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  1. Usually hypermilers sites suggest to accelerate keeping power meter at upper side of ECO zone, then, if speed is sufficient (above about 42 mph) keep thermal engine one with power meter just above mid ECO zone). A good help for hypermiling is to use OBD BT interface with an android app like Hybrid Assistant with its suggestions.
  2. Vocal commands in GS (and RX too) are NOT AI based like in cell phones, but are quite limitate to only few provided phrases, so if you say "I would like to listen a Nirvana's song" the system does not understand. If you don' t want to read manual, you can see the list of commands saying "Help" and appears on screen the commands list. To complicate the matter, once you pronounce the right command you have to confirm if system has understood , answering yes to questions or also a number to choose if it asks for alternative choices. This not only for audio commands, but also to select a navigation address, where the protocol is quite strict, at the point I usually set an address manually, even if a command like "find nearest restaurant" should work.
  3. Unluckily sound quality depends from broadcast.
  4. Warming up before starting journey or moving very slow at first minute is a good advice for all engines. 😃
  5. Simply, with Hybrids eCVT DO NOT USE N if not strictly necessary, as if HV battery gets discharged you can't restart engine.
  6. In navigation menu there is "auto zoom" option, you can try setting it off.
  7. A good advice to obtain better mpg in short journeys with hybrids is to let 1st warming phase of thermal motor not moving or going very slow (under 15 mph); in summer it takes 1 minute or less. So the procedure is: push start button (in P) press for a moment throttle pedal to force engine start (it goes at 1000-1200 rpm) when engine goes off start moving car. Why this routine? because in short routes, the warming of thermal engine is the most petrol consuming phase and affects total mpg result. Of course, if you are in real hurry you can ignore advice 🙂
  8. It's not a topic related to lab tests, the main reason (and not the only one) because hybrids make good mpg is regenerative braking, every time you need to diminish your speed kinetic energy is recovered and stored in HV battery pack to be used later on instead of being wasted, so even a unaware of hypermiling techniques driver may obtain better mpg.
  9. Typical damages made bye people wearing trousers with metal button on their back… I always keep back pockets open to avoid buttons scratching.
  10. Hybrid on RX 450h works a lot for good mpg. Without any hypermiling technique I have an average about 35 mpg.
  11. Have you checked the 12 V battery voltage? If never changed before, may be it' s a bit old.
  12. 😴😴😴😴😴