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  1. Lexus Connected Services

    I've managed to get it working with my BlackBerry that's on an Orange contract (but I'm still not happy about it needing a DUN phone rather than using PAN!). Orange Settings in Lexus Country: UK Network: Other Username: user Password: pass APN: orangeinternet Dial Number: *99# That's it. I was half expecting it to need DNS details, and I was definitely expecting it to need a connection string... but it doesn't.
  2. From reading through the manual of my MY13 RX 450h, I’ve gone and registered for a portal account with My Lexus Connected Services. As per the FAQ on the website, “In order to use this service, a Bluetooth DUN/PAN capable cellular phone with a valid data plan subscription is required.” (Here's a screenshot incase it wants you to login to see the FAQ) I’m a bit of a geek, but for those that don’t know the difference between the two bluetooth profiles: DUN is using the phone as a Dial Up Networking modem. It creates a virtual modem through the bluetooth connection to your paired device (laptop, car etc) then dials your provider directly for an internet connection. You need provider specific information, such as the Access Point Name, correct number to dial, the correct initialization string, and possibly a username and/or password. PAN is creating a personal area network, to provide a hotspot. Your paired device (laptop, car etc) doesn’t have to do any dialing or anything. Anyways, in the car I go into the detailed Bluetooth settings and this is what profiles it shows me as supporting: HFP, DUN, OPP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, and MAP. So that’s contradicting what the Lexus website said as there's no PAN. How do I enable PAN on my car? Does it need a software update from Lexus or something? Why does it matter so much that the car only does DUN whereas the Lexus website says it should do PAN too? Because the Apple iPhone only does PAN not DUN. Anyone got any ideas on how to get PAN working? Cheers!
  3. Thanks. I'd hoped that it involved remapping the original ECU, and consequently the "Lexus ECUs are impossible to remap" that I'd read was wrong. I don't get why the Lexus ECUs are impossible to remap though. Even the latest BMW ones can be done!
  4. Going slightly off topic, but related to ECU programming... I'd read that the Lexus ECUs were impossible to remap. Was that incorrect and it is possible to remap Lexus ECUs? Or do these LPG conversions use a different ECU (either as replacement or as piggyback ECU)?
  5. Stolen Rx

    :( Stolen without keys? Wonder if it's anything like with BMW? http://pistonheads.c...p?storyId=25953 http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=1121571&d=0&nmt=
  6. So I’m thinking of buying a RX 450h F-Sport (2013 model year). Done some quotes of £51,995 + £610 metallic paint + £2,555 Adaptive Cruise Control. Was pleasantly surprised by how much kit is standard compared with previous BMW 5 Series where everything was an option! But… “There’s no mention of towbar in the options list” “Ah sir, that’s an accessory. This means rather than the factory in Japan fitting it, the removable towbar is fitted aftermarket here in the dealership by us. Cost is £1,300 – most of which is labour”. Erm, are they having a joke? I thought BMW’s £800 for the electrically deployed towbar was expensive, but £1,300 for the Lexus removable towbar is extortionate! Are my Lexus dealer right in saying £1,300 is the price? Will I have any luck in bouncing Lexus dealers quotes off each other to get the cost down? And is there any reason I can’t just take it to Towbars R Us? Thanks!
  7. Welcome to the Lexus forums Westyfield2 :)