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  1. Sorry to see this. Mine was keyed all down one side a couple of years ago and I agree about the metallic fleck. Have a watch of a video on youtube. Someone swears that you can rub out stuff like this with WD40, believe it or not!! I wouldn't try it....but you might!
  2. On average, over 10k p/a you would be paying £275 for the Lexus, and about £150 on average for most BMW's per 10k (usually 2 years between services). We have had 5 BMW's over the years, and to be honest they have all been bullet proof...only one has had a problem and that was an old one. The Z4M is the coupe, not the rag top, but yeah the roof goes down in 10secs flat on the cabrio. Just hoping the coupe goes in the same direction as the Z3M Coupe. Good ones with the S54 (M3 engine) now fetching £30k plus. The engine sound, performance and handling are incredible
  3. Well after 4 years of the GS250, and mine was probably the very first sold to a private buyer if not within the top 3 or 4, it is time to move on. This is the 2nd Lexus we have owned. The first was the dreaded IS220d, which was a really bad car in my humble opinion. The GS250, on the other hand, was superb. Only covered 25000 miles in it, almost totally faultlessly, other than new wiper arm, and electric mirror motor. The only reason I changed was that it sat in the garage for 90% of the year, gathering dust. It only came out for motorway journeys and it was too expensive in terms of maintenance costs (servicing is £ridiculous) and the depreciation was horrid. Went for a modern classic instead - BMW Z4M Coupe....I won't mind that sitting in garage and gaining in value over the years!
  4. We've had ours since they first came out, July 2012. Been superb, as quick as an IS250, as economical too. Rarity makes it the one that everyone in the office car park admires....Personally I would go for the FSport, AVS (adaptive suspension) is a must I think as it is a bit wallowy
  5. Garages are there to do one thing. Make money. They are usually owned by large dealership groups - Stratstone, Inchcape, Sytner etc., who also sell Fords VX's etc. all comes down to lowest common denominator - you guessed it - making money. It seems that they saw some notes from 4 months previously about corroded discs and didn't bother to check that you have new ones on the car itself. You have to question whether or not they actually did what you paid them to.... I never trust anything the dealers tell me. When it comes to cars, they still "see you coming"
  6. It's OK, from my experience, but I haven't used it in 3 years.....Its about as intuitive as the Lexus in car system, meaning it's fine when you get used to it. Most of the competition have got this whole area cracked now. I used the BMW one all of the time. This one, not at all!! EDIT Just logged in and my last destination used/entered was Jan 2013! It has improved a bit, but my Registration has changed and I cannot update it without, it seems, deleting the whole entry and re-entering. Can't be bovvered! I never ever managed to get the mobile successfully connected via the cars system to the portal either - it just would never play ball, even the dealer was perplexed.
  7. Do it, defo. Even if it's below 7 degs and it's rain (and not snow) the grip is so much better than summer tyres. Much safer.
  8. I'd give the OP or anyone that suffers this sort of issue a break - each car is different - tyre pressures, binding brakes, speed, overtaking high sided vehicles, premature ageing of compound, alignment, road surface quality/camber, etc can all cause these issues. Then add aquaplaning on wide wheels and you have potential.
  9. So sorry to hear about this. You can only ever claim through your own insurance company as far as I'm aware. I don't believe there is facility where you can bypass your insurer and go directly to claim with the 3rd party's insurer as every vehicle must have an insurance policy covering it (unless it is SORN)??? Unless you report it as a crime, get a crime number, and go via court. The Police will normally tell you to go through your insurer who will arrange for settlement, even if you have only TPFT cover. Either way you have to tell your insurance company (regardless of who's fault) if your vehicle has been involved in an accident, even if you were sipping tea inside the house watching Eastenders and someone rams your car out side on the drive. Thats my understanding. Anyway, good luck, and hope you get a good enough deal. The good thing is that GS300's have really dropped in value as people seem to want diesels. A good time to pick up v6 petrol cars.
  10. Yes it was, though today I gave the new ones a really good clean, treatment etc, and have noticed minor imperfections. 2 have what I can only describe as grit under the paint, implying that these are refurbs - which I was expecting to be honest. Better than what I had, and I reckon the car will be gone before it becomes an issue.
  11. The cheapest way will always be to buy outright when interest rates are so low. Invariably you will pay more on a PCP because you pay Interest on the whole outstanding balance - i.e. even the "balloon" or "GFV" that you will never pay back, especially where they claim it's daily rate interest. We did buy ours outright - but because we funded it through off-set accounts, the amount of interest we paid/lost was half of what Lexus finance wanted. I reckon we have saved about £2k there alone. They wanted an eye watering £8000 deposit which we would never see come back on a PCP. Additionally, the GFV, at 3 years, was £12500. Its now 3 years old and we have just had it valued on a PEX at between £15500 and £17000 against different german marques. We may have been given more than £12500 by Lexus, but I really don't know how much more. So in total, we could have been anything up to £6500 better off by doing it the way we did it (£4500+£2000). Oh and I should add that I used Broadspeed to get the best possible discount and made the dealership apply it at purchase. It was £3500 off compared to the measly £1000 being offered by Lexus. You really do have to have to have your wits about you. Car buying is never going to make you money unless it's a classic car, and you have to minimise the several £000's that you will inevitably lose
  12. They are going to take another look this week. Will let you know what happens....