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  1. Happy Birthday RedLexus!

  2. Hey everyone , loving the look of the forum . I've decide to freshen my beloved IS200 , and need to paint the RHS door handles , fuppin steam cleaner lifted the lacquer . How do I take them out of the doors? Thanks in advance .
  3. Hope it gets finished now . Interesting engine choice , especially when Martin is so fond of the SR 20.
  4. some of you lot might have seen this before , it's being doing the rounds of the forums... Fairly awesome build by a Chap called MArtin FFrench , who is one of Irelands top Drifters . Same chap has built a road going one , powered by a Nissan SR20 . And got it road legal , which is bloody difficult here in Ireland , with our taxation rules .
  5. isn't it... I never remember having this problem on the front before . Unless their machine is not correct?
  6. TBH , I didn't bother with a print out , as it wasn't right... but I'll go back and get one , and scan it in to you Tony . Much appreciated .
  7. Yeah I spoke/PM'd Tony before , absolute genius and gent.but it's hard for him to provide settings when he hasn't got the car to see what he has to work with.
  8. yeah , OE settings... sadly I don't be over in the UK with the car , so I caan't get it WIM'd..sigh . It also seems to tramline a lot too.... seriosly thinking of swapping it for something more mundane like a PAssat.....
  9. Hi all , still not happy with my IS's 4 wheel alignment . I got to play with my local tyre fitters (new) laser 4 wheel system , I got the rear pretty much spot on to the recommended figures , but the front right has a lot of negative camber on , and even with the adjuster in to max, its still 1/2 degree more than the LHS . Car has Eibac -30mm springs , all bushings are fine , wheel bearngs are fine too . Any ideas? The adjuster and bolt assembly are moving freely , unlike the rear which I stripped and cleaned and copper greased . The car hasn't had any crash damage , and the worst bang it got was when I had to go over a low hidden kerb beside the road , and damage 2 wheels , but that was on the LHS...
  10. nice... unusual colour , looks better than I would have expected a yellow one to look!
  11. I suppose ... what would be a good budget coilover? I'm looking for comfort more than race like handling .
  12. I know that ... I've done 40k on them! lol just looking for replacements as they are getting tired . And seeing as the Eibachs are slightly firmer than stock , surely they'd work with a slightly firmer damper?
  13. Hey all , the back of the IS is getting spongey , I've close on 60k miles on it now , living in a rural area , so thinking of a new set of dampers . I've -30mm Eibachs , and just want a set that'll compliment those springs . Koni seem well priced , and are a good name , any other suggestions?