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  1. Is200 Se For Sale

    Hi, I don't know if I am in the right section for selling a car but unfortunately due to unforeseen pregnancy circumstances I have to sell my beloved and well looked after Lex :( Just wanted to check if I could create a post with a for sale ad in it. If someone could let me know and if this is the correct place I will upload pictures and full lengthy description, Look Forward to a Response Simon
  2. Hi Guys, I am hoping to have my horrible looking rusty calipers painted this weekend and was wandering what type of paint you guys used and if it had to be high temperature paint. I am awaiting the delivery of my caliper decals which I ordered from Amazon on sunday. The thing with the caliper decals is that I am getting very nervous that they are not going to arrive in time as they have not been dispatched yet so was wandering for a back up if there was a stencil that I could download from here or a link to somewhere else on the internet as I am very excited to have these browned off calipers looking good. My next and final question lays with how many coats of paint do you think I would need and if I need to finish the job off with lacquer or not bearing in mind if the sticker decals do arrive in time I am only using these as a stencil. But all suggestion and help is very very much appreciated, as me being me, I am very inexperienced when it comes to doing minor tweaks on my beloved Lex (it's also easier just to pay someone to do it ). I am hoping someone can give me some advice on this, Many Thanks Simon
  3. Advice Needed Please - Hit From. Behind :-(

    Hi, First of all I would be very upset and can imagine the horrible feeling you are having. As I have experienced an accident in my Lex IS200 in exactly the same colour I can assure you go through insurance its a much better result for the look of the car as insurance repair is done to a higher standard rather than a normal bodyshop hence the reason why a bodyshop has to be accredited to carry out repairs. Not only do you get the better result, it is also illegal not to inform your insurance company, whether you were at fault or not. The other aspect to take into account is if you do not inform your insurance company/underwriter (will tell you in your policy which one to contact) the other driver could blame on you so tell your insurance company ASAP as people can be very deceptive just so they are not at fault. to some it up in one very simple sentence, INFORM YOUR INSURANCE Many Thanks Simon
  4. Knock On Left Hand Lock

    Sounds like lower arms mate which I can advise are dealer only. If not this option you might want to try reapplying copper grease to the pads Are you getting this knock when moving and applying the breaks or stationary with the breaks applied whilst turning the wheel? Simon
  5. Things to look out for - Stereo Changer tends to fault out when ejecting/inserting cd's. - The key housing tends to snap around the bolt section so make suer you not only get one and the grey master but you also get a spare. - Inner front tyre wear. - Drivers side calliper ceasing to work causing uneven break wear. THE DREADED KNOCKING NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!! This is very common in the IS200 models (any of them regardless of Age/Sport/Altezza/TTE/SE/Colour/Trim etc.) Knocking noise cause by 1 of 2 things - Front lower arm bushes worn or f**ked (get it checked). - Break pads slipping in the calliper, this can be resolved by good old fashioned copper grease and usually occurs during hot sunny days or very wet days Regardless of these minor problems I have had no other problems with my Lex and have loved every mile driving it. Please feel free to correct me on any of the above but the knocking noise I have have had paid to have corrected at a mere £1273.88 with Toyota Invoices if you would like me to fax or e-mail.
  6. 35Mm Or 40Mm Drop?

    Hey Guys, Really simple question but does lowering the car put any stress on any other parts of the car, as I am looking at lowering my lex at the end of the week by about 40mm on Gmax's. Would really love to know as only just spent aroun the £1200 marker fixing the lower arms and calipers?? Many Thanks Simon
  7. Coilovers

    @sparkystav you still selling or are they sold???
  8. I agree all i wanted was the headlight washers adjusted and really didnt know how to do this so i tooke it there ready to pay and was a free of charge service very please with "Lexus Bracknell" definitely go back to them when looking to buy next Lexus for the service and friendly manner I was treated :)