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  1. Yes they do say that at £9 a battery they can be bought for 50p you may have a small problem with the fob maybe wants cleaning or the battery you bought was out of date
  2. I have always used Sheffield for my servicing but due to a domstic problem I am at my daughters in Brough near Hull so i have arranged my inerrim service at Hull was shocked at the price £350 im sure it wasnt that dear at sheffield i Thoight obviously Wrngly that it was fixed prices throughout the Network The gent did say something about the Warranty now when you get a service you get a years warranty something called Relax or Reflex something like that As anyone and a similar Experience on this Thanks Robert
  3. I have used this method several times on mine and my daughters, and found it quicker than setting up techstream thats was why i used that method and never failed once I did set it to 5 but i thought it was just a bit too long so reverted back to 3 but my daughter loves it at 5
  4. Thats the oldest trick in the book. if its only 300 why doesnt he fix it Walk away mate
  5. Yes they are a joy to drive even long distance and they just eat up the miles, when you get out of those seats feels like you just gone to bottom of Street
  6. Richard it was pretty easy two minute job i put mine to 5 and at first thought it was ok but i found my self keep cancelling it thinking i had pulled lever all way so i reverted to 5 i also did the procedure on my daughters RX450 and she loves it at 5 truly a two minute job
  7. this might help for mk4 drivers i did change mine to 5 but after a while i thought the 3 blinks was right but if anyone wants the info to change it here it is blinker.pdf
  8. nice looking car Micheal the 2010 one is a gem that vwas towards the last of the mk 3 enjoy
  9. Yes John i did upgrade in June to the 2019 one maybe it is that then I feel a bit of a Numpty now i didnt think they speed cameras in the database i have the Road Sign Thingy on which beeps if i go over limit i thought that was all it had one. But i think it could be a bit sticky if they all not shown Anyway thans for that John Robert
  10. Well i did think the same initialy but there are cameras all over round here in the north yorks area . but that dos not throw warning just certain roads. So maybe its just a certain type of camera that initiates it Thanks for replies Robert
  11. Something i cant figure out sometimes on certain roads I hear a 3 beep sound different to all others Lane departure,Parking sensors etc its a Low frequency Beep beep beep just 3 nothing comes on dash, I go to my daughters and when i come off the roundabout on the 1079 i hear this beep beep beep other roads now and then but there doesnt seem anything that can trigger this. As anyone else heard this or know what it is the car is 2018 450 Premier
  12. read this link
  13. Nick It doesnt sound too good but as Chris said could be air in the oil system. I remember many years ago on a 1.6 cortina i had(the oil pump was external on Filter Housing) i took it off for some obscure reason. and bought a new one I fitted it on and it knocked like crazy I switched off called my dad i was only 22 at the time the first words he said did you prime the pump look of puzzlement on my face. My dad took pump off removed plate filled with oil replaced it and bingo no knock (mind my father was a Rolls Royce Engine Fitter)
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