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  1. Headlights Staying On

    Hi All. Goldmine of info on this thread - last Sunday I came home late in torrential rain and found the headlights kept coming on after locking the car up. I've only had the car 2 weeks so didn't know any of the history, but checked the windscreen and its a Pilkington. I pulled out all the connectors in the fuseboard on the drivers side and gave them all a spray with Contact Cleaner. Then I checked the passenger side and found 3 of the connectors badly corroded and all green and yucky. Gave them a good cleanup, sprayed all round with contact cleaner and with WD40 and the problem has gone. Then I checked the windscreen - the top passenger side clearly isn't sealed correctly, and the bottom passenger side is also pretty poor. Will be having a go this weekend with the sealant gun. I have no idea when the screen was replaced or who with so I have no real come back - and not sure if the dealer who sold me the car will take any interest. I'll see if a bit of sealant sorts it - given the fact we have rain non stop forecast for the next week will be a good enough test. I suspect the previous owner sold the car because of this fault - the battery was pretty low when I bought it but after a good run seemed ok. I'm relieved it was nothing too major - I guess replacing the antitheft unit may help in some cases, but before any money is spent, a good hour checking all the connections in the fuseboard is well worth it. If I've managed to resolve it then the total cost was £3 for a can of contact cleaner and £6 for a tube of silicone sealant. Fingers crossed!
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