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  1. Current Lead Times?

    It also says I can get an is300h in two weeks?!?!?!?!
  2. Current Lead Times?

    Hi chaps Long time since I've been on here. I used to have an IS300 which I needed to sell (weep). Anyhow, times have changed and I'm looking to get back into a Lexus. Can anyone shed any light on the lead times currently for the CT in premier spec? It'll be a company car and the system is saying 4 weeks however I find this a little hard to believe? Cheers
  3. Haha Chris - don't get me wrong the subaru is a great car dare I say a perfect family car! But I want big power, big torque, effortless performance and seats to melt into whilst being reasonably economical. I'm a saloon man at heart - cant think of a better car for the money mate, period! I'll be looking about 2007 reg with about 70-90k on it, just run in lol! As for my 300 mate, I'm still gutted myself ha!
  4. Hello hello! Not been on for a while since selling my mint IS300 a few months back. Driving around in a 2005 2.5 legacy estate now, which is a cracking workhorse - but a Lexus, it ain't! I've fallen in love with the GS450h and want to start doing my homework now ready for the spring, when I will have a quiet word with the banker (sorry, I mean the wife!) A few questions for those in the know.... Now, I know the hybrid system on this car is mainly for extra grunt (and a bl00dy fair bit of grunt at that!) but is it literally the same system as on the Toyota Prius, as in uses electric motor when battery full, then both elec & engine when booting it and uses regenerative braking and coasting to charge batt back up? Can you use the 'pulse and glide' method like the Prius? Also, what difference do the PWR button and SPORT mode on the shifter make when the car is powered by a CVT tranmission? I thought this transmission makes 100% torque available almost instantly? Help appreciated.....
  5. Hi mate. I bought a 2005 subaru legacy wagon. Got the 2.5 boxer engine in it. It was a lot of car for the money. Hasn't got the go or refinement of my is300 but its a surprisingly capable car.... Bring on the snow and ice lol!
  6. Hi guys. Haven't been on here for a while, however I've had the photo back from Steve's car and as promised have put it straight on here..... Thanks very much one again Steve. Perfect choice for a petrol head groom's car :-)
  7. He sold it mate..... 2.5k!!!!!! What a bargain! If i knew it would be let go for that I would have had it...... seriously!! Lol now you tell me
  8. Well i've been and bought myself a 2005 Subaru Legacy 2.5 SE Wagon. She really is a nice driving car. The handling is really good for such a long car! couple of little bits need tidying here and there but thats where i'm in my element! ;-) Now I dunno if anyone is able to help but... I've tried registering with a Legacy forum but everytime I hit register after filling out the forms I end up with this: Fatal error: Call to undefined method hanEmail::setHtmlEmail() in /home/legacy8/public_html/forums/hooks/cstopspamreg_65d4bb562406990a231ad7c6dbc7e5cf.php on line 99 Anyone of you computer wizards got any idea?
  9. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Didn't help how there was another one on there a year older same colour, model etc with similar miles and aftermarket alloys for £2300 just 10 miles down the road! I knew mine was better though ;-)
  10. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    £2500. I prob could've got a bit more if I hung on a bit but needed it gone is weekend really
  11. Well that's it. I'm now an ex Lexus owner. Sold her tonight. Got a good price so I'm happy....but..... Ever realised how much you don't miss something until its gone??? I'm gutted. Right on the hunt for a new motor now.....
  12. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Thanks Rick, she was a minter! Sold her tonight
  13. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    I have mine for sale.... eBay link below. Although it may get taken down as not sure if is allowed http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LEXUS-IS300-AUTO-2003-MOTd-TAX-FSH-CAMBELT-VGC-NO-SWAP-SWOP-WHY-/150900450736?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item23225e25b0#ht_1418wt_922 You won't find a better onE for the money on there! And I'm open to offers :-p
  14. New Buyer Looking A Mint Lexus

    Why don't you just buy my IS300 that is up for sale at the mo! Lol
  15. Well that's it. She's on eBay. I'm gutted :-( :-(