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  1. UPDATE... I found the oil pressure relief valve location! I had to remove all 3 belts from the front of the engine and then remove the cambelt cover. The cambelt was removed and the oil pump is located bottom right of the engine. I had to loosen off the air con pump to remove the oil pump. Once the oil pump removed i unbolted the pressure relief valve... It was stuck because there was a build up of thick sticky oil just like tar! Gave it a good clean and it springs open and closed nicely now. Took me almost 8 hours to do so its a huge job! I hope this can help someone else :)
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  3. My is200 has blown 2 oil filter seals in the last 3 months therefore leaking oil all over my drive! I spoke to a mechanic and he says it could be that the oil pressure relief valve is stuck or needs replacing. He wanted £30 just to open the bonnet! Can someone please tell me where the oil relief valve is so i can check it myself? Much appreciated thanks. Dan
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums Daniel Geer :)