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  1. the coilovers are for sale separately now, I believe he is looking for offers over £600 I also believe there is a price drop on the car if it hasn't been sold already
  2. i'd take a guess at something like a Chrysler 300c (probably Hemi)
  3. Advertising for a friend: Lexus IS200 s Auto, 1999 T 130k Miles Astral Black Black Cloth Interior Tinted Windows light smoke on side windows and dark smoke on rear Chrome Alloys HKS Hyper Max II Coilovers Clear Rear Fogs Spares Available including Pair of Headlights, Red Rear Fogs, Standard Alloys, Standard Suspension. Stunning looking Luxury car, a real pleasure to drive, new business forces sale. £7,000 ono Can put back to standard if prefered. Simon 07812 609475
  4. The 6500k bulbs were just some cheap ones I got from eBay in an attempt to get my fog lights (same fitting as headlights) to match the colour of my 6500k HIDs. They still weren't white enough so I got some 8500k bulbs and don't need these any more. Only one of them has been plugged in for about 10 seconds, other than that they are new. You can have them both for £20 delivered. ..... now matthew, politeness costs nothing and is priceless ;) how much you looking for the phillips bulbs? Which ones? You can have the headlights and one set of sidelights for £15 delivered. I was ho
  5. that freak needs some counselling or something
  6. so the fuse plugged into the back of the stereo is ok? dont see what can go wrong ig you're using a harness and not cutting any wires
  7. dont forget to add £111 shipping and any applicable vat/duty you'd think they would have given them a bit of a clean!
  8. i like it, would prefer a different colour but it looks to be a bargain to me
  9. If someone paid over £10k for a 2000 IS200 with 75k now then they would have been ripped off (that is if you only just bought it in the last few months)
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