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  1. The answer is simple: 291 hp are from only petrol engine, while 345 is the equivalent combined power of petrol and electric engines. And to complicate the calculus, electric motors have specs of max 200 hp, but the combined power is NOT the sum of both power sources. For sure, GS 450h is a fast car.
  2. Try also putting your contacts in cell phone memory, not only in SIM card.
  3. On my GS 300h there is Lexus hotspot, ad it works fine even if it's somewhat outdated today because only HDSPA, not supporting LTE network. Nonetheless it has diversity antennas and the internet link is more stable compared to cell phones or aftemarket hotspots. Being rather expensive I would NOT buy it, but I found it in my car already mounted and I am happy with it.
  4. When they will give it to you? Compliments, waiting for photos.
  5. Hangie the HDD file is quite large, almost 32 GB when expanded, so better to ave a fast internet connection. I culd make the update because my navi system permits update trought USB port, if your system has not USB you can't. The procedure is rather simple, provided that you have the proper USB memory key , formatted in FAT32. So the steps are: order the update giving serial number of navi system the dealer buys key code from Toyota/Lexus and receives the customized files for your navi then he sends you by email the key code and the link to download updates you download the rar files with update and expand them into a USB stick connect usb and go to update menu , and when asked insert key code on navi system the update starts , it needs many minutes so you have to leave the car ON (for hybrids not such a problem as gasoline engine keep off most of the time when you read on screen procedure has come to end you can switch car off and wen restarting you can verify on navi menu you have new map version.
  6. In my last 60000 km. service I had oil changed on GS300h, not so sure it was necessary but they did (my GS is 4 years old ).
  7. I made an update to my GS with hdd navigation, but for your GS that probably has a dvd based navi system the procedure is a bit different while I downloaded all online after sending my serial code (that probably you don't need to send to update). They have better prices because of different prices where they usually sell ;-) , but at least in my case I am rather sure that sw is original. I had some troubles during installation because of a memory I used initially not good and they were kind to give me all the support to solve the problem. An alternative solution if you have DVD navi is to buy one dvd of the original set of 4 with maps you need on ebay.
  8. New to me 2008 GS450h

    In 2008 GS 450h SPORT mode activates stiffer suspensions and steering wheel changes ratio and gets a bit more hard to move, while POWER mode sets a better throttle response and HV tension may rise till 650V.
  9. In some proportion, it seems to me correct, as braking is different from simple decelerating, in traditional cars if I change gear o decelerate without braking lights keep off. nonetheless, in automatic cars when I want to slow down I must touch brake pedal and so lights go on. Rather than a sw issue my be it's only a mechanical one, may be i's just necessary to verify the correct position of brake light switch situated over the brake pedal that activates too late because of wrong position.
  10. Wing mirrors stopped working

    You have to leave the mirror command switch on R or L.
  11. Hybrid fart...

    if it is like a cat purring it's probably the servo brakes pump, normal.
  12. New to me 2008 GS450h

    About air vent, if someone made a pollen filter in a wrong way he could had damaged te mechanism, the operation has to be done with air circulation off (if I remember correctly). Somewhere in forum there are infos about.
  13. The real issue is price at the moment, led lights will be more and more used getting cheaper and with all advantages they offer compared to traditional ones. It would be interesting to discover if leds are covered by warranty (I think yes as they don't geT blown like usual lamps).
  14. Totally agree. My GS 300h is quite better than my 2008 GS450h but I remember with nostalgia that V6, may be my next Lexus will have a V6.