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  1. Happy Birthday Ozzie B!

  2. Ozzie B

    Plank And Leggit Mayday 5Th May

    Sounds good to me! hopefully I will be free for whatever date is set :) practically on my doorstep :p
  3. Right guys, I've been a bit quiet on here as of late, busy busy work life and all. I'm looking for ways/ideas of gaining a bit more oomph. Current set up - Tte supercharger set up with induction kit. 160mm pulley. 2zz-fe injectors. E-manage ultimate + remap. De-cat manifold and full system. 198 whp on dyno. As far as I can think there is not a lot more that can be done without getting silly or spending many ££'s. Not looking to do an engine swap or move to turbo. (Maybe consider turbo/compound charging in future but that is way off!) Don't have a massive budget and only basic skills when it comes to doing my own work. The lines of thinking of are helping the engine breathe a little better/increasing it's efficiency. Are there aftermarket cams available maybe? I've done a bit if googling but not come across anything really (thought I'd check here first as can get feedback too) Or is there anyway of messing about with the head etc to increase flow? As I say, open to your thougts and ideas :)
  4. Ozzie B

    Orange De Badged Is200 A50

    Orange IS behind me into donington, was it you?? :)
  5. Ozzie B

    Loose Feeling Steering / Play

    Won't be that then haha. Only other thing I could think that's not suspension/steering related is to check the tightness of wheel nuts and there condition. I had a fitting issue when I changed my wheels and this was down to wheel nuts.
  6. Ozzie B

    Loose Feeling Steering / Play

    Have you got aftermarket wheels fitted? I noticed a big difference in handling after fitting different aftermarket wheels. Definitely responded more to the dips/contours in the road. Especially when moving over the centre white line/peak in the road. I put this down to the increased track of the car as the wheels have a much wider offset. Don't know if this is the cause of it or not but it sounds similar to what ur describing.
  7. So it seems a proper TTE one is impossible to source! In the process of doing a make shift one. Length of cable is 4ft (this leaves u with a bit of excess to play with) and the two cable ends u need are 8mm barell nipple type.
  8. My bypass cable has snapped on my supercharger and ever since it has the engine management is on and goes in kino mode. I have repaired the cable but it is adjusted wrong now as I can guess with not enough slack? My car is currently at the garage trying to be repaired but we are having trouble sourcing a replacement ideally I'd like a proper tte one but I'm guessing these are pretty rare! Anyone got any advice on how to fix/adjust properly or where to get a spare? Tried my local lexus main dealer but to no avail please help I miss my 200
  9. Ozzie B

    M1 Southbound Junction 25-24 East Midlands Airport

    I live right near ema with a blue is but wasn't me :p
  10. I use super everytime in the IS, slightly more ron = cleaner burn never given me any issues so far. As to which station is the best, suppose its just personal preference really, I've always liked Shell best, must be subliminal from spelling it on the calculator as a kid!
  11. I would of loved to of attended, I am flying on my hols that day though :( For anyone that has not been to the museum before, it is a treat! Huge variety of cars.
  12. Ozzie B

    Rolling Road Day Pics.

    I serviced it less than 1500miles ago, and has 86000miles on the clock. Aiming for around 240-50 mark with the fe engine by the time I have finished my tinkering. Watch this space :)
  13. Ozzie B

    Rolling Road Day Pics.

    Haha, I know they were with the wheels when I swapped them a cpl of months ago, I will soon get through them though I'm sure ;). Yeah it's running the supercharger. I was actually happy with the figure, I know "supposedly" they are meant to make around 200-210 but I would of been surprised if it even got close tbh. Anyone else had a dyno reading with the charger if be interested to know the figures :) Not running any engine mods ATM other than an induction kit. Got work in the pipeline though so it's nice to see how the fuelling is and give me a definite figure as a base to work from. :)
  14. Just a couple of pics from a rolling road day I was at in Guildford on Sunday :)