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  1. If it works like RX, when you push the mode knob you can switch from normal to custom. Customizing is available on general menu settings.
  2. I made some tries on my RX with mirrorlink trough audio/video input, and it works, BUT the problem is that for security reasons you can mirror your cell phone on screen only when car is not moving, inserting "D" screen get dark and you have only sound. Using iPhone is even worse, as mirroring for apple devices is only video and not audio. The solution is to bypass video trap connecting a interface to radio-navi sytem that AFAIK is made by a russian producer 😇.
  3. Talking about my past Lexus models, I started with a 2008 GS450h, and… WOW, what a car. So, when I traded it for a full spec 2014 GS300h I found it "better" almost in all features, except for power (from 345 to 220 HP): it was more than sufficient for normal driving but I missed the V6 performance of 450h. Meanwhile, I had the chance to try NX 300h and I found GS 300h superior in all, so, when I decided to try a SUV it could not be a NX, I got a RX 450h. Not fast like GS450h but quite a fast SUV, I am not worried about passing with a 0-100 km/h of 7.7 s, and an excellent ride and comfort. May be the SUV for you, coming from that cars you had experienced, is RX 450h.
  4. Basically, in SPORT mode car is more responsive and thermal engine stays on more time, BUT the key for having performance from a hybrid with eCVT is NOT be worried from engine sound: with right foot you ask "power", and HSD set engine revs to have it, so, when you need a fast passing don't be afraid to press the pedal and don't care about sudden increasing of rpm keeping a steady regime while car accelerates. It's the "strange" scooter effect, revs are not related to speed because there are not fixed gears.
  5. I bought in a shop 2 LED 3 Watt lamps for my RX450h boot and they work fine, with a white light stronger than original ones.
  6. It seems my MY 2016 RX with premium navigation system has gracenote, and giving a look here: https://securedp.lexus.com/download-app/downloads I found there is an update. Has someone done the update in Europe, or is it only for US market? And, if is it so, why I have in my navigation setting menu it? At the moment just downloaded file 15LWENNA-AB01_0003.kwi , but I would try the update only if it is not "risky"...
  7. If acepower84 has not a sensor on his battery in a 2008 GS, you in a 2006 model probably don't need it 🙂
  8. When fuel light goes ON I usually refuel ASAP, while instrument gives 50 km. left: actually I have never succeeded to fill more than 58 liters in this situation, so with light on you have at least 7 liters left, that with my usual driving style means 85 km. or more.
  9. Are you connecting an Apple audio source? Standard pinout for stereo jack is left-righ,ground (from top), while Apple uses 4 contacts, left,right,ground,video.
  10. Topic already discussed here, you can get the temp sensor from old battery and fix on new one..-
  11. I had a GS 300h Premier and now a RS 450h (Premier too), and I would have not decide to change my GS for a NX, while RX is "better", except for mpg. So, if you are considering the passage from IS to a Lexus SUV, in my opinion it has sense only getting a RX (mainly for v6 engine); I drove NX as courtesy car but I would have not traded my GS for it.
  12. Another important thing to do is to NOT leave in proximity of car a keyless remote, because it keeps opening system activated (even if for only some days that can be set with techstream), so if you have a box and the habits to leave keys inside car you could experience 12 V battery discharge; keep remotes at least 5 meters far.
  13. 240 mA are too much to leave anti theft and remote opening active, there is something draining current such as an always on lamp or similar. If you can't try yourself go to a car electrician who will test where is current drain testing current flowing through each fuse in fuses box till finding where is fault. Have you a amplifier or any non standard device mounted in your IS?