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  1. I get 20 mpg driving around town. But get 40 mpg on the motorway. Not sure why I'm getting 5 mpg less than the rest of you around town. Maybe its the 7 miles of stop-start traffic on the hilly Bradford roads to work?
  2. What if they offer to sell at a price that you can't refuse?
  3. @The-Acre I paid £700 for mine. That was for 2 cats, centre box and the 2 back boxes. I stressed that they be chambered. I wasn't interested in the drone that often comes with free flow exhausts. Or the loss of low rev torque.
  4. I've had my 05 GS300 for nearly a year now. It is a heavy NA car and on the test drive, I too thought the car was sluggish at low speed. Until I enabled ECT-PWR!! It transformed the car for me. The gearbox was much more eager to kick down in this mode. But make no mistake, a 450H would crush a 300 for speed/power. Another unintentional bonus was having some much needed engine assisted braking, which I am sure is extending the life of my disks/pads. In my first year of ownership, thus far I've put on some winter tyres, replaced the PCV valve, 2 tyre pressure sensors and had a full stainless steel exhaust system fitted. NOTE: If you replace the PCV valve, get a genuine Lexus part. I foolishly bought a cheap 3rd party one thinking it'd do the job. How wrong I was. All it did was burn oil at a frightening rate. Like almost a litre in a single 270 mile trip frightening! Ordered the Lexus part and after the return trip, the oil level on the dipstick hadn't gone down. I love my GS300, will keep it until one of us dies!
  5. Yet another vote for Tony Banks. Furnished my GS300 with a full exhaust system.
  6. The pictures are still there, for me at least...
  7. Stock O2/MAF/AC Actuators/Most electrical components in Toyotas/Lexus are made by Denso. Don't pay a premium for the same part coming in a Toyota/Lexus box. It's non-OEM sensors from Bosch that you want to avoid.
  8. Not all GS300/450h SE-Ls have radar cruise control as standard.
  9. You need to a upgrade to a newer navigation dvd to get louder (usable) call volume. Changing from 2005/06 to 2017/18 resolved the issue for me. Otherwise you can barely hear the other person over road noise.
  10. @Britprius are you at liberty to name the supplier of the tagged batteries?
  11. The sort of beep a large van makes when reversing so pedestrians can hear the 'silent' hybrid vehicle coming before it runs them over.
  12. 07 models and onward could play DVDs. For that reason I'm contemplating retrofitting an 07 cd/dvd player and screen (necessary?), to gain that functionality.
  13. I'm in the market for a 3GS, but the £500 a year road tax is giving me cause for pause. A bit like when your'e about to order several hundred pounds worth of kit but then seeing the £10 P&P makes you question the wisdom of the purchase!
  14. @Upex You are correct, theoretically the loss of low rev torque would still occur on a 450H but would be less noticeable due to the electric motor.
  15. I've used Tony Banks to replace the cat back exhaust system on a manual MK3 petrol RAV4. It was Free flow. Was on the RAV4 for 3yrs. Aside from the drone, the most noticeable difference from OEM was the loss of power/torque at low revs due to insufficient back pressure. In that time I've gone from doing 25k motorway miles a year to less than 5k. The lack of torque made driving the RAV4 more work than it should be, changing gears too frequently just to make progress. The benefits of the free flow exhaust could only be felt at the top end of the power band, which on my car is around 4600 rpm (over 6000 rpm on a GS300?). Problem is that my commute now consists of 7 miles of stop-start traffic each way. The chances that I'm able get up to 4600 rpm are slim to none. I went back to Tony Banks and had the free flow mufflers replaced with chambered ones. Drone is reduced and low rpm torque has returned. None of the above is likely to apply if you have a 450H but it may be relevant to the electric motor-less 300 or 430.