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  1. May be you have some confusion about HSD , probably the salesman wanted to show you that once you have reached the selected speed you can keep it at very low rpm.
  2. You have to extract emergency key pressing the slot on the side, then use a screwdriver to open in the space under the key slot.
  3. Opps, sorry for my faulting memory 😳 , I had Hankook on former GS, now on RX I have Yokoama Bluearth Winter w905: just changed this morning and I found them no noisy. this is 2nd winter with them.
  4. The high beam activation speed is "proper" if low beam height is well adjusted, unluckily all Lexus cars I had had low beam quite "low", and I had to adjust them all to obtain a good vision. Besides, in newer RX high beam lights have the feature to select beam off to the area occupied by vehicles keeping keeping beam all around on, very effective.
  5. On my RX I mount Hankook Winter Icept2 (available in 235/55 R20 size).
  6. For Lexus from euro 5 vehicles you can insert VIN number (after registering) here: https://www.lexus-tech.eu/euro5search/VehicleSpecifications I don't know if it works for earlier models.
  7. The option 1 probably because you have not put in setup automatic model recognition, 2 is for year production (-1508 means before august 2015 model) 3 if you have radar cruise control or not.
  8. My suggestion is to keep AC on and clean windows 🙂
  9. After some time (4 days?) the car goes in a waiting state reducing battery draining; reducing but not deleting, as some services are always on in all modern cars.
  10. The real question is "why", and the answer is that you left probably your keyless remote nearby your NX: if so the remote receiver stays in ready mode draining current from 12V battery faster than if remote was far away. For long periods without using car the suggestion to keep 12 V battery with an automatic charge keeper is a valid alternative.
  11. Yes, it's normal, speed is not related with rpm like in fixed ratio gears transmissions. Depressing pedal is proportional to power you ask.
  12. Oh, Ok, I had a 2008 GS 450h and a 2014 GS300h but my memory does not go so far 😊. My experience with RX is that, even with EV switch, if engine is cold it says "EV not available at the moment" .
  13. First, if HV battery is someway disconnected a Hybrid car does NOT start engine, as there is not a starter 12V motor for thermal engine; so, HV is present. In normal driving after thermal engine has reached working temperature every time you slow down from about 50 mph it goes off (zero rpm); in this does not happens there are only 2 possibilities: or thermal engine has not reached working temperature or something goes wrong with temperature sensors and ECU. After some minutes of driving (with hot engine) EV should work and can be forced too with EV switch, NOT with very low temperatures or cold engine. EV is only effective with speed lower than 50 mph and with a light right foot.
  14. Not a RX, but the hybrid system is similar, link to flood crossing:
  15. To diminish risk of water coming into air intake, you can set EV mode to keep engine off while crossing flood.