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  1. hi everyone newbie here can anyone tell me if they have modified the back of there front fogs to stop all the road crap covering the bulb holder.Having just bought a new set i also purchased a set of drive shaft boots to stretch over the back of the fog lamp to stop this has anybody else tried this method if so can you let me know if it works thanks
  2. please please please can someone give me a complete list of what smds i need for heater controls,fag lighter and ashtray dash nearly in darkness would be most grateful thanks guys
  3. hi guys been looking at these smd dash kits are heater and fag lighter just a mix of t5 and t3 bulbs would be very grateful for the help only half me heater control is in darkness along with fag lighter and ashtray cheers guys
  4. cheers sprinter only seen a set of smoked on ebay stating for is300 2000 to 2005 didn't know if they would fit or not been waiting ages for other set that i ordered but his supplier messing him about,might go for the smoke ones then
  5. hi guys newbie here can anyone tell me if the front fogs from an is300 will fit straight into bumper holes on my is200 would be really grateful of the advice
  6. Welcome to the Lexus forums keeny :)

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      cheers steve been looking at some old topics and really helpful so i thought i'd join up