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  1. In hybrid cars N has to be absolutely NOT used as in this mode HV battery can't be charged, so the choice is between D or P. Besides, in some models it's possible to set "hold" button to avoid keeping brake pedal depressed leavin gear selector in D that disengages brakes just decing to move car with pedal.
  2. Usually when ACC disengages you hear a double beep. This occurs if car you are going back disappears from radar. ACC goes off when braking too (without beeps) and is overrided pressing right pedal.
  3. Not a new found discovery, but if you have a moonroof or sunroof, pressing the center of opening/closing switch the roof opens till the position of tilt (or closes if already open).
  4. With same OBD bluetooth interfaces I remember Hybrid Assistant app I already told about here in LOC.
  5. Actually black rubber buttons are two: the larger one, square shaped and larger, opens tailgate, the second one, round, engaging alarm and locking doors. I often use it.
  6. ??? Are you telling me that SDs offered in ebay are not from Lexus/Toyota?
  7. Steve, if you have a PHEV your battery is much more bigger and you can store all energy from regenerative braking during long downhill that can be used AFTER to drive for free, in our hybrids battery soon gets full charge and at this point no more energy recovery. Obviously any car going downhill does not use fuel (or almost).
  8. For what I can see, Lexus Relax is a warranty that Lexus gives, for FREE, to cars that are no more under warranty, at the condition to have a regular (one service at a year) official maintainance , and I appreciate very much this, as it is a"gift" from Lexus, while others, in best cases, make something similar under payment. Being a warranty covering fabrication defects, it is obviously limited to components that are not expected to break during normal use and are not subject to have expected faults in 10 years. In this perspective, there is no reason to complain. Just to talk about my problem with moon roof I reported here, if it had occurred before Lexus relax with standard warranty expired, I would had to pay the whole repair...
  9. Actually not, because in "standard" hybrids the battery capacity is low, and when it is fully charged like in long downhill trips braking is made by thermal engine and brakes and energy is lost.
  10. It happens I consider to change my RX with a PHEV like new NX 450h, and probably I could spare much fuel charging in night time for the next usual daily driving, but the difference in price from a simple hybrid it may be justified only thinking about electric smoothness while driving without thermal engine contribution; on the other side maintainance costs are the same; so after this thoughts I decide to wait till a full passage to a only electric car has more sense. If I had to buy a car today, I'd buy a Hybrid Lexus, not a plug-in one, neither an electric, as the only real alternative is a Tesla (because of superchargers net) but I think they are overpriced.
  11. In cars from other producers the PHEV is often an add to lower emissions whith the "trick" to have a electric motor to make 50-60 km. so to have a good number on emissions as they are calculated on 100 km, when battery is not charged they use thermal engines and emissions grow up dramatically; Lexus and Toyota work from a real hybrid solution instead.
  12. I don't know if 2WD are sold in UK, but about power is only indicated that one from thermal engine while the total HP have electric contribution too.
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