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  1. The way Lexus hybrids are made is totally different from thermal engines with start-stop devices, HSD works in synergy and there is no starting motor for thermal engine, so don't worry about feeling when it starts, it will do seamless as there is no transition from electric to thermal traction, it' snot a or/or way of working, electric and thermal work accordingly to needs.
  2. If pads are new (it's a nonsense changing disks and not pads) I would wait 1-2 hundreds miles and then make some hard braking hoping to fix problem.
  3. It's all about conformism. Lexus, here in UE, are seen as a extravagant choice, most of people think that if you have sufficient money to buy a luxury car you have to get a Mercedes or BMW, if you have a bit less money another European brand. I made years to be seen like a strange guy because I drove Hyundai cars, and even now, being at my 3rd Lexus, many think I would have bought something teutonic, for sure "superior" to these japanese strange vehicles. A friend of mine, after a little trip on my RX, said "yes nice, but if you wanted a hybrid you could buy a bmw…" I did not answered him, knowing it's impossible to move him from his steady opinion, that while German are making hybrids from few years Toyota groups made Prius from 1996...
  4. I was considering , driving a GS 300h, to wait and buy a new ES 300h, but at the end of my mumbling I bought a RX 450h, for 3 reasons: I wanted to try a SUV I thought that a ES, compared to my President GS, is more or less equivalent, some tech aids more and some finesses less I missed a v6 engine and its power. Before GS 300h I had a 2008 GS 450h, and the passage from v6 to 4 banger engine with much more less power at the beginning was a bit shocking, it seemed to me that new car was "slow" , and actually it's not true, it moves decently and with a massive spare of fuel ( from 12,5 to 16 km/l), so, be conscious that you will not find the "wow" effect you have pressing right pedal with GS 450h , if you don' t care much about this you will have a big smile for all the rest and when fueling. Said this, I now drive a RX 450h and like it very much, but a used ES 300h (or a LS? ) could be my next car , let's say after 2022, or may be an electric vehicle too...
  5. Zotto

    New review

    Linas, Have you tried a new ES to confirm what you say? 😝
  6. An alternative solution, having a audio aux input, is to connect a Bluetooth interface and listening internet radio via cell phone or tablet.
  7. I find DAB in my RX with ML excellent, have you properly set the bass, mid, treble commands for each audio input separately? Is surround ON?
  8. The question is wrong. Being a Hybrid vehicle it does not mean that it works with petrol OR electric, both works in synergy, even it's possible to force only electric for very few miles. And you don't have to charge by wire battery.
  9. Rumors from BMW forum... https://www.bmwblog.com/2019/02/19/rumor-next-generation-lexus-is-may-be-getting-bmws-b8-6-cyl-engine/
  10. May be the worries are about ownership costs for a car that, even if very reliable, is 12 years old and low mpg.
  11. You have as option to see map with north always "up" and car arrow pointing toward the direction it's moving, another choice is seeing map like in a paper map or in some perspective. The switch between options is made clicking over compass button in screen.
  12. About TSB, we already talked here in LOC, it needs a reprogramming and it' s made ONLY on request by owner noticing the problem; I had it made on my previous GS 300h but unluckily having traded if for RX I have no more reference number of TSB, but it is simpler than in IS300h where there is also to change some mechanical pieces, while in GS is only software.