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  1. Hi As anyone seen or tried the colour coded mud flaps on the Mk4 they are a Accessory but they not cheap but i saw some on Ebay but had to be painted. The reason i ask as the mk4 wheels are slightly out of the wheel arch they accimalate a lot of dirt down side of car I have never been a lover of mud flaps but these look very subtle but they were on a US mk4 im not sure how to transfer the pic of them Thanks Robert I think this is it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Lexus-GS-Front-Rear-Mud-Flaps-Mud-Flaps-Set-212-Black/254163201671?fits=Car+Make%3ALexus|Model%3AGS&hash=item3b2d4eae87:g:PyEAAOSwUvVciiO9
  2. As an y one connected their phone to the Nav system so that it will sync with the Lexus Portal I have read the manual a dozen times But to no avail its not a big deal but i thought if it was there i would use it. It could be better (Possibly to plan route on PC then send over to car ) save messing about Inputing route in laybye or side f road.
  3. i must admit tho that the presentation was a bit wishy washy but did get the point over and it certainly answerd my concern over the seat headrest
  4. As anyone seen this video it explains the features of the mk4 gs450/350
  5. Just to clarify my headrest problem(if it is a Problem) after i adjusted the top part which i didnt know about i have now got a very comfortable seat I went up north yesterday and it was perfect got out of the car just as i got in. When I bought the car from Sidcup on the journey home i thought i had dropped a clanger I adjusted back rest lift front of seat all to no avail and by the time i got home my neck was very uncomfortable the three buttons 5 6 7 ithought was for lumbar adjustment so i tried to move headrestraint but to no avail then i was sat at side of passenger seat and could see what button 5 did it altered angle of upper back rest which in turn altered angle of headrest so maybe thats how it is it is perfect now well as perfect as i can get it thank you all for your advice it is most appreciated Robert
  6. Thats done it Colin and David the top part moves and alters the angle of the headrest it articulates just below shoulders and its 100% better now before my head was touching the headrest all the time making me lean forward now its not touching and feels better. I even had my son pulling the headrest and he said Dad this will break if i put more force on it my headrest doesnt look like the video its like a soft Cushion inside a box like structure was the same as my old GS300 anyway many thanks for taking time to point me in right direction its much appreciated Robert
  7. well still cant get it to move but have found out that the seat at about shoulder height bends there with switch on seat base that made the top half of seat move backwards and forwards and this was in fully forward position on retracting that part it as moved the angle of the top part of seat a lot better by moving it back so it looks and feels a lot better but still could not move headrest but passenger headrest is back but driver forward so they must move looks like a call to lexus but for now its acceptable Thanks All Robert
  8. John Yes the Headrest does protude forward and is giving me a stiff neck and it doesnt move automatcly like the mk 3 i had I have reclined the Back seat a bit and seems a little better now i will see how i get one But i cant for the life of me get it to move yest the passenger one is back and not protruding forward Next time i am in Sheffield i will get Lexus to have a Look Robert
  9. Hi all My Drivers Headrest is fully forward and hurting my neck how does it adjust Manual says just pull it back but mine wont move is there a secret button ? TAI Robert
  10. Sounds like a broken heater flap someone changed pollen filter without puting it in recirc mode
  11. Yes as Luigi says just tape the sensor to top oth the battery
  12. Is the iron x alright to put on the body paint i thought it was just for the alloys or might just get a mobile valeter to do it for me
  13. Well took the car to a body Paint specialist in Thorne He concluded it was indeed motoway debris in fact most of it brake debris and bits of rubber he took out a credit card and it started coming of with a few strokes said if i get a spray bottle with a bit of washing up liquid and hot water leave it for 10 mins should wipe off. Said he didnt rate the prep as you just bought it, the valeter if he knew his stuff should have known this and the quality control person should also have known said if worked for me he would have been sacked . He also reccomended me to clay bar it the whole car he put a plastic bag on his hand and said even the upper body has imperfections on it so i may do that
  14. Just a update Car is running ok but ....... I found the display takes a few seconds to come on my last one was instant I suppose this is how they are ? The rear bunper and the vertical lower part of boot lid is rough to the touch as though it is contaminated with something i suspect its traffic dirt but it wont come off with shampoo and i found 2 or 3 chips on driver side front wing it looks like it had some waxy sruff in the chips and when i washed it it had dislodged. I did contact Siddcup who said the paintwork was upto lexus standard when you took it and the 4 hr journey home could have chipped the paint as for the road contaminates it was a very rainy day when you took it so will just want a good clean so all in all not very pleased with that I am taking it to my local body shop for an assesment on monday. thankfully the alloys are ok no marks
  15. Yes and it took a while to download the files too and you have to have a 64gb memory stick Formated to FAT32 but it was worth it But Shahpor it was no bother putting it on, the car told you to do everything on the screen Hope that helps and thanks for telling me about the site much appreciated Robert
  16. Hi Shahpor I loaded the update this morning it was very easy i was a bit intrepid in case it corrupted something but went on with no trouble it took 92 min i left car running on driveway but you can drive it while its updating its just the initial veryfing that you have to switch off then back on again. I am sure the maps will be upto date £50 is better than paying lexus 200 anyway its all done something may be obvious that as updated but cant tell yet
  17. It might be the Aircon Drain plug blocked under car if its ok you should see small pool of water under car just under driver side if the air con as been on. Its a common problem with the US cars
  18. Yes i have got it was slow downloading and the 64 g Memory stick as to be Formated to FAT32 that was a nightmare but i downloaded a partition Program FreeWare and that did it i shall put it in today i tried the stick in the car and it verified it so i am sure it will work The Vendor was quite helpful I will let you know how it goes
  19. Yes Shahpor I totaly agree with you I have not seen another around here thats why i like it and its not that they are rubbish like some of the rare cars you see Like those big Citreons And Renaults that are rare Because they were no good constantly breaking down. My old GS450 i got the Extended warranty twice but never had to use it i shall be extending this when the complimentray runs out I went up to North yorkshire (Skipton ) for a ride out and it run superb I did notice a bit of Tyre Roar but they are New Dunlop Maxx but i will be inflating them with Nitrogen today last one run on that and it does make them run Quieter I cant be sure but i think the old one had slightly more poke than this but not too much was still very potent when pressing pedal and the fuel economy according to the readout was 41 the other use to do about 37 so all in all very pleased i have also got the update Map data but not installed it yet so thank you all for the advice that you gave was very much appreciated. Oh one other thing there is a Lexus Marked Holdall in the boot with Breakdown stuff in Hi vis Jacket warning triangle Alchol Test kit First aid kit is that standard or is it a EU kit for going over to continent but it as never been used THanks All Robert
  20. 12 month and 12 month breakdown i tried to get the 2 yr added on when he tried to sell me it but he wouldnt budge but i am satisfied at that its had a few journeys i am making sure all is well with it. They didnt give me too much for my old one but they have it up at 10 plus but i looked after it so whoever gets it will get a good one
  21. unfortuanatley there is no flap so it looks like the usb im sure it wont be a problem and yes it is nice to drive around knowing that there isnt too many 450s about