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  1. Hi guys I have cleaned all the disc and the unit,but still no look. This happened a few months ago but eventually come back on. Mine plays a cd-rom so been wondering if it's that which needs replacing.
  2. Hi can anyone help me,my sat nav was working fine,but then the next day when I tried to use it,it kept coming up saying please check CD-ROM,I don't no wether to buy a new sat nav unit or a new cd-rom.Some body help please
  3. Sick of my sat nav now in my lexus :(

  4. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone can help me as my sat nav was working fine yesterday,But all of a sudden today it keeps telling me to open the door and to check the CD-ROM,which I have done and can't find any faults.Is there anywhere as to where I can take my car to get my sat nav looked at,I live not far from liverpool.Thanks
  5. Thanks,I'm no good at doing stuff like that myself so would I be able 2 take it somewhere who could have a go for me.Thanks
  6. Thanks,Any ideas what I can do?
  7. Hi I'm just looking for some help with my sat nav,When I turn it on all it keeps saying is open + check CD Rom which I have done,But some1 suggested to me that it could be damp in the boot,and told me to try blowing inside it with a hairdryer and believe it or not it worked.I have even tried buying a new CD Rom disc but no look yet.Any1 help plz
  8. Hi I have a lexus is200 sport,2000 year.Anyone got any ideas as to where I can get a new cd-rom for my sat nav.Thanks
  9. Hi could any1 tell me where i can get a new cd for my sat nav plz as mines not working anymore.x