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  1. Hey guys, How are your impot laws? I want to sell my car, and I have seen some Aussie cars go to the UK. So thought might be worthwhile to advertise to the Europe group? (I cant post in for sale here anyways :() Car is the same spec as UK IS200, but with a 1JZGTE, I suppose modifications coulc be a restriction?
  2. Crispy thats not good news at all, im sure Lexus will sort it out. And as for the Aussie site, you mean the LOC or Altezza Club? We are not active on LOC anymore, due to "long story" so we have made an Aussie/nz site, but most users have The first Generation cars. Very nice in Gold Crispy.
  3. Yes, when I installed my slotted rotors, i was quite amazed how the disc isnt bolted on, it just "hangs" on the 5 studs lol. All you need is a 14mm and a 17mm socket, and what, a mallet?? hehe Very simpe.
  4. I run standard Calipers, on RDA Slotted discs and EBC Greenstuff pads for t he track, and they work great! i mean, im sure they can be improved upon, but i feel no fade what soever. That big Alcon kit is from a guy here in Sydney, yeah, Its more for the bling factor. It does look cool, and if I had the grover, id probably buyem too hehe. From my understating, that would not work so well with the standard brake master cylinder? Also Matt, is that an FD RX7 4 Piston Caliper? Or looks like S15/R33 Skyline or Z32 300zx!
  5. The IS200 is RWD, thats enough to win me over :D
  6. Hey, we have an active forum in OZ, most of us are based, Syd, Melb and QLD.
  7. Hey, car is basically stock, Stock turbos. That run was at low boost (9-10psi) and with 179rwkw. With more boost (Now I run 15psi, and 230rwkw) Im hoping to dip in the 12's :D I use a W58 Supra 5 Speed, the stock 6 speed wont handle the extra torque.
  8. I did mine myself, try it, its not hard at all
  9. can we have some pics ← yea that would be nice ← You crazy Poms, always going Off topic hahaha. I have had it done for a while now, and i have had my fair share of problems, like one bad engine (low compression on 2 cylinders), 2 sets of Turbos failed (Just dropped it off to mechanic yesterday to get them reco, or a kit hence my UNREPLIED to thread in modifcations sections). Other than that, it runs perfect, dont expect to have aircon straight away tho! (i suppose its cool enouff in the UK) Here are some old pics (Engine looks much bettr now, as ooposed to the pics)
  10. I belive a quater (1/4) of a mile, is 400 metres
  11. Hey guys, Hope this hasnt been done, but if not, lets do this database: Name: Shane Car: IS200 Specs: 1JZGTE Conversion, stock turbos, fmic, Haltech e6x 400m Time: 13.2 sec 60ft: 1.9 Mph: 106mph Tyres: 245/40/18 Falken FK451
  12. Hey guys, the turbo on my 1JZGTE, are smokey. Im looking for a kit, but does anyone know, if a kit from a soarer/chaser/supra will fit the IS200? Cheers
  13. Thanks you very much!!! Im from Sydney Aus
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