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  1. Mine too goes straight to the Map screen if i switched of with the map on if i have had the media screen on it goes straight to that on swich on as john says
  2. Peter Yes i input all the details of my Portal acc but will still not connect I get the " Check your Phone Or Provider" I reinstalled phone into system and i think it must have got to the point where it asks for my portal details and then i get the error "Do you Want to try Again" YES or CANCEL i have tried multiple times all to no avail I think it Must be The Bluetooth Dial up Networking i think i will contact O2 and see what they Say But as i said before when it asks for my UserName in the EditCtrl it as (www.Mylexus.Eu) then when i input that disapears and my user name goes in. then Password then I get the error I know its not end of the world but i thought if it was there i would have it I am sure others have tried to do it Thanks Robert
  3. Thanks for that Peter Did you USE DIAL up NETWORKING or just bluetooth tethering I have a O2 Act and was thinking of going over to the 3 network but may have to get the settings Mind i am on Pay and Go maybe thats the problem
  4. Hi While we are in this Lockdown i thought i might try and get the Lexus Connect to connect to the car I have iphone 7 an d car is 2014 GS450 i tried once before to no avail it kept telling me to contact provider. I have a portal account and if i say set a journey it says "Trip Successfully Sent to Car" but it does not however when setting up the car Radio the Default Address Says (WWW.My.Lexus.EU) but if you pit that into the browser it says SITE no longer available and directs you to www.myLexus.co.uk so i think this must be the problem . So my question is can the Harded coded IP address be changed in Car useing TechStream . However it must have worked at some time by previous Owner as there is a stack of Personal POIs in the Cars POI libary. Thanks Robert
  5. I Had a similar problem with my car that i purchased from Maidstone (Lexus) the book wasnt stamped up to date and when i queryed this was told that they no longer stamp books unless specificaly told to by the customer as everything is on line, He then went onto the pc he had there and sure enough it was all there. I am old school and like to see services in the service book so i got them to get it stamped up which they duly did. Robert
  6. Glad you got her back john pleased for you I bet it was like loosing yr right arm Enjoy Mate Robert
  7. I wonder why they have been "back marking " with the repair 7 week for a body repair and change door mmmmm but glad you getting the old girl back john pleased for you Robert
  8. Just in the proccess of renewing mine just had the car coming up to a year now nothing as gone wrong but i am renewing warranty
  9. Well John i bet you are really het up about that have they said what is the problem is could it be a paint mismatch ? Hope you get her back soon Robert
  10. Jeff If they working ok i must be wrong but i thought USA was 315mhz and UK 433mhz so if working ok dont worry if your DTC not showing its ok Sorry about that Regards Robert
  11. I am not too sure on this but i think the ones from there are 315 mhz ours are 433 mhz so they will fit but wont work
  12. Great News John i bet you cant wait to get the old girl back. Robert
  13. have you checked that the door switch is not corroded making bad contact happend to me on my gs300 many years ago took out switch cleaned it and the problem was solved
  14. Yes I too was a little disapointed in the audio and the 1 slot Cd from 6 but memory sticks and bluetooth have solved that problem As for the audio set the the source settings to your choice and you will find its more than acceptable plus after all it is MP3 or WMA so it has already lost a bit of quality i find mine is perfect for my needs. Changing the speakers will open a can of worms.