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  1. Have you tried sport+ mode for a firmer ride?
  2. Zotto

    Pre crash warning on a Downpour evening.

    Something similar happened to me after switching off in a car washing tunnel: now I always remember to switch it on soon after wash. 😁
  3. Every time someone asks me about the economical convenience of driving a Hybrid I answer that's it is not the right question: yes, probably you will spare some money, for a lot of reasons (some of them have been written above), but if the only purpose is sparing money, get a LPG or CNG car or even a diesel: hybrid drive is exceptional for many other reasons that are not only simple saving money, I am at my 3rd hybrid Lexus and I can't imagine to come back to a traditional vehicle, and at the moment pure electric has still the problem of fast recharge. The explanation of why hybrid is different is well painted in this old Toyota commercial:
  4. There could be some confusion due to different mpg conversion ;-). A km/l expectable result is about 16 km/l, but this has to be intended after some thousands of km. done and learning ho to drive hybrid, try to reach relatively fast cruise speed and then keep eco indicator in eco zone just a bit over the center mark.
  5. It depends on how heavy is your right foot.
  6. Zotto

    EV button confusion

    Another use of EV button is when coming home at late night avoiding to wake up neighbors.
  7. Just mounted Yokohama BluEarth-Winter (V905) 235/55 R20 and they seem a good alternative.
  8. Zotto

    Fuel Tank Capacity / Cruising Range

    In all hybrids of Toyota group there is a very prudential amount of fuel in tank after light gets on, and usually you can do over 100 km. more, but the main reason is that if you run out of fuel and continue to drive car till HV battery is also discharged it's impossible to restart engine simply after refueling (like usual thermal engine only vehicles). Besides, fuel pump running without gasoline may break, and it's an expensive repair.
  9. Zotto


    A look to fuse box?
  10. It sounds to me like a overheating of hybrid system going in protection mode, but it's strange that no errors appear. I would change Lexus or make some test by myself with Techstream. May be a problem on hybrid cooling pump? There is a thread about it in forum.
  11. Rev counter can be set for all driving modes by menu, else is only for sport modes. As I see eco driving on HUD I decided to have counter in every mode.
  12. E-cvt sytem in hybrid cars is made in such a way that if you need power you regulate it pressing right foot, this action does NOT work like usual throttle on engine, so let the thermal engine have high revs because there is not a friction that connects engine to wheels, all is made by hybrid synergy drive and you have to bet not fooled from high revs noise coming from engine (anyway it's impossible to make it work out of specs). So, do you want max acceleration? Pedal totally down.
  13. Made some more photos, and a little 3gpp... As I don't succeed uploading here, I give link to my google drive: (hoping it is not forbidden by forum rules) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1k6AI9xbV5tFfKFGW3ULGqrhDZ9MV_sKj