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  1. wanted both rear light looms the section that has the bulb holders pls cheers tel
  2. No not the cats, there are 3 cats one after each header then one in the "y" before it splits into two long resonators then off to the back boxes
  3. Nice cars, and great fun, just got mine back this morning after having both resonators removed, sounds sweet, cats out next
  4. Hi all Is there anyone in Milton Keynes that has an rx300 I could have a measure up of ...... Want to see if one would take my fishing gear......... Cheers tel
  5. I would challenge anyone to have pads/discs that do not make any noise from cold esp when they have been sitting all night and are damp ...... Very noticeable in an auto esp if backing off drive as you will be riding the brakes as you do so !,,
  6. I bet lol ....... How's your back ??? Repaired the heater on my 4x4 last week fell out twice lol that amused everyone, still, it works now
  7. Always use k&n on all my cars and bikes
  8. Only going on what I've read for your model, mines a gs430, but others use this one Has all the features you would ever need plus the quality
  9. Fitted mtec discs to my gs430 along with ebc ultimax pads and they work as well if not better than the originals................ Don't get the issue, within reason a disc is a disc and can as such be considered pretty much universal, there are many manufacturers of discs out there that have been at it a lot longer than toyota, original ....... Pah !!! Just a rip off price for nothing special
  10. Hi all Just wondering how long /far it takes your gs 430 to warm up ? ... Mine seems to take about 4 miles, almost suggesting stat is permenently stuck open, once warm it stays spot on the half way mark on the gauge ..............
  11. There should be a rubber bung in the back of the brake housing towards the bottom using a flat bladed screw driver to rotate the cog will either put more brake on or rotate the other way to take brake further off ..... And yes a really good clean out is required to totally get rid of noise also check brake disc shield for rubbing , evident by shiny areas