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  1. First prices info on Dutch site: http://engnews24h.com/dutch-starting-price-lexus-ux-300e-known/
  2. Hi Roberto, if you like more refinement than sporty style I suggest Takumi. Do not expect a German like ride like BMWs, Lexus mission is smoothness and refinement. ML sound system is very good, while infotainment is not as user friendly and it needs some time to be accustomed to. My RX 450h is Sonic Titanium, and I like that colour, changing with light.
  3. Say "help" to get the command list that it should understand. Do not expect it does like a modern cell phone 😏
  4. Totally WRONG. You can set (in many Lexus) if having power display or rev counter. In my RX I have just decided to leave in HUD power line and rev counter on dash. Besides, rev counter is automatically shown switching in sport mode.
  5. When I updated my SD card, I had to tell to seller the navigation system type and registration number you can read in navi menu, then he prepared the files I downloaded and, after saving sd files for backup, I overwrote new ones on same sd.
  6. Thanks Edward, yes I live in Lombardia, north Italy. I made photos when I bought it as I was searching a RX with that interiors, colour is Sonic Titanium with Ivory .
  7. My RX color combination: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1k6AI9xbV5tFfKFGW3ULGqrhDZ9MV_sKj
  8. ML audio system in GS is excellent, I would not change the speakers, remember that you have separate settings for each source, if you don't make changes you risk to have flat settings except for that source you have changed it and so it seems sound is rather "neutral".
  9. On my RX I use a VGate Icar2 with Hybrid Assistant because I drive a Hybrid, but for a car with thermal engine there are other good apps, like Torque , Dashcommand or Carista, but my OBD bluetooth interface is NOT the best even it works well; the main difference between interfaces is the data flow speed, so you have to decide if you need such a fast one or not accordingly with the use you plan to do, another difference is the presence of a switch to enable/disable it to avoid to disconnect it when not in use. If you like to have a fast interface you can give a look to some ones suggested in Hybrid assistant page: http://hybridassistant.blogspot.com/p/obd.html (Hybrid Assistant is a free android app developed by voluntary people to help understanding and optimizing hybrid cars )
  10. May be it is a antenna problem, give a look to a good ground antenna wire connection on both ends of wire (most probably on shark side).
  11. Don't be too worried, Lexus cars are very reliable.
  12. It could be an issue with battery pack, may be some cell not in shape, I suggest you to buy a Techstream interface and verify with Techstream windows software. Meanwhile, if you have a standard OBD reader, you could read the error code to have a better idea of problem.