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  1. The first thing to know is if the 96.000 km RX has the 90 k service done, that is an important one. About Sport specs, afaik the main difference is in adaptive dampers, very useful but it' s about driving style.
  2. Few days ago I had the opportunity to try a Tesla Model 3, and I have to confess i liked it, BUT mainly for performance, I found the interiors quite cheap and not at the level of any Lexus I drove, Lexus has a conservative attitude typically japanese aimed to progressive improvements trought tradition, and I like this, Japans is the most advanced country and meanwhile very attached to his tradition.
  3. As a RX owner, I absolutely love it. But may be the initial question is not correct, trying to compare 2 models , one of them being a sort of flagship and the other one (ES) not: the right dilemma should be between a RX and a LS, and the choice is matter of SUV or not. Actually it would be quite a dilemma to me too. At the end , I purchased a RX because I never had a SUV and wanted to try what does it mean, a better resale value, road conditions progressively worsening, and needing sometimes trunk space; nonetheless I remember my 1st Lexus GS450h and former GS300h, not with regrets but quite a wonderful cars.
  4. About developers, yes, they are active in italian forum Hybrid Synergy Forum, and I appreciate very much their work because they created this app totally for free and they continue developing it for new car models. You can find many suggestion there for best driving of hybrids. I am member of forum also.
  5. Yes. About hybrid assistant , the latest update has hybrid reporter inside, no need to download it separately.
  6. My usual rule is, going downhill, to keep braking in regen zone tilll battery is fully charged and only after using lower gear (RX has gear selection). If I don't care about charging to the max, I set the adaptive cruise control to max speed (less about 5 mph) and it automatically shifts gear.
  7. You should find in nav menù all poi's and delete the option for restaurants.
  8. AFAIK Geolander are 4 seasons tyres, so they would be good but not so good like only winter tyres, probably better than Pirelli (I don't like Pirelli so much).
  9. I mounted last winter and going to change now summer ones with . Yokohama BluEarth-Winter (V905) 235/55 R20 102V BluEarth
  10. Opss sorry, my mistake :). Last models use also 0W-17 🥴
  11. Better having a Hybrid Health Check at an official Lexus. I suspect that poor mpg is a problem of thermal engine.: has it been regularly serviced ? Is the oil the original Toyota 5W-20? And do brakes leave wheels free to spin ?
  12. There are so many tips to optimize economy driving hybrids that it's difficult to tell all them, if you like to try hypermiler driving I suggest you to buy a BT interface and use it with Hybrid Assistant android app. Another interesting site where to learn basics of efficient eCVT vehicles is Hybrid Synergy Forum (in italian but you can read and translate with google translator ), or also try reading Priuschat forum too. The best tip I can give is to recover all energy you can avoiding hard braking so that you can stay in regenerative braking zone, you have to keep the instrument in "chg" zone without having it over totally down, that's the poine where brakes begin to work.
  13. I made some experiments about it, and the main problem is that if you use the AUX plug it works fine (provided to make the right connections) but video disappears if car is moving. There is a solution (from some russian interfaces) but I suspect it is not legal because you can have on video screen some distractions: it' s the same reason for having only some selected apps on android auto and not a simple mirroring of all you have on cell phone or tablet. A simpler way to bypass problem is to use directly tablet and cell phone sending only audio to car audio system.
  14. The first thing to try is a good cleaning of screen with some foam product, but if it does not solve the problem may be that inclination of wipers has changed, try to change it removing them and then using a plier on the top of leverage so the the surface of wipers slightly changes angle of contact with glass(on its lenght). Not sure of explanation, lol, easier to do than to explain.