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  1. I too use Lexus sheffield and have done for 10 yrs now never had one complaint cracking team Robert
  2. iphone 4 or the older nockia c3 but dont expect much functionally out of it i dont think it will play music through bluetooth but the phone will work Robert
  3. Get better soon Rich I too had heart bypass few years ago you definatly cannot do the things you used to do or things you lwould like to do but take it steady and all will be well Robert
  4. I stand corrected Colin I was just saying this as this was my experience of it 4 month later the tyre that had the nail in, the sensor had to be replaced as according to Lexus the battery was flat.
  5. Shahpor do you think that being as that tyre kept going down and was sending signal it may have depleted that battery in that wheel more than the others the reason i say this is when i bought my first gs300 the nsf was very pappy ie low on air so when i said i was interested he had the tyre repaired there was a nail in it after i bought it approx 4 month later the same problem you had appeared so had he sensor replaced they said battery was flat was ok after that
  6. Hi Brian I used same site got the 18 18 month ago I thought i might update to 20 is there much difference is any of functions changed TIA Robert
  7. Yes Les my grandson also had massive probs with DSG cost him a fortune suffice to say he got rid
  8. the tsb states that if your unit wont update and there a few of them it shows some id nums the tsb states that the unit will be replaced FOC but make sure that your usb stick is fat 32 and 64mb and you have the code that the vendor has given you to enter before the update will begin robert
  9. Hi Mike Have you been on the site for updates it says there is a TSB for some gen 7 Systems that wont allow updates check it out also the USB stick must be FAT32 if it says check dealer i would I cant help much more than that Robert
  10. Yes I believe so was told by my Local Lexus if i had any little problems to press start twice and wait 10 secs this ensures all cpus are booted and reset I have never had to do it mind. If you have your update which by the way you have to give them your ID Num for it to work (it cannot be used more than once) you have to download it to a 64mg Memory stick then put it in the slot one press of button then follow Instructionsit takes approx 90 min but its best to go for a long drive if you feel unsafe leaving it running. By the way mine said same "Last update was cancelled and i updated mine and it showed the date of uodate but still says Last update cancelled so i dont think that as anything to do with it it will work if you have the correct update you should try toyotamapsonline google it. but i think the bloke at lexus who thought that up needs sacking in 15 they changed it to a sd card that takes just a few mins aww well hope you can get it sorted i have the 18 in but 20 is now out at toyotamaps.online Robert
  11. It should be showing Map ID *************** when you get the uodate that ID has to match and your ID is Missing You could rebbot the system press start twice without pressing the brake
  12. I Did manage to get this to work i used an old Nokia 6500 and it worked perfectley doesnt do a deal but i did get it to work useing Dial up Networking Robert
  13. Mine too goes straight to the Map screen if i switched of with the map on if i have had the media screen on it goes straight to that on swich on as john says