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  1. or eBay item 2489803888 where i had mine done. hassle free and they do all the work.
  2. i've been sadly disappointed with the management's interpretation of the 'mission statement' of the club, and have subsequently kept off the boards, but felt that such a loyal LS400 owner as you deserved a reply. re-seal or replace power steering pump (mine's not leaked since the seals were replaced) but sounds 'rough' when a mechanics stethoscope is used. remove transmission sump and filter, drain all the oil (or as much as you can get out!) fit new filter (cheap from the states as you probably know) and refill with genuine toyota auto box oil. i'd be interested to hear how yours rides after the suspension refurb.
  3. well, you've asked the audience and over 90% said it was 'B', so it's your move now!
  4. you get my vote! where's the third option in the poll??
  5. i understand that the LS400 showing of 'men and motors' is 9pm this wednesday coming; so is saturday a repeat of wednesday? or have i got the wed date wrong? as we can't get sky on our 9" B & W Bush, i have to ask someone else to video it, and i've told them wednesday. can someone reasure me that wed is right? thanks.
  6. as i understand it, someone else was quoted about £550 just for the new screen, pcb, buttons and lights, cos that's all lexus would sell, (with labour to remove and refit extra). i then looked around for a cheaper solution. the site you gave the link for shows the american model (time and temp on opposite sides, and all buttons swapped round), plus the unit is different from the one in my car, and one of the bulbs is different. (there are three kinds of bulbs, although lexus reckon there are 8 in total, whereas i had 7). based on what you've said i'll ask lexus what today's price is, and then i'll know whether i got a good deal or not! i'm still happy with it tho! but it's odd that with all that screen, it doesn't show what the outside temperature is.
  7. yer tis:
  8. there's a post telling how to get the nylon insert right out by doing a combination of button presses, without stripping down hardly anything. not sure where it is tho, but a search may find it.
  9. D's autos price was £300, which included taking it out of the car, repairing it, and refitting it. there were no scratches to the trim or anything; the car looked just the same as when they started, except the black screen was now the correct grey colour, which lit up green when ignition was on. they also replaced the back-light bulbs for both the screen and the push buttons. all i need now is for the aircon to work and i'll be laughing!
  10. me, but if my numbers increase beyond one, i'll let you know.
  11. i can but my son was hoping to come along and he can't make the new date. at least the traffic should be easier as it's not a bank holiday weekend (somebody will tell me it's wakes week, or whatever its called 'ooop narth')
  12. i took this off a posting some time ago. it may work for your car. With the ignition off, whilst pushing both the buttons marked 'auto ' and the air re-circulate one with the picture of an arrow curling to the right, turn on the ignition. All the little green indicators will flash, and the screen shows 00. press again the air re-circulate button and the system goes to sensor check. it goes thro all the heater vent controls, the button functions, incl front screen de-ice, temp change, etc, and a code appears in the display. These are the codes 00=normal 11=inside temp. sensor 12=outside t/s. 13=After evap. sensor 14=water temp.heater radiator 21=solar sensor 22=compressor lock detected[short of refrigerant does this one] 23=coolant pressure 31=air-mix servo potentiometer 32=IN/OUT change damper servo potentiometer 33=Mode damper S/p 41=air-mix damper S/p. 42=IN/OUT change damper S/p 43 mode damper s/p To cancel push the 'off' button hope this helps
  13. i'd like to come, and can make 30th but need to know if it's another day. ultimate location would make it easier to find too!!
  14. i was thinking more of that commune in WAKO!
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