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  1. Happy Birthday RedLexus!

  2. Removing The Door Handles

    Excellent! Thank you very much sir.
  3. Hey everyone , loving the look of the forum . I've decide to freshen my beloved IS200 , and need to paint the RHS door handles , fuppin steam cleaner lifted the lacquer . How do I take them out of the doors? Thanks in advance .
  4. Is200/altezza Time Attack Build...

    Hope it gets finished now . Interesting engine choice , especially when Martin is so fond of the SR 20.
  5. Is200/altezza Time Attack Build...

    When Martin took it on , or in DJM , Mat?
  6. some of you lot might have seen this before , it's being doing the rounds of the forums... Fairly awesome build by a Chap called MArtin FFrench , who is one of Irelands top Drifters . Same chap has built a road going one , powered by a Nissan SR20 . And got it road legal , which is bloody difficult here in Ireland , with our taxation rules .
  7. Anyone Run Out Of Front Camber Adjustment?

    isn't it... I never remember having this problem on the front before . Unless their machine is not correct?
  8. Anyone Run Out Of Front Camber Adjustment?

    TBH , I didn't bother with a print out , as it wasn't right... but I'll go back and get one , and scan it in to you Tony . Much appreciated .
  9. Anyone Run Out Of Front Camber Adjustment?

    Yeah I spoke/PM'd Tony before , absolute genius and gent.but it's hard for him to provide settings when he hasn't got the car to see what he has to work with.
  10. Anyone Run Out Of Front Camber Adjustment?

    yeah , OE settings... sadly I don't be over in the UK with the car , so I caan't get it WIM'd..sigh . It also seems to tramline a lot too.... seriosly thinking of swapping it for something more mundane like a PAssat.....
  11. Hi all , still not happy with my IS's 4 wheel alignment . I got to play with my local tyre fitters (new) laser 4 wheel system , I got the rear pretty much spot on to the recommended figures , but the front right has a lot of negative camber on , and even with the adjuster in to max, its still 1/2 degree more than the LHS . Car has Eibac -30mm springs , all bushings are fine , wheel bearngs are fine too . Any ideas? The adjuster and bolt assembly are moving freely , unlike the rear which I stripped and cleaned and copper greased . The car hasn't had any crash damage , and the worst bang it got was when I had to go over a low hidden kerb beside the road , and damage 2 wheels , but that was on the LHS...
  12. Couple Of Pics

    nice... unusual colour , looks better than I would have expected a yellow one to look!
  13. Damper Suggestions?

    I suppose ... what would be a good budget coilover? I'm looking for comfort more than race like handling .
  14. Damper Suggestions?

    I know that ... I've done 40k on them! lol just looking for replacements as they are getting tired . And seeing as the Eibachs are slightly firmer than stock , surely they'd work with a slightly firmer damper?
  15. Damper Suggestions?

    Hey all , the back of the IS is getting spongey , I've close on 60k miles on it now , living in a rural area , so thinking of a new set of dampers . I've -30mm Eibachs , and just want a set that'll compliment those springs . Koni seem well priced , and are a good name , any other suggestions?