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  1. I think the ETA is quite nifty actually. Before I got the updated 2012 disc, I didn't want to trust it to route me round, but I use it now and it works well. Slightly annoying that there's no vocal alert for it though, just a question on the screen. It's difficult whether these things do save you time because by the time you've taken the alternative route, you've no idea whether it would have been quicker to re-route or just ignore it... I guess the over-sensitivity can only be blamed on what it receives though, not really the fault of the unit itself.
  2. Morning All, Received my Dice unit on Saturday and installed it, putting the unit and the iPod in the centre console/armrest area. Not keen on this arrangement, but at the very least, it'll do for now, and means I have tunes :) There's too much cable in the armrest, but I couldn't see anywhere the unit would fit under the gear lever panel, more investigation needed on this, methinks, when I have more time. The issue I have is, I've got the unit in MD mode via the dipswitches, this works, but working out exactly how to use the unit is slightly confusing. If I select Disc 4 to choose via album (I think it is, option unimportant), I can use the track select buttons (head unit or steering wheel, both work) to choose the album but then I cannot go up or down in tracks for that album. Pressing the track up or down button just moves to the next album and not track 2. Am I missing something? Whatever mode I'm in, the Tune rotary controller does nothing at all, apparently I should be able to use this to choose album/artist etc. Once I've found the album, how do I navigate that album? I think this will be a good unit but I don't find it intuitive straight away, and I'm usually fairly proficient with these things. The iPod is locked when connecting, it's a supported unit at a supported firmware, and the Dice unit was firmware'd before it went in. etc. I can't see what I'm missing. Any help greatly appreciated :) PS - Apologies for the reference to the 'time-travelling' GS300, should've read 2006. Mind you the 2066 model is a stonker...it flies :)
  3. I wonder about the suitability of those Pirelli's, the first time I commuted to and from work, when getting home, I checked the front tyres as they felt like the sidewall was rolling around. Sure enough they looked low on pressure, they were nearly running on the sidewalls. They were, however, running at 36psi, as I believe from the door sticker they should be. I have one Dunlop on the OSR (it was replaced earlier this year singularly to pass the MOT... :( ), and the sidewall profile looks much better on that one, much squarer.
  4. Bluetooth Phone Connection

    Thanks all, oddly enough, I've not had issues with the connection recently, but having read about some people talking about rebooting the BT phone to get it working, I've not let the phone run out of battery and keep BT switched on, and it has been properly reconnecting each time.
  5. Hi Hunslet, what sort of tyres were you using previously that made it 'library-like'? I've noticed having notched up 1200+ motorway miles last week that at motorway speeds and road surfaces, it's really not too bad, it's just at 30-40mph through small towns and villages with appropriately bad and patched road surfaces that it's worst. It really pulls form side to side. Not good. I need to get it shoe'd ASAP, I know.
  6. Evening all, I have a question about pairing phones with the Lexus Bluetooth system. I have linked (paired) two phones with my car, one is my work Blackberry and one is my personal Sony Android phone. They both show as registered on the system. The thing is, I pair hem, they work. I turn off, and leave the car and come back with both phones on my person, in my pocket, and it says on the head unit : Connection failed. If I go in and select the phone through settings, I can re-pair it with a pass key and all is good. Now, I work in IT, but never played about much with Bluetooth. My question is, surely I don't have to re-pair a phone every time I get into the car? It would be less hassle to keep a wired hands free earphone style affair on the centre console...? Any ideas? P.S. used the factory sat-nav in anger for the first time today, and was most impressed. It attempted several times to re-direct me around a bit of a snarl on the M25 this morning, and the quality of the split-screen zoom at junctions and roundabouts was really good. Just need my 2012 disc now, and all will be well :)
  7. Guys, Adjusted the washer nozzles for the other half on her new TT on Tuesday night, not easy as the nozzles are, as I found out, in the same place as my GS300, under the lip of the bonnet. Difficult to see to adjust but got it done. I went to adjust the nozzles on my GS as they're throwing two big jets of water towards the passenger side and not ideally more in the middle. It seems they're not adjustable though, is this the spray pattern set by Lexus that can't be changed? I also need some new wiper blades, I'm getting smearing from whatever muck the garage sprayed over the car before I collected it. Whatever, changing the wiper blades for new is something I normally do as a matter of course with a new car anyway. I've read that the blades themselves can be changed, but I normally go for a set of Bosch Super-things. I've seen a few sites say the Aerotwins will fit, but I'm not convinced. Do the 24 and 19 inch blades from Bosch fit the 2006 GS300 OK? Many thanks all :)
  8. Good to know, tread is still there, but thinnish, and they are Pirelli P Zero's... :(
  9. Interesting. Looks like a new set of shoes and a quality geo check should cover it then. I don't remember my Mk2 GS300 being anything less than solid in terms of this problem.
  10. Morning All, Having taken my '06 GS300 to work the past few days, I've noticed on poor surfaces I'm getting quite bad tramlining and pulling left and right. When I got home last night, I checked the tyre pressures, fronts were OK, rears were a tad down on the 35F/36R figure. Still bad this morning. I wasn't sure whether to post this in 'Brakes and Suspension' or 'Wheels and Tyres', so I posted here thinking it would catch someone who'd had this before on this car. The car tends to wander slightly at motorway speeds too. The car has oldish, worn tyres and for this I got a discount on the car, the dealer did offer to put a set of budgets on but I didn't want those. Question is, is it likely to be tyres, or is there a chance the geometry is out? I will be getting both done very shortly, hopefully at Wheels In Motion if I can arrange to be there, but someone please tell me this isn't a character of the car? Edit - Would probably have helped if I mentioned the car is fitted with 245/45/18's (8x18?)....
  11. Navigation And Audio Questions

    Many thanks Colin, questions answered!
  12. Morning All, Picked up my 2006 GS300 SE Ltd. Ed. on Saturday. Great car, loving it. I have a few questions to start off. The DVD that was in was a 2005-2006 disc, so I've ordered the 2012 disc from lexusmapupdates.eu, that's in the post soon. Do I need to consider anything else when bringing the Mk3 (?) nav up to date? Coming from BMW land, those units had firmware updates to improve functionality, in addition to the map discs. Does anything similar exist for these units? One of the criteria I was looking for on this car was the Mark Levinson audio, something which did not come with this car. It's not a great loss, I would prefer to get a better car than concentrate on a single optional extra, but I was wondering, and forgive me if it's been discussed, I couldn't find it, is it worth considering retro-fitting the ML audio or is it too big/complicated/expensive a job to even think about? Does anyone recommend upgrading the speakers alone on the non-ML systems, is it worth it again, with this sort of thing, I guess anything's possible, but does it show an improvement? Has anyone tried it? Many thanks in advance for any input offered :)
  13. On a really big plus side, I picked the car today and it's superb. Love it, its SO quiet and relaxed, absolutely what I was after. I knew though I wouldn't regret this car though. Seems the disc in the nav is the original though, 2005-2006, so I need to sort that. One happy bunny :)
  14. Yep, spent some time on there. To be fair, I may well plump for a set of Avon ZZ3's. They sound to get good write ups for grip, and are rated for comfort and noise. Cheap too. All good :)