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  1. it will if they have clipped the sensor there is a procedure to fit the tyres but if a sensor as gone its a dealer job but more than likely as pressure problem inflate them to your preffered pressure i run 36 all round the set your calibration then all should be well
  2. looks very nice i have had mine 2.5 yrs now and it as not put a foot wrong as Lee says every now and then give the brakes a good couple of stabs to clean them up the rears hardly come on with the regen Im sure lightning wont strike twicejust enjoy the car Mpg you will get mid to upper 30s in summer time even in winter i get 33 constantly Robert
  3. I too need a headlight bulb was thinking of some Osram night breakers at 54 each but they look difficult to change, are they ? Robert
  4. its on the lighting stalk on steering wheel 1 turn turns on front fogs a further turn turns on the hi intemsity rear lights on the boot lid
  5. thanks for that Krzysztof i might keep eye on it and maybe get oil changed at my local toyota garage Thanks again Robert
  6. I too get this problem sometimes when i go to pick up the wife from hairdressers sometimes there is a late mercedes there and if it is when i get back to the car i cant open it with remote i obviously dont park near her after that but as she goes to same hairdressers as wife i asked her about it if she gets trouble she said" We have had a peimeter gizmo fitted so no one can capture signal from remote" so that must be it
  7. A few times of late if i am doing around 50 /65 and i accelerate there seems to be a bit of a lag as though the car is not sure what gear to be in i know that cant be right because its a CVT but thats how it feels it is like Turbo lag on turbo cars it doesnt do it all the time just now and then It had the plugs changed at last service September last at Sheffield before i go and enquire as anyone had similar experience of this I am obliged for your replies . I have had car over 2 yrs without any issues and also took out extended warranty which incidently runs out this September and i will be renewing the car as done 55k or there abouts TIA Robert
  8. yes same here they drive like loonys the 4 by 4 guys are the worse they are trying to prove something i am sure to justyfy their purchase
  9. Scott would suspect that the TPWS in the tyre as the battery as expired needs dealer to find out which one Robert
  10. Do these Stainless steel retain the silence like the OEM as quite a few years ago i had a stainless steel fitted on to a SCORPIO and i sounded like a tractor never ever bothered with them after that
  11. thanks for that john one question which way does it move to lift lights and is it a lot of movement to achieve it Thanks Robert
  12. i am trying to find out how to adjust mine i have not found the adjusters tho but one thing i know the car should be running and the lights on as the beams will be down thats what ive been told
  13. Hi all GS450H Ive noticed my lights are not very bright at night but have put it down to me having a catteract forming on my left eye so i dont do much night driving. As i was going to a family xmas time do at my daughters my son who is a bus driver he said you can have a drink dad i wil drive car home as i am on in morning and will be on pop. As she lives at Hull its the M62/m18 to get home my son remarked that the lights were absolute crap. Is there a replacement for OEM ie NightBreakers and are the easy to change TIA Robert