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  1. Adam that was my exact reaction i picked the car uo from Sidcup and drove the 200 miles to doncaster and when i got out i was stiff as a board i had been tryinmg to adjust seat all way home to no avail the headrest was shoving my neck forward I stopped at a service area and tried to shove headrest back but wouldnt move. so i thought i have dropped a clanger here. I had a good look round at home then a couple of days later i dound the the upper back switch and voilla that was it / It is now very comfy indeed Robert
  2. its for rewinding the station you are on press button then turn the file/album button on the radio to the left and it will rewind the station i,e You didnt quite catch the news so you just rewind it mind you have to have been on that station a while HTH Robert
  3. yes I i totaly agree with you but i just make the Album Name Bob Dylan Live 1 and Live 2 but we get there in the end and i too am a fan of Dylan i caught the bug from my son. who is dylan mad. thanks for your reply mate its much appreciated Robert
  4. Another tip that may be useful if you transfer the MP3 files to yr Disc or Memory stick they do not go on in the same order as the original disc. There is a way round this to make them same as disc Download a free program called drivesort .exe and this small program will sort them for you . It as to be run on the disc /memory stick after you have transfered them to the memory stick. The program resides on your main Drive Hope this helps Robert
  5. Thats seems the only downside mine doesnt understand me Must be my broad Yorkshire
  6. "For example, when playing some music off the USB stick and deciding that I want to listen to a different artist I must take the following steps: Select right-hand screen, select music panel, send music panel to left-hand screen, select browse, select artist, select letter group (or scroll list), select artist, select album. If partway through that process I come to a road junction or whatever that requires my full attention then if I do not return to it quickly enough it will time out and I must start again. " On Mine if i give file button a 1 2 second press it will go to the next album a short tap will change track wether its on the side display or the main display and this takes no time whatsoever. Not sure how to do the Quote
  7. Nic yes totaly agree this is my third lexus and they have all been great but this one is the pinnacle it is subtle and not imposing i am loving mine and i feel very confident in it (mustbe the snob in me) but seriously i cant sing its praises too much Robert
  8. Hi all Well i have had the Mk 4 450h for four months now and it is growing on me every day when i first got it i was dissapointed with the headrest position but found out that the headrest adjusts with the top part of the seat so that was soon resolved. The car runs superb i dont think its got quite the poke that my ex 450 SE L had but it is more than adequate it will soon whisk you to 100 in no time. I like the way you can go to sport mode and changes the battery monitor to a rev counter and in sport mode simulates actual gear changes but i mostly keep it in the normal mode anyway. The fuel consumption is ok as well mind anyone who buys a 3.5 must know its going to use fuel i dont usually bother with the figures but my last 450 averaged about 35 ish but this one is returning 43 on a regular basis but i dont boot it ( well not often ). One thing that did disapoint initially was the cd player its only one slot it as USB and bluetooth and i have managed to put my libary on 2 USB sticks so that is now resolved it shows all files and folders as the old 450 had HDD 6 CD USB Bluetooth and when i think about it it was overkill really as if you put in a new CD it asked if you wanted to transfer to HDD. The initial startup of the display is a little slow but acceptable ( I bet the facelift addressed that) the sat nav seems slightly better but contary to others found it quite acceptable but dildnt get the Connect system to work through the internet but not bothered about that. I also found that the handling is slightly better i went round a bend few weeks ago (didnt know the road) was a little too fast but went round like it was on rails was pleased at that it as Dunlop sports on. The mouse thingy was a little fiddly first of but i am completetly used to it now but music options can be used with steering wheel any way. I found that the Heater Controls and lights are a bit small could have done with that panel being angled up a bit but not too much of a problem. The HDU is a nice touch and the Blind spot monitering and Cross traffic alert is brilliant So in conclusion anyone changing up from a Mk3 will not be disappointed Robert
  9. Hi As anyone seen or tried the colour coded mud flaps on the Mk4 they are a Accessory but they not cheap but i saw some on Ebay but had to be painted. The reason i ask as the mk4 wheels are slightly out of the wheel arch they accimalate a lot of dirt down side of car I have never been a lover of mud flaps but these look very subtle but they were on a US mk4 im not sure how to transfer the pic of them Thanks Robert I think this is it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lexus-GS-Front-Rear-Mud-Flaps-Mud-Flaps-Set-212-Black/254163201671?fits=Car+Make%3ALexus|Model%3AGS&hash=item3b2d4eae87:g:PyEAAOSwUvVciiO9
  10. As an y one connected their phone to the Nav system so that it will sync with the Lexus Portal I have read the manual a dozen times But to no avail its not a big deal but i thought if it was there i would use it. It could be better (Possibly to plan route on PC then send over to car ) save messing about Inputing route in laybye or side f road.
  11. i must admit tho that the presentation was a bit wishy washy but did get the point over and it certainly answerd my concern over the seat headrest
  12. As anyone seen this video it explains the features of the mk4 gs450/350