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  1. Try making reset of navigation parameters in navi menu, it requires a full rotation of steering wheel and some miles done.
  2. Moving in EV there is no water ingestion, it is for this reason that I wrote with hybrid the risk is less.
  3. Keeping EV with an hybrid to pass a flooded road is somewhat safer than driving a car with thermal engine ON with the risk to have water in aspiration circuit. Of course, not pretending to transform hybrid car in a U-boot.
  4. In GS 12V battery is 70 Ah, not so small, but of course it needs to be charged, so it's a good idea to let the car ON, as after 1 minute thermal engine reaches temperature and all system works with HV battery (recharging 12V too). My suggestion is to recharge it with a C-tek and verify voltage.
  5. Huh? Mini VCI with Techstream on a windows laptop IS the affordable solution to read all you need from Lexus and Toyota cars.
  6. Not so easy. The important fact is that , where present, mirrorlink can work only with supported phones: the list is in Lexus tech site.
  7. Interesting, 2 different cars but both with a particular attention to quality. But may be that a real comparison is not possible not only for "mission" but also because of prices.
  8. My doubts about ES are about FWD, not particularly about fun to drive, but because till some years ago for power exceeding 200 HP RWD it was necessary to transfer traction to road without problems to have RWD, but it seems that now the limit for FWD car is higher (250 HP?) and actually my last FWD car, a Hyundai Sonata 3.3 V6 with 235 HP, worked well, provided the natural differences from FWD to RWD, so I am confident about ES; I will just decide if there are real improvements or not over my GS 300h (not so sure).
  9. May be you living in UK miss an important point: taxation. Where I live (EU) for years politics told people that if someone drives a car with many HP is rich and for this reason guilty, and at the moment for each HP exceeding 250 a owner has to pay 20 Euros more (plus the "normal tax for just having a car of 2,58 Euros /HP ). Meanwhile, speed limits are more and more controlled and even a little speed over the limit is punished in not such a proportional way. but at expensive 2 steps. So I, happy owner of a GS450h decided to trade it of for a GS300h trying to avoid to be robbed by this laws. Besides, hybrid at least have taxes only on thermal engines, imagine to pay for a car not hybrid. Same for diesel cars, illogically gasoline costs here 10 euro cents more than diesel fuel. Very rich people now tend to buy electric cars because of no ownership taxes despite all HP they can have, and electricity costs far less gasoline. All this in the name of ecology…. No wonder if Lexus decided to sell hybrid cars with less power here… And in the future it will be worse for high CO2 vehicles.
  10. Just for who is curious about sluggyness: http://www.zeperfs.com/it/duel1342-6211.htm
  11. The point is : Is a GS 300h more than sufficient to drive in comfort in nowadays traffic? I had a GS 450h before, and yes, it is really fast, but all that power is somewhat unnecessary, like many other cars, and if the purpose is to say "I drive a car with 0-60 in 5 seconds" ok, choose some other car, if the purpose is to live cocooned inside a car get a Lexus without worrying about how many hp has, because it has all the power it needs to move satisfactorily.
  12. Where have you found that data Colin? 😀
  13. In Hybrids there is NO starter motor and start of thermal engine is made with the intervention of one of the 2 electric motors that works with HV battery, 12 V does not have big currents to distribute, it mainly has to make services work.
  14. Zotto

    The Fisker Emotion

    Curious about price...