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  1. It seems Lexus will give a wall charger with UX, but to have a faster charge you need a greater electric supply at home. Actually, in daily use it' s more than sufficient a night recharge, while for long trips you need a fast charge "on the road". So, the Lexus choice of an electric Urban Crossover has more sense; if one needs to have long trips with quite fast refueling hybrid choice is better.
  2. Reading this old topic because of long time virus House arrest, I am trying to understand if it is possible to use cell phone VC trough Bluetooth interface of my RX, as commands by android system work well (google or Bixby In Samsung phone) , while commands on navigation system are very poor and very often are not understood (my main purpose is to make phone calls easily). Has anyone experience about it? The main issue is to use car microphone to send command to android phone, as I can send commands directly but only using internal phone microphone, and it's not so practical keeping it in my pocket.
  3. In these virus times it may be nice to remember that our cars have AC with Nanoe purifier, that may help . Remember to activate it in AC settings. https://www.panasonicaircon.co.nz/technology/nanoe-x-technology
  4. Just some info more, trying to give the real dimension of problem. Not all people will get the virus, but just about 70% of population. Among these ones, more than 80% will have light or no symptoms at all, but among those fallen in severe symptoms will need to be cured going to hospital: more one is old and with other chronic illnesses , (but also young people could have severe troubles) more he is at risk to need; among these some will encounter a interstitial pneumonia that absolutely needs oxygen treatment in intensive care units for many days with high death risk. You can imagine that , before or after, intensive care units will be completely saturated and at that point people will be left to each one's destiny. At the moment, here in Lombardy we have almost reached this situation and trying to build ASAP new intensive care units, meanwhile , staying at home, we try to reduce new contagions to gain some time, hoping to not arrive at the moment where it will be necessary to decide who has to be cured and who not. I leave to your guess who will have precedence. About final count of deaths, my personal opinions is that, among infected people, that are NOT those detected because of hospital or tested but at least 10 times more, will die 1-2% , that seen in numbers is rather scaring, but compared to all people daily dying for all other reasons will DOUBLE the rate, till the epidemy lasts and hospital cures are given. Better to accept the idea that we will have, among death causes we already are accustomed to (cancer, stroke, etc...) we will have also this virus in the future; not a nice way to depart, as it needs total isolation from family and progressive loss of breath. Due to intensive care units need, this is also not a good time to go to hospital also for other illnesses, so my best wishes to all LOC members to stay safe at home.
  5. Writing from Lombardy, I say it has not to be underestimated. Even most of people will solve situation with light symptoms of usual influenza, the troubles are for feeble subjects that develop a viral lung infection that needs intensive care, and at the moment all intensive care beds are already occupied by people that let free them dying or after many days; so, soon people will not be cured: the logic of lockdown here is to slow down the contagion to have more time to free intensive care beds and save someone more, hoping that with summer temperatures virus will fade out (at least till coming of winter). A different approach from UK where government admitted the lack of IUs and the consequent dead of more feeble (mainly elders) who has the disgrace to fall ill and not able to get better by themselves. Estimated death rate is about 2% but it depends in every individual immunity system and there is no a real cure at the moment even if some antivirals or other drugs seem to be somewhat effective.
  6. Zotto

    Tyre brands?

    Just waiting to mount summer tyres Maxxis Victra Sport 5, after reading TCS good report about them. https://www.tcs.ch/it/test-consigli/test/pneumatici/pneumatici-estivi.php#anchor_96a7328f_Accordion-Dimensione-225-40-R18-92Y--fino-a-300-km-h----Test-2020
  7. Wait for better weather and you will see over 40 mpg 😉
  8. It seems a BT OBD interface with a standard android app, rather expensive in my opinion. Many alternative solutions also here in forum (search OBD interfaces and apps).
  9. Ops sorry I gave a fast look and did not see it's a 3rd Gen RX, but also 3rd gen has Sapphire Blue , color code 8X1, and Mercury Grey, code 1H9.
  10. It's sapphire blue, a color in 2020 RX brochure, at least here. https://d3rvezpmgp265q.cloudfront.net/lexusone/lexititv11/RX_Hybrid_RX_L_Hybrid_Catalogo_Brochure_versioni_2020_tcm-3162-1185691.pdf Page 25.
  11. You can also read mp3 files writing them on a dvd, so you can have many cds on a single dvd.
  12. I had a 2014 GS before my RX and RX in comfier because of wheels 235/55 r20 instead of 235/40 r19 in GS. Both ones are top comfy anyway.
  13. My former Lexus was a 2014 GS300h , wonderful car. Enjoy it.