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  1. Uhm, I suspected it… 🙄
  2. https://www.marklevinson.com/in-lexus.html
  3. Same impressions I had trying NX and comparing with my GS 300h Premier, and same final choice when I changed with a RX 450h , mainly to have more space and a V6 🙂
  4. Zotto

    1st European spec press reviews in

    Really! Even if I still think GS was better, ES 300h is a wonderful car excepts for journalists.
  5. Zotto


    I am talking about RX after 2016, may be that for newer infotainment system in NX o IS it's slightly different. It' s possible to connect a cell phone by wire to have mirrorlink, that's a particular protocol permitting to see on screen and send commands to open ONLY mirrorlink certified apps: tipically navigation , audio, and telephone. A good example of these apps is google auto, BUT being Lexus very prudential about distractions coming from infotainment google auto is NOT implemented. A slight different solution is mirroring cell (or tablet) screen on car screen via a miracast interface (same you can do on your home tv with gooclecast ), where you can only see a copy of what you see in cell screen but keeping touch commands only in phone; it's what I am doing at the moment with my experiments with a miracast wifi interface, BUT there is another problem: because of security issues, all is working till car is in P (not moving), at the same way you can see a movie in USB key or dvd video but when moving screen disappears and you can only hear sound. Of course if you need to use a navigation app or also see your YouTube video while driving this is not so good, and even if it's safer not to drive and watching TV or reading internet news, someone would like to do this anyway, so there are in the market some interfaces to connect to infotaiment system to eliminate security restrictions (they need to access to radio cables extracting radio from dash). So, as at the moment I would not like to work on OEM radio, the simpler solution is to use a Bluetooth connection to listen audio on car speakers, and use a cell phone or a tablet to watch waze or any app giving touch commans directly to them.
  6. Zotto


    Lexus is very prudential with infotainment, and also in mirrorcast or duplicating cell phone screen video goes off when car moving. There are some solutions to have mirroring applying a kit to OEM radio, made by waistec or some russian guys… (cheaper). At the moment I made some experiments with miracast wifi receiver interfaced to aux input on my RX but still some doubts to buy russian interface to watch on navi screen. May be the easier way to have waze and other apps is using an android tablet audio BT interfaced to Lexus radio.
  7. The strange fact is that in my 2106 RX 450h lock option is available.
  8. Yes, there is "tilt" position , and it's possible to stop sunroof partially open, the resonance occurs when fully open (that's easier to operate giving as single command to switch).
  9. No problem with my hair, no hair indeed 😄 but my wife is a smoker and open sunroof helps a lot.
  10. True, but may be with my previous GS 300h resonance was at a different speed where I usually I did not drive with open roof 🙂
  11. I have noticed in my RX 450h with moonroof that with a complete opening there is a resonance caused by air flowing at speed around 40-50 mph that may be avoided partially closing moonroof. Have you another solution or is there some trick for this without opening a little a rear door window?
  12. Uhm, dash centre double speaker? https://www.marklevinson.com/in-lexus.html
  13. My suggestion for hybrid Lexus cars is to download the android app "Hybrid Assistant" to understand and optimize driving style. Besides in their site developers gice some suggestion about OBD adapters (they don't sell adapters). To read and delete errors and changing some settings Carista is good, while for general purpose OBD scanning usually buying an adapter you have demo versions apps (also for iPhone).