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  1. Scott would suspect that the TPWS in the tyre as the battery as expired needs dealer to find out which one Robert
  2. Do these Stainless steel retain the silence like the OEM as quite a few years ago i had a stainless steel fitted on to a SCORPIO and i sounded like a tractor never ever bothered with them after that
  3. thanks for that john one question which way does it move to lift lights and is it a lot of movement to achieve it Thanks Robert
  4. i am trying to find out how to adjust mine i have not found the adjusters tho but one thing i know the car should be running and the lights on as the beams will be down thats what ive been told
  5. Hi all GS450H Ive noticed my lights are not very bright at night but have put it down to me having a catteract forming on my left eye so i dont do much night driving. As i was going to a family xmas time do at my daughters my son who is a bus driver he said you can have a drink dad i wil drive car home as i am on in morning and will be on pop. As she lives at Hull its the M62/m18 to get home my son remarked that the lights were absolute crap. Is there a replacement for OEM ie NightBreakers and are the easy to change TIA Robert
  6. wasnt this fitted only to SE L models with sun roof I have a SE L 450 but no sunroof and i havent got PCS or radar cruise to my dissapointment i might add as i thought it would have ... sigh Robert
  7. Got the Car back from the body shop and they have done a remarkable job of the paintwork cant see any mismatch its just like new I am well pleased with the work
  8. Great to hear James the Body shop as got good reviews that i have had the quote from and has told me not to worry it will match perfectly he said but its same sort of paint that les has, in normal daylight it looks black but in sunshine it as a blue look the body shop said it was pearl but i thought that was only on light colours mine is Black Opal Mica but does give a similar effect Robert
  9. I too am awaiting repair of damage done to my front bumper Possibly done at hospital car park mine is Black Opal Mica i have taken it to a body shop that is highjly reccomended and got a quote of 400 as he said he will have to take off the bumper i sais " can you can you match it perfectly " and he replied yes, I hope so as i have heard they are difficult to match but i will have to get it done as every time i see it it makes me angry that people do these acts of damage and dont even care Robert
  10. Earlier in the year i dropped my wife of at the hairdressers walked her round to the shop came back and a mercedes was parked near my car i got in but car would not start no matter what i got my son to pickme up to get my spare keywhilst i was waiting the lady came got in the merc and went as i was sat there i tried key and it worked thought no more fortnight later same thing happened same mercedes she also uses same hairdressers following week wife was talking to the lady in hairdressers and she said she as had a tracker and a perimeter gizmo fitted to stop people getting the code to steal her car from then on i never parked near her car again and the problem never reoccured
  11. I usually use a shaving mirror on the footwell carpet so i can see exactly were the OBD port and tpms button are
  12. Rado "From sweet whistling car i have now a tractor with jackhammer under the bonnet. " It sounds like its the Direct Injection pump under bonnet they are known to be noisy sometimes, there is a Pump Insulater than can be fitted to the pump in a matter of minutes and this quitens the pump ask your dealer HTH Robert
  13. even so that was my Experience on Friday Last