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  1. Uhm, it's a trick, they exclude some items that may have problems more than other ones, and if somethng electronics has to be changed they may change wirings too charging the expenses on that. 🤨
  2. I had same problem and to solved it changing my login credentials with shorter ones on portal 😁. But if I remeber well there is another more elegant solution: the easier way is to ask your Lexus dealer to make registration.with right credentials.
  3. Are you sure is it coming from cup holder? I seldom notice a creaking noise but it comes from the elbow support little drawer. Ho to eliminate it? I don't know 😄
  4. AFAIK, idle check is a routine that verifies and corrects rpm during idle state of thermal engine.
  5. You can download instructions about it at developers site. About your question about S1A etc. they are different phases occurring during thermal engine warming and functioning, they are widely discussed in italian Hybrid Synergy Forum. Anyway, give a look to official Hybrid Assistant site: Hybrid Assistant: Documentation
  6. Zotto

    Brake Hold

    On my RX it works well, it engages after keeping brake pedal for 2 seconds at car stopped, and disengages just pressing right pedal to start moving, but I do not use it all the times, just when I have to keep car stopped much time, for stop and go situations I prefer keeping brakes by myself, just because I like the eCVT system that strart moving smoothly car just leaving brakes without "jumps".
  7. Difficult to say, it could be a simple solution with a reset or a defect in some component; if it is a more serious problem better going to a Lexus official garage.
  8. My mods are automated switching on of some lights, vocal commands to ask anything I wanna know in some rooms, vocal commands to listen to music too, and (just a bit more complicate) I open and close garage and house gate when exiting home and coming back too, from vocal command on car. On car I have a google assistant that can do all that I can do at home.
  9. I had the chance to test drive a Tesla Model 3 in only RWD version, and I found it very fast and really not bad about performance, even if I would not buy it as I would miss the luxury of Lexus models. Have you seen this Chinese car? (112) NIO ET7 - Can It Conquer The World? - YouTube
  10. In all Gs I had, I made headlight adjustments just rotating screws with a Phillips LONG screwdriver, in some way difficult to find, I don't remember any bolt to remove...
  11. Linas, anyway you would call it "boring electric" 🙂
  12. I had a GS300h Premier with 19" wheels and it was a wonderful car, but having tyres 225/40 r19 it was more potholes sensitive, nothing dramatic indeed but if you plan to buy a Premier (that I suggest for all extra features it has), you could try to have 18 or 17 inches for more comfort.
  13. Ehm Sergio, what do you expect from a six cylinder engine?
  14. In normal city driving it's not, but extra power is a drug, you may even never need it, but you know "you may use power". About interior quality and space in ES, as I can see is "almost" same for quality but better for space. And fuel consumption if far better.
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