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  1. Can't find a new one for thr LS460....seems like you can only buy the whole rack. I'm going to get a used one from the states for £100 I think. Unless I can find a part number
  2. Thanks for the info. £300 isn't too bad. I really want to keep the feature so I'm going to try to repair it. Is that price from a Lexus/Toyota dealer or a used one on eBay?
  3. Any further thoughts on this? Mine is making a noise on the way out. Going in and up and down are fine.
  4. Hi. Thanks for that. Will check if they do one for Android. The other option is the Grom Vline but getting mixed reviews.
  5. Hi I have a 2007 LS460 without the aux port in the centre armrest but I do have the rear entertainment package with the flip down screen. Can I use one of these cables to play music from my android phone? Thanks
  6. So can you just get a RCA to 3.5mm jack to play music? Could keep the remote control in the front armrest I don't have a 3.5mm aux port Thanks Jon
  7. So can you use a RCA to 3.5mm cable to use music from an andriod phone? Mine is a 2007 and doesn't have the 3.5mm jack
  8. Right....I phoned around several Lexus dealers yesterday. The consensus is that the battery is designed to last the life of the car, not the 8 year cycle that some have said. Also all of the main dealers I rung said that they have never replaced a battery on a LS600h....ever ! I think I got through to 5 or 6 around the country yesterday. The costs if anything did go wrong ranged from £3000-£4000 fitted and inc vat. I'm also in the process of researching battery repair as there are several companies that do this in the UK now Hope this helps people Thanks Jon
  9. Brilliant thanks....I was going to get the GROM V line but this works at a fraction of the cost. Does the Blackberry unit hook up to any Android phone?
  10. does that mean you can play youtube on your phone and have the youtube audio come through the speakers?
  11. Hi Guys Whats the latest news on this? Looking at a 2009 LS600HL with 47k miles and just a bit nervous about hybrid battery failure.
  12. Hi. This really a wanted ad. I'm after a low mile 2008/09 LS460 with the grey wood and grey leather interior. Needs to have heated steering wheel and rear entertainment too. Don't seem to be any about Anyone know of any good ones? Thanks
  13. Any more news on this? Thinking of getting it when I get a 2009 ls460.
  14. jmcc42uk

    Genuine Lexus Parts From Us

    Yeah, It's woking out at £220 for the two bushes here, and $200 incl delivery from the states which equates to £135. Obviously not including customs Will look at Rockauto, however I want to stick with genuine Lexus
  15. I am trying to source a pair of LCA bushes for my LS430, part no. 4865550012 I have tried Lexus dealers over here including the one on the forum here, but the prices in the US are considerably better even with postage included Does anyone know a reliable source in the US to buy genuine parts from? There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews Thanks Jon