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  1. In hybrid cars N has to be absolutely NOT used as in this mode HV battery can't be charged, so the choice is between D or P. Besides, in some models it's possible to set "hold" button to avoid keeping brake pedal depressed leavin gear selector in D that disengages brakes just decing to move car with pedal.
  2. Usually when ACC disengages you hear a double beep. This occurs if car you are going back disappears from radar. ACC goes off when braking too (without beeps) and is overrided pressing right pedal.
  3. Not a new found discovery, but if you have a moonroof or sunroof, pressing the center of opening/closing switch the roof opens till the position of tilt (or closes if already open).
  4. With same OBD bluetooth interfaces I remember Hybrid Assistant app I already told about here in LOC.
  5. Actually black rubber buttons are two: the larger one, square shaped and larger, opens tailgate, the second one, round, engaging alarm and locking doors. I often use it.
  6. ??? Are you telling me that SDs offered in ebay are not from Lexus/Toyota?
  7. Steve, if you have a PHEV your battery is much more bigger and you can store all energy from regenerative braking during long downhill that can be used AFTER to drive for free, in our hybrids battery soon gets full charge and at this point no more energy recovery. Obviously any car going downhill does not use fuel (or almost).
  8. For what I can see, Lexus Relax is a warranty that Lexus gives, for FREE, to cars that are no more under warranty, at the condition to have a regular (one service at a year) official maintainance , and I appreciate very much this, as it is a"gift" from Lexus, while others, in best cases, make something similar under payment. Being a warranty covering fabrication defects, it is obviously limited to components that are not expected to break during normal use and are not subject to have expected faults in 10 years. In this perspective, there is no reason to complain. Just to talk about my problem with moon roof I reported here, if it had occurred before Lexus relax with standard warranty expired, I would had to pay the whole repair...
  9. Actually not, because in "standard" hybrids the battery capacity is low, and when it is fully charged like in long downhill trips braking is made by thermal engine and brakes and energy is lost.
  10. It happens I consider to change my RX with a PHEV like new NX 450h, and probably I could spare much fuel charging in night time for the next usual daily driving, but the difference in price from a simple hybrid it may be justified only thinking about electric smoothness while driving without thermal engine contribution; on the other side maintainance costs are the same; so after this thoughts I decide to wait till a full passage to a only electric car has more sense. If I had to buy a car today, I'd buy a Hybrid Lexus, not a plug-in one, neither an electric, as the only real alternative is a Tesla (because of superchargers net) but I think they are overpriced.
  11. In cars from other producers the PHEV is often an add to lower emissions whith the "trick" to have a electric motor to make 50-60 km. so to have a good number on emissions as they are calculated on 100 km, when battery is not charged they use thermal engines and emissions grow up dramatically; Lexus and Toyota work from a real hybrid solution instead.
  12. I don't know if 2WD are sold in UK, but about power is only indicated that one from thermal engine while the total HP have electric contribution too.
  13. A slight advantage of PHEV could result in long trips downhill while, because of more energy storage capacity, you can charge battery that in simple Hybrids gets full charge early, so maybe it has to be considered if you live in a mountain zone.
  14. NXs are in 2WD and AWD versions; the AWD are some more expensive, and it depends on your needs to choose for 2WD or AWD. The last ones have an electric engine more working on rear axis giving power if necessary while main tractiin is given from front axis by combined work of hybrid system (thermal and electric). The Luxury version in AWD.
  15. Plug-in cars are good for short daily trips and nightly recharge, so to use them as an electric car, while for longer journeys they work like a thermal engine car. At least, NX as PHEV works like a real Hybrid and has mpg like NX... Different topic is UXe, it is an electric URBAN suv, and using it for long trips is not its mission, and the range for urban use is adeguate. Both solution have to be considered if proper for costs accordingly to planned use; in my opinion they are at the moment too expensive.
  16. My general opinion is that customer care in UK is better than here in Italy, while customer care is more important for Toyota and Lexus headquarters, so I think the issue has been solved because I decided to ask directly to customer service specifying exactly if the probably involved items was under warranty; after a mail confirmation ther was no problem to proceed in repair. Specifically talking about panoramic roof mechanism, there is in Lexus Relax documentation a somewhat "vague" definiton about what is under warranty and what is not, for sure is not under warranty a broken glass , and probably also electronics devices, while electric motor is. My suggestion is to read exactly which components are under Lexus Relax, just to avoid to fall in excessive expectations (all components subject to consumption by use are logically excluded, and it sounds to me normal).
  17. With today a problem concerning my RX related to the Lexus Relax program has been positively resolved, and I would like to tell you about it to praise both the Lexus Customer Service and the Lexus-Toyota Dealership in Varese who provided with great courtesy and speed to the repair done thanks to the additional Lexus Relax warranty. Unfortunately it happened that the opening / closing mechanism of the panoramic roof in my RX broke, which is a unique and very expensive piece: I sent an email to Customer Service asking if it was in Lexus Relax features and received confirmation that the piece was under warranty, it was still told me that everything had to be verified through an official dealer check, which I did at Novauto Varese because my usual dealership had only advised me against it by telling me to give up and keep the roof closed (I avoid naming it further so as not to get nervous). I found instead in the Varese staff the maximum availability in solving the fault even leaving me for free a nice new Lexus UX as a replacement that I was able to appreciate during the 10 days of waiting and today I finally picked up the RX in perfect condition. A round of applause for Lexus Relax.
  18. Code talks about an antenna fail of the smart key access system, so first thing to verify is the connection of antenna cable to smart key ICU, and long all wire lenght. May be there are many antennas, each one near a door, you could verify if you succeed in opening all doors or one of them does not work.
  19. The system does not work in such a way, the high beam stays on except for the vertical slice that illuminates the car coming from opposite direction or you are in queue. Besides this, High beam switches on over a fixed speed accordingly to traffic rules. If you need high beam at low speeds you have to set automatic HB switch off.
  20. Expecially with high temperatures and using a spirited driving, I suggest to keep AC on and closed windows so to supply cool air to hybrid system and driver. Give a look to air conducts from cabin to HV battery, they have to stay not obstructed.
  21. Auto function works well at a speed where full lights are allowed, but if you are driving at a lower speed it keeps high beams off, so if you want to use full lights you have to do it manually 😉
  22. Uhm, I can't as I am driving inside car 😁 What I notice is that to keep the set speed (+ tolerance ) engine RPM increase like a car in a lower gear; if car reaches a slower car ACC adapts speed to that braking also, like it usually does.
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