow Preformance Filter....I have had this filter ever sence I bought the car so i dont know what it adds performance wise..but it only costs about $45 and has a lifetime warranty. I just cleaned mine today and it had some pretty good build up on it and when I washed it (is reusable/wasable) the throttle responce was substantially better...K&N if you ask me!!!
  8. those are a good idea... what is the theory behind them? What purpose do they sever from being capable to take apart? Sounds to me like a police report waiting to happen:lol:
  9. thats pretty good Claire G... with all this resaerching you are dong you might be looking at a promotion!!!:lol:
  10. none of these links are workin for me... and i really would like to see how Lexus matches up to these others!!!!:(:(
  11. that was about pushin it to the max!!
  12. The other day im driving home and its raining so I have my wipers on and its fine till I try and lower the speed. When I do this the wipers are frozen and I preceed to put them at the faster pace again. They dont jump back into action right away either but move slightly for a couple seconds and start going again. By this time I'm just happy they are working b/c of the heavy rain!! So when I get home and the rain has stopped i try to fiddle with them and they wont even start up. Not only do the wipers not work but the washer fluid doesnt squirt anymore. Im not sure if this is a bad column switch or the motor has gone? If anyone has had this problem or anything similar a suggestion or where to start will be greatly appeciated!!
  13. I SEE THE LIGHT!!! thanx for pointing that out for me... and it definity needs to be replaced and looks very easy to do. So when i order this from a dealer what do i ask for, the front motor mount? The reason i say this is b/c i want to make sure they send me this part and not something that is in the "front" of the engine:D where are the other motor mounts located? And how hard are those to replace?
  14. I was just woundering what us people in the US get out of a Gold Membership....I want to join but not sure what it means to me, living in Florida...:sniff::sniff:
  15. :?::?:thanx a lot for the info, that is very reassuring that this wont cost me an arm and a leg!!! Is there anyway u could describe where to look for this front motor mount? b/c I have no idea where to look... I also own a 94 ES300 so would the mount be located in a different spot? thanx a lot for ur just a beginner:o:o