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  1. 1G-Fe Stainless Manifold / Exhaust?

    The toyosport ones on eBay are actually around £200, those prices merely reflect the fact they dont have any in stock.
  2. Cam Settings?

    No Haynes
  3. Is400

    If u cant do the swap urself then Thor Racing are experienced doing this sort of thing but will set u back 4.5-5.5k, which is the figure I was given recently as I was curious ;-)
  4. Has Anyone?

    Manual IS300's were not available in the UK. They were offered in the US but as far as I know still rare in comparison to the auto.
  5. Need Help With Head Light

    Any black spray paint should do doesnt have to be heat resistant. As for the bulbs, u sure u have the correct ones? Just need some chrome/silvatec T20 bulbs and shud fit straight in.
  6. Clutch Gone - Dual Mass Flywheel?

    It does indeed
  7. New Potential Is200 Driver!

    BC Coilovers are also a good option which is what I have, as well as a few other people I know. Also, if you're on facebook theres a good Lexus IS200 group page ;-)
  8. Lexus Is 200 Supercharger

    By that im guessing ur after what we call the Legana bumper? If ur after a plastic and not fibreglass one then good luck hunting ;-) And Chris did u know that Ian from the fb group is looking into getting his cradle copied? Not that it concerns u now but worth a mention lol
  9. Lexus Is 200 Supercharger Ive spoken to him recently and hes open to offers so no need to offer the full price ;-)
  10. Lexus Is 200 Supercharger

    They really dont shift that quick anymore Chris. Probably cos 2k is silly money. Tho Funnylukey if u are willing/daft to part with the money maybe u shud check out the for sale section on the forum. Theres been a charger there for sale since about MAY I think
  11. Wouldnt mind a meet or two next year, depending on if/when I get a job (hence why I wont be at tomorrows meet lol). All sound like good ideas, god knows what id look like in a go kart tho lol
  12. Is200/porsche Bumper.

    Its a shame that group buy never happened as i was one of the people interested. Got a cwest front now so kinda pointless me going down this route, which is a shame cos this does look good. Bet it'll be a ***** of job to get done tho lol
  13. Keyed Car... :(

    Feel ur pain. Mine was keyed Friday night sort of time, length of n/s rear door and some on the front n/s door. Plus another guy on the fb forum (dont know if colins on here or not) had his car keyed too, same colour, same side as mine but his was rear door and quarter panel. Got a quote from my uncle about getting it sorted and two doors wud indeed be a cheaper option for me if i can get mint ones