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  1. i'd take a guess at something like a Chrysler 300c (probably Hemi)
  2. that freak needs some counselling or something
  3. so the fuse plugged into the back of the stereo is ok? dont see what can go wrong ig you're using a harness and not cutting any wires
  4. dont forget to add £111 shipping and any applicable vat/duty you'd think they would have given them a bit of a clean!
  5. i like it, would prefer a different colour but it looks to be a bargain to me
  6. If someone paid over £10k for a 2000 IS200 with 75k now then they would have been ripped off (that is if you only just bought it in the last few months)
  7. my fave backbox is the HKS Super Dragger II, obviously this is only from the small collection I have seen/had/heard. I had that and the Hiper and preferred the Dragger Not entirely sure that the still manufacture these though? (seem to always be on US ebay though)
  8. i've always wondered why that happened actually
  9. i'd say its safe to say it's a replica ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  10. apparently it isn't, they told me it's been made for euro spec, that's what they told me anyway.
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