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  1. So, there I was with my automatic text read out function on, and someone sends me an embarrassing text. So I let it play, I'm o my own in the car. But it's still there and anyone passenger who hits the right buttons can play it too. Looking at the list of texts, they go way back to previous phones!!! Is there no way to clear text messages which seem to have been locally stored somewhere?! Or is it that they can be read out because I haven't deleted them on my phone?
  2. Yes, I bought one of the Ctek chargers last year, and this works OK.
  3. You wouldn't say that if you'd seen Bjorn Waldegaard wiping the floor with the Escorts at Lydden Hill in the 1970s! And of course, with limited slip diffs, traction is not just available in a straight line.
  4. 911s are rear engined, so of course have better traction in icy conditions.
  5. That's ignorable. Ask the AA! These aren't the old uncontrolled transfomer rectifier chargers. The voltage is closely controlled. Lexus has approved the Ctek chargers: Having got a bit anal about this, I also ended up buying their little traffic light lead, not really for the indicators but because it's got a fuse in the lead, which seems a useful safety thing since I've extended the lead so I can run it from the house to the car.
  6. Yes, the MXS3.8. 3.8Amps is quite enough for a good trickle charge rate. Got it from Demon Tweeks just before they put their prices up! A lot of Ebay sellers still seem to have the old price. It comes with a connector with eyelets as well as one with clamps and I attached this to the battery terminals with a couple of M6 nuts.
  7. It's probably just the cable spec they have in the parts bins! I was amused to note that the negative lead from the battery to the body, on this negative earth car, is clearly stamped with a + sign. The same lead they've used since the days of positive chassis cars...
  8. Yes, I noticed. But unless they've changed the specs on newer ones ( mine was one of the first), the height of the Yuasa is wrong. I checked mine against that Panny spec, and it's definitely only 202mm. And on top of it is the little tray with the tyre pump etc. snugly fitting up to the top of the side compartment. It would appear at present you can only get it from Lexus, and I dread to think what their price would be! Hence why I decided to go for the Ctek charger...
  9. That's what I thought too. Until I noticed, when checking the battery that it has the usual very thick 300 amp or so lead from the battery! They do seem to involve the battery in some high current starter like process, it looks bigger than would be needed for max 70 or 80 amps or so..
  10. That's not the right one, the terminals appear to be the wrong way round, though the data sheet diagram has them the right way. This is the only reference I've found on the internet, from Panasonic Hongkong, which has the correct reference numbers and, most importantly is the right dimensions. Because of the battery carrier design, wrong height batteries won't fit:. That Yuasa is 227mm, while the Panny is 202mm. My own battery, on my IS300H which is used only intermittently, failed after 12 months from new and was replaced under warranty. At the time I bought one of those RAC portable batteries just in case. Yes, the car was covered by the Lexus assistance, but it's still a damn nuisance waiting for the AA man to come. The second one, now 2years old, started showing low volts symptoms this autumn in the first cold spell. Again the volts had dropped. This time I bought one of those CTEC intelligent chargers and the first time I put it on, it spent some time on its first 'desulphation' stage. After that it was OK and now zips through the first part of the programme. The battery seems to be much better and is holding its volts at 12.5/12.7 or so, even after a few days of non use in the cold. Having said that, I now leave the CTEC plugged in most of the time!
  11. Since the weather has improved a little, I had a look in the boot a few minutes ago and found the battery tucked away in the left rear wing panel. Connections seem to be adequately tight, but of course one could get a bit more on the terminal clamps. But then one always can with pressed steel clamps. More intriguing were the two items sealed in yellow polythene in the tray above the battery. One appears to be get you home tyre foam. Curiously, this had water droplets on top of the polythene cover. Whether this means the car has a leak somewhere in that area I'm not sure. I couldn't see any associated corrosion in the vicinity of the battery.
  12. When the weather gets a little more bearable, or I've got used to the vile British climate again, I will check the connections in the boot.. the key could do with a redesign really, so it has a fold out handle or something similar. Meanwhile, I will carry a mole wrench... Or does it have a tool kit with a pair of pliers like the GS had? I've never looked.
  13. Thank you Colin, you're right. With a mole wrench on the end of the key, and seemingly in danger of breaking the key off in the lock, it's opened the lock so now I can attach the jumper battery... Edit: In fact the torque needed to turn the key until it clicked was such that the key did bend a little and needed a little unbending to get it to fit back in the fob!
  14. I was away for about 3 weeks over Christmas and when I returned, I found the IS300H would not start. I had to call Lexus assistance who got the car going with the aid of one of those battery packs. They told me to run it for at least 30mins before stopping the engine. I stupidly ignored that advice and only ran it for about 15mins. Sure enough, it wouldn't start when I stopped it for about an hour, and I had to call roadside assistance again. I've just been away for 2 weeks until today, and yet again the car will not go. Even worse, this time there is insufficient power in the battery to allow the locks to operate. After my initial experience, I bought one of those RAC battery packs so I would have a solution if the problem recurred. Simple, just open the bonnet attach the pack and I would be away. Except the remote would not operate the door locks. No problem, detach the little mechanical key from the fob and open the car with that. But, neither of the keys within the 2 fobs will operate the mechanical lock. Clearly there is no point in calling Lexus Assistance since that service is simply rebadged AA recovery and they won't have some master key. So I'm stuck at home and will be calling my Lexus dealer tomorrow to try to get something sorted. This is my third new Lexus, but I'm now beginning to go off the marque....