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  1. Gavin ref listening to radio i do that regulary awaiing wife at hairdressers and never had a problem sat sometimes 45 min but are you putting gear into nuetral then switching of engine then park that way everything switches off except radio but if you watch dvds i suspect it will use more power but 60 min on radio would be ok and you said after run voltage only 12.5 i would say battery is on way out. Robert
  2. Shapor That sounds Like the Direct Injection pump I had it on mine I put some Whins Fuel cleaner in and it got a lot quieter i suspect that you could maybe use Redex but have never used that in mine I then Got Lexus to fit me a Pump insulator and now you can hardly hear it at all Robert
  3. Hi Shapor https://usedcars.lexus.co.uk/en/used-lexus/Lexus/GS-450h/35-Premier-hkbu4yr?utm_source=LexusOwnersClubUK&utm_medium=ForumLinks yes thats the one i believe they dont have the touch screen but a mouse gizmo are they ok to geton with Robert
  4. Well I have been following this thread with a lot of intrest I have a gs 450 SE L and quite happy with it but this as got me hooked I think i fancy a Mk 4 I have seen one online at Lexus reading and am tempted to go and have a look but I keep thinking mine is in perfect condition and as never put a foot wrong all the time I have had it why change for the sake of it as it as all the toys except SR and ACC 1 As any one dealt with Reading and do they give a good Part Ex 2 Which is the Higher Spec Luxury or Premier the one there is Premier Thanks Robert
  5. well done shahpor glad you have got it sorted nothing worse than something not working like you hope it should
  6. Hi Shahpor sorry about that i thought that would have been the answer however i didhave a problem with my USB a couple of years ago i had a kingston memory stick and i cant recall exactly what it was but it didnt play correctly so i got a San Disk cruzer blade and that was perfect i have just took it out of car to check it puts all the albums up and the artists etc so i would have a look at that option as they are cheap as chips now Hope it goes alright for you mate Robert
  7. are you sure that the files are mp3 if they came from itunes they are apple files whilst they will p;ay with the phone on bluetooth they WILL not play from a memory stick through USB they will have to be converted to either WMA or MP3 i have itunes now configured to convert to MP3 not AAC
  8. britpus is correct it needs resetting keep the button pressed and it will open then let it run till the roof closes and then tilts it should then be ok i suspect windows are not one press either good luck HTH
  9. also check fuel filler cap i had same problem on my old gs300 and a new cap cured the problem dont know why but it did courtsey of the US site
  10. As a rider to that the music options are a lot better you can use a memory stick ,your phone and best of all the HDD when you insert a CD if it is not on the HDD it asks if you want to record it and you can get a lot of CDs on there Good luck with it my 450 runs superb had it nearly 3 years now and as never put a foot wrong with the exception of a rear caliper that was fitted FOC
  11. Just as a rider to this when i picked up the 450 he asked me to run it for about 300 ml then come back and we will check it out for you, but then went onto say "Have you let the 12vt battery get low as a fault showed up on the Hybrid and we cant issue a Hybrid Certificate we have cleared the fault " but says I I have never had a fault show he said im sure it will be ok but it makes me wonder if it was a historical code that was on before i got the car as i had to have the 12vt battery changed a couple of months after purchase of the car I have had it just over 2 years. Can it have a fault without it showing a code He never told me The DTC Number.
  12. got good result they changed caliper for free but didnt get done till yesterday had ct200h for 4 days but glad to get back into mine
  13. Well its Thursday and my Lexus is still at Sheffield said they are still awaiting the caliper to arrive what an experience this as been i bet i could have got one overnight wish i had now talk about "Amazing in Motion"
  14. I think john you may be right in the past ive changed these items but was a little concerned of the car in case anything went wrong but i may buy the next from somewhere and l will get my local garage to do them as with the caliper i thought it would have to be bled with the techstream gizmo but thanks for repling Robert