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  1. Should be OK if it's used regularly. I think the auxiliary battery is the achilles heel of the Lexus hybrids if they aren't used a lot. I had to call the AA out about a year after I bought my IS300h, new 12miles on the clock when delivered. Just wouldn't start. AA man jump started it but it happened a couple more times. I just don't use them enough to keep the battery charged. Now I use a battery conditioner to keep it going OK.
  2. Probably duff auxiliary battery in the cold weather. How old is the car?
  3. Agreed. My IS300H had a much better and clearer sat nav display.
  4. No, still the same! But it's working...
  5. I also forgot to download the Audio one, and ran out of my hour! But the audio has all I want anyway.
  6. Done my nav, though the map version is even weirder than the one that came on delivery!
  7. It's keeping all its keyfob sensor stuff active.All just to get the lights to glow as you get to a couple of metres of the car... I think the NX also keeps its wifi running because I seem to be able to use 'Mylexus' on the PC to download routes to the car even when it's parked out in front of the house but within wifi range.
  8. Been there, done that...Wondered why my IS was a bit clunky to reverse out, and then drove off with the charger wires dangling. My IS300H used regularly to run out of charge on the auxiliary battery when I left it for a week or more. So I started keeping one of those RAC battery things in the boot to save calling Lexus/AA out. Then I bought a Ctek charger and left its connector wired up permanently in the boot. The connector has little led indicators indicating the state of the battery. I removed the CTek connector before I sold the IS300H, and one of the first things I did to the new NX was add it back. It gets low on auxiliary battery charge after about 5 days non use. This is with both the standard key fobs switched off and the card key way over on the other side of the house where it cannot possibly be received by the car. 'Blocking' key pouches aren't necessary with the current cars since the buttoned fobs can be switched off and the card key has a very short range. Try it and see! Having to regularly charge it is one of the things I've got used to, given my intermittent use of the car!
  9. the photograph you put up is exactly the same as on my system - going into Lexus tomorrow so will try and make some sense of the detail

  10. Mine, also Oct 1st simply says this, I haven't a clue what it means.
  11. So, there I was with my automatic text read out function on, and someone sends me an embarrassing text. So I let it play, I'm o my own in the car. But it's still there and anyone passenger who hits the right buttons can play it too. Looking at the list of texts, they go way back to previous phones!!! Is there no way to clear text messages which seem to have been locally stored somewhere?! Or is it that they can be read out because I haven't deleted them on my phone?
  12. Yes, I bought one of the Ctek chargers last year, and this works OK.