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  1. As a rider to that the music options are a lot better you can use a memory stick ,your phone and best of all the HDD when you insert a CD if it is not on the HDD it asks if you want to record it and you can get a lot of CDs on there Good luck with it my 450 runs superb had it nearly 3 years now and as never put a foot wrong with the exception of a rear caliper that was fitted FOC
  2. Just as a rider to this when i picked up the 450 he asked me to run it for about 300 ml then come back and we will check it out for you, but then went onto say "Have you let the 12vt battery get low as a fault showed up on the Hybrid and we cant issue a Hybrid Certificate we have cleared the fault " but says I I have never had a fault show he said im sure it will be ok but it makes me wonder if it was a historical code that was on before i got the car as i had to have the 12vt battery changed a couple of months after purchase of the car I have had it just over 2 years. Can it have a fault without it showing a code He never told me The DTC Number.
  3. got good result they changed caliper for free but didnt get done till yesterday had ct200h for 4 days but glad to get back into mine
  4. Well its Thursday and my Lexus is still at Sheffield said they are still awaiting the caliper to arrive what an experience this as been i bet i could have got one overnight wish i had now talk about "Amazing in Motion"
  5. I think john you may be right in the past ive changed these items but was a little concerned of the car in case anything went wrong but i may buy the next from somewhere and l will get my local garage to do them as with the caliper i thought it would have to be bled with the techstream gizmo but thanks for repling Robert
  6. Took the 450 in fo its service yesterday and to have the fuel pump insulator fitted(mine is a little noisy and one of the guys on here fitted one in a couple of minutes) i have the warranty but it had run out by four days but told them i need to renew it they said no problem . I received a phone call later saying the rear caliper is seized and will cost 195 for a new one we cant do it under warranty as it as just run out then went onto say your front pads need changing 145 then they said we cant fit the insulator yet as we need to take the fuel pipes of to fit it and we need fuel washers that we have to order to say i am p*** off is a understatement is this the price of calipers and brake pads wow what a rip off i am going to tell them to put the old caliper in boot and see how badly it is seized sorry for the rant Robert .
  7. thank you to you all i will abort it it was just an idea i had Robert
  8. Hi Ben or anyone else with Electric Knowledge Would it be possible to cut the wires to the sidelight plugs and connect to an ignition source so that sidelights come on, on ign then splice in the two cut sidelight wires to a couple of boot type lights that use festoon type bulbs as they would only be on when I was running on Headlights/sidelights and could double as a light source under bonnet it may not fool the (bulb out monitoring) but im sure i could use a couple of W5W bulbs that are in the sidelights It may be completely impossible as i am not a sparky but in my head its seams feasible Thanks for taking time to read and comment I am extremely obliged Robert
  9. Would it be possible to utilize the main beam to run at low power to act as DLRs in the day as they do in the states i am not electric proficient so would have to be a auto electrician and wondered if the wiring would be in place and maybe just needed a relay fitted somewhere I seem to remember a 86 Scorpio i had used to operate similarly if you set off with just sidelights on the headlights came on at reduced power it may not be possible i know but i have always liked the idea of DLRs Thanks IA Robert
  10. sounds like you have a dud battery if you have followed instructions Ni do not start engine just press button no foot on brake
  11. just get a shaving mirror put it in footwell and you will see it straight away
  12. it will if they have clipped the sensor there is a procedure to fit the tyres but if a sensor as gone its a dealer job but more than likely as pressure problem inflate them to your preffered pressure i run 36 all round the set your calibration then all should be well