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  1. Remember that, as remaining with empty tank with a hybrid car is quite problematic, the range is calculated in a very conservative way, when fuel reserve lamp goes on I read on my RX just 50 km. left, but actually in tank there are at least 9 liters before going empty, and with my mpg I could make more than 100 km.
  2. Happy to read you are satisfied with your IS. About cruise and too much acceleration, try it using ECO mode.
  3. Even if cruise has steps of 5 km/h, you can reach ANY speed, i.e. 73 km/h, and you can set that speed, till you will decide to increase or decrease it reaching the further or previous step.
  4. Welcome and enjoy your RX.
  5. Which drive mode were you using? I seldom noticed this throttle reaction driving for long time in ECO mode, where HV battery charge tends to go low, while in Normal or Sport it does not happen; in Sport HV charge is mantained high to assure a fast response (of course mpg decrease, but not so much as expected if you normally have a fast driving style).
  6. From autoblog https://www.autoblog.com/2020/06/09/2021-lexus-is-sedan-debut-postponed/
  7. The only way to obtain a refund, at least here where I live, is stopping nearby and calling local police to have confirmation of damages, and make some photos too.
  8. I had same issue with my former 2014 GS300h, a pothole hidden by water as it was raining. Unluckily GS had 225/40 r19 tyres and this low height it's easy to have damages. Then, next car I bought is a RX with /55 tyres.
  9. You could also try another format, as it' s impossible to install any codec in system.