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  1. There are a couple of white ones within your price range on the Lexus website... Including a very nice launch edition for less that £55k. (There is also one of the new green ones... For£90k) Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  2. My 2016 model does have the wireless charging tray, but it is too small for my Samsung Note 10 Plus to fit. I enquired whether the larger tray from the facelifted model could be fitted, but the price was horrendous (I seem to remember that it was around £700), but involved swapping the tray, some of the fittings, and so some of the cabling. Having said this, there is a possibility that, while the tray is not fitted to your car, the wiring is already in place and fitting the tray might be doable: a 2018 model would have the larger tray if fitted. I am thinking of the way cruise-control is easily retro-fitted to the CT200h, and it is just a question of adding the stalk. your dealer should be able to clarify.
  3. It may be worth contacting your internet provider first: some will provide WiFi boosters for free. Virgin Media certainly do. I recently got some from them - at their suggestion - and they came by courier within two days. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  4. Yes... Definitely a wrap. Sent from my Galaxy Note 10 Plus using Tapatalk
  5. https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/Nx-Estate/300h-25-F-Sport-5dr-CVT-Takumi-Pan-Roof-qxb7aql
  6. Doh. And there I was, getting all excited.
  7. OK sorted. Had the same issue with my wife's Mini two days after my original post. My son (19), kindly topped up the screen wash in both cars as he was topping up his own. He admitted that he may not have slammed the bonnets down hard enough for them to lock properly, 'for fear of damaging them'. 🙂 No problem since.
  8. If you turn the key off, the car will no longer detect it. The 2 weeks are irrelevant: I turn the key off each night, and in the morning the key is not recognised until I reactivate it by pressing a button on the fob.
  9. Not a new video, but could be a nice evolution of the current NX...
  10. My car has been used twice over the last 10 days... last time was around 5pm yesterday when I went to buy some bread. No issue. The car has been parked on the drive since, facing the front door. Just now (2.15PM), I heard a popping sound, and the alarm went off. I went outside: no one around apart from my next door neighbour working in her front garden. She confirmed that no one had been anywhere near the car. I unlocked the car to reset the alarm and noticed that the bonnet had popped up. I opened it fully, closed it again, and locked the car. Any idea was to what could cause the bonnet to pop open while the car is stationary and locked? - the last time the bonnet was opened was when the car went in for a service, a couple of weeks before the lockdown.
  11. Only the top of the range Takumi model or F-Sport cars with the Takumi pack have the 'Lexus tick' shaped DRLs. Other models have the 'regular' DRLs at the bottom of the headlight.
  12. I had the same issue on my previous RX400h and RX450h.
  13. In some countries there is a requirement for electric cars to emit some kind of sound to warn pedestrians of their proximity. It is referred to as AVAS (Accoustic Vehicle Alert System) and will be compulsory in the US from September 2020, as dictated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so some manufacturer are getting ahead of the game. This applies to hybrid cars also while they run in EV mode. This safety feature cannot be disabled as it is a legal requirement, however it automatically switches off above a certain speed which I believe is around 25 mph. It is active all the time while the car is in reverse. To my knowledge, this feature will become compulsory in some European countries some time in 2021 and this will include the UK. Note that the Renault Zoe already has it: in fact, you have a choice of three different sounds. One emulates an engine noise, another is definitely spaceship like. From what I have witnessed is no louder than a car engine and is for the benefit of pedestrians only, in particularly visually impaired people with guide dogs. I guess it might 'disturb neighbours' because it is unusual, but personally I'd rather listen to this than the rattle of a Diesel engine first thing in the morning!
  14. £600-£700 doesn't sound right... not sure where you heard this. Have you actually checked with a dealer? i have seen second hand keyfobs on Ebay, probably from cars that have been written off. I wonder whether these could be re-programmed, although the physical key within the fob would not fit your car, obviously. Some of these second hand keys look to be RX keys. Again, I don't know whether an RX key could be re-programmed to work with an NX.
  15. I have had it activated on my 3 Lexus and never had to pay.
  16. The built in nav works well on my NX, but it is far too slow in identifying delays and avoiding them. I find it fine for long distance M-way journeys, but I find Google Maps far more reliable and responsive for shorter, B road and city based trips. Unfortunately, my current car cannot be retrofitted, but compatibility with Google Maps/Android Auto will be a deal breaker for my next car.
  17. I agree. Also... - Keeping the key in a RFID pouch has no bearance on the longevity of the battery. You are just blocking the signal, not stopping it; - Even if the battery seems flat, there will always be enough 'juice' to allow the car to start. You have have to unlock the car manually using the key built into the key fob, but you will be able to start the car by placing the keyfob against the start button whilst pressing it. NOTE that the alarm may go off as you manually unlock the car, but will be disabled as soon as you start the car as indicated above.
  18. You really need to compare the spec sheets of both models to decide whether you are willing to compromise. Another important factor to consider is that, based on your original entry, your budget might afford you a pre-facelift Premier... or a facelifted Luxury. The facelifted version has additional spec, including a newer, wide screen satnav. This wide screen satnav may soon be eligible to be retrofitted with Apple Carplay / Android Auto. Worth checking with the dealer.
  19. I seem to remember that the IS and NX had similar issues when they first came out and that a number of owners had their seat covers replaced under warranty.
  20. However, remember that this is a CVT gearbox, so these are 'virtual' gears.
  21. It was at Lexus Southampton / Hedge End. I avoided taking a picture because it was waiting for a service and was not for sale, however it was a 63 plate. Definitely not Mercury Grey. It was a mauve colour, light violet. I thought it looked gorgeous... Certainly different.
  22. While at my local dealer to have the battery in my keyfob replaced, I saw this RX on the forecourt. Never seen one this colour before. Is it, or rather was it a genuine Lexus colour? What was it called?
  23. Yes. What is the point of spending all that money on a car and then covering the seat with tacky covers... Why, when the person who will benefit from this is the next owner! by the way, I also recommend Gliptone.
  24. ... not me, I don't have one. However, I came across this article earlier today (via twitter feed), which I thought made interesting reading. https://twitter.com/whatcar/status/1228944109760634880?s=09 or https://www.whatcar.com/advice/owning/i-want-to-reject-my-faulty-lexus-is/n20993
  25. FYI, this is the holder I have been using: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07HNTCVFK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As previously said, the product is well made and it served me fine until I broke the clip. It's only because I needed to replace it that I thought about a CD slot mounted alternative. Once of the things I like about this mount is the way the phone is locked in place via a gravity system. Putting the phone into the holder and removing it is very easy and is a one hand operation, even with a large phone.