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  1. Zotto

    Hybrid Badges

    … and, bad news, badge is rather expensive, my dealer told me it costs more than 70 € ( I had a light repair work near badge and luckily it was not necessary a new one).
  2. Zotto

    Cvt gear box

    Nothing to be worried. I understand you need infos having made the big jump from diesel , but hybrid (and more if Lexus) are very reliable. For sure they have no filters or turbines that can break like diesels ;-). The ordinary maintenance reduces to oil and filters, and being the eCVT substantially a differential gear with electric motors, it needs virtually no oil change, or after 100k miles.
  3. Zotto

    is300h indicators

    Right! I remembered something about, a bit more complicate but with great advantage to need no interfaces.
  4. How old is your battery? If it has the age of RX, may be it's time to change it. In hybrid cars 12V battery is necessary only to start ECUs, so it lasts much time, but even if it's not stressed by great current requests it gets old like all Pb batteries. To avoid problems, if you need to keep on light or radio or any other service in your RX my suggestion is to put engine ON, so to use Hybrid battery energy (and have your RX ready to go with engine warmed up), as after warming phase , in summer just few seconds, it will go off.
  5. Zotto

    is300h indicators

    Yes, you can change to standard 3 flashes to 5 or 7 using Techstream or Carista android app with proper OBD interface, or just ask your dealer 🙂
  6. Zotto

    BLUETOOTH not working

    Have you set your phone BT as "discoverable" by other devices?
  7. Actually I use a BT OBD interface with Android and it works fine, the difference in interfaces is in speed only.
  8. BT interfaces are more used than wifi, but settings in android apps have to be made anyway. I repeat, not only BT pairing that has to be made first, but in each obd app.
  9. have you set the proper wifi connection in app? Usually all OBD apps need configuration.
  10. Here the guys of Hybrid Assistant android app suggest some ones: http://hybridassistant.blogspot.com/p/obd.html
  11. Another issue is to have a compatible cell phone supporting DUN protocol. If it has not you can use (under Android) an app that creates the protocol, unluckily after test time you have to buy it on google market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bluedun
  12. Sorry I don't know, may be a 5W-30 API SM or later, for sure you can read the right oil on car manual.
  13. The prescribed oil for IS300h is 0W-20, if someone uses different oils it could result in slight worsening of mpg and engine different noise, provided to have a good quality synthetic oil.
  14. I have a GS300h and Had before it a 2008 GS 450h, so I well know the difference. If you think that your RC 300h is sufficient for your driving style you can wait for ne ES 300h, if you really like driving FAST keeping a comfortable car 450h is really good, sometimes I still miss how at every speed GS 450h was able to give all the power I needed. If you are in doubt , find the way to test drive it.
  15. The point is that the are very different about power. If you like a really fast car GS450h is the choice, if you prefer a newer model wait for ES300h but don't expect the speed of 450h, counterbalanced by a big advantage on mpg and ownership costs.