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  1. Did you check your balljoints? These need to be replaced relatively often. After replacing these on mine, steering was much more firm.
  2. Also do an engine flush and replace the transmission fluids.
  3. Try to contact TDi. The Camcon they are now promoting may be able to help a little. also consider an intake. What year is your GS300?
  4. Same class as HKS and Trust/Greddy
  5. A lot of the engine modifications that fits a Supra TT MKiv will fit an Aristo TT MK1. The Aristo mk1 chassis is very similar to the Supra, so the front and rear brakes are interchangeable, you can use Supra TT bigger front and rear calipers and upgrade your MK1 without problems. (Only be sure that your rims clear :winky:
  6. I do not know the 3G discs, they seem a 'local' flavor. If you are more longterm performance orientated, then get a disk with only a few grooves (e.g. 5 grooves). The more grooves you have the faster you eat through your pads. Btw ... most of the brake manufacturers you mentioned are offering several grades, not too sure if I could give you an recommendation based on only brake manufacturers names
  7. If you look at the different spring rates that are being used by the coilover manufacturers, it will appear that there is a very big difference ... for instance Tein CS 8/ 6 Tein Flex 10 / 8 Tein SS 8/ 6 HKS Hipermax II 10/ 9 HKS Hipermax LS+ 8/ 8 HKS Hpermax Pro 16/ 12 Main purpose of the springs are to keep the car at a certain level and to provide enough comfort and handling with the shocks. The above spring rate are chosen by the manufacturer on their own R&D, but can be changed based on a person's personal preference and according to local road conditions. Most JDM coilovers were made for the RS200, which has a similar power output to the IS300. So the IS300 , RS200, AS200/IS200 can all use the same coilovers, it is merely an user preference.
  8. V-Maxx is an aggressive suspension specialist based in Holland. V-Maxx is owned by Hiltrac B.V., which is one of the bigger suppliers of suspension parts to private labels, including wellknown names in Germany and UK. Their springs are made in Holland and are made of the same high quality spring steel (CrSi) as Eibach and/or H&R. All these springs are cold winded for perfect fitment and are warrantied for 2 years. ------------------------ Existing Group Buy is for: V-Maxx Lowering springs Lowers approx 25 - 30 mm Ride is very comfortable near stock, while handling is improved. Made in Holland Comes with TUV for certain Lexus IS200 models Will fit the IS200 and Altezza (May fit the IS300, but front drop may be a little more, please contact me for more info) 2 years manufacturer's warranty Goldmember GB Price: GBP95 incl shipping (within UK) Non-Goldmember GB Price: GBP110 incl. shipping (within UK) There is no need to wait till the closing date of the GB. Springs can be ordered and shipped out individually. Shipment will take place approx. 7 - 10 days after receipt of the full payment. Terms and Condition: - GB price is valid till 31 January, 2006 - For paypal - please add 3% - For GB participants please pay no later than 7 February, 2006
  9. if it were 500kg ... of coz it would be different, but it isn't! Also, we are now talking about whether it would fit or not. However, the weight difference of 100kg may affect the handling/ride a little.
  10. To what i know Toyota/Lexus do not sell bushes for the GS control arms, however, TRD and Daizen do. Daizen sells polyurethane bushes in a complete set for the front control arms for approx. US$100 + shipping, while TRD sells hard rubber bushes as well.
  11. The difference between the IS200/Altezza and the Is300 is neglectable, as stated by Mat. It is merely a marketing hype that these are different.
  12. reading your post ... i assume that the car was in good shape whem you got it 4 years ago. So, if the handling/ ride has deteriorated since then, and you have not changed your balljoints, you should try that. Worn balljoints and control arm bushings is a common GS problem.
  13. HKS plugs are made by Denso, but have different specs and are more optimized for performance. Same as the Toyota Iridium plugs, these are optimised for long life. If you read the specs, the life of the Toyota Iridiums are longer than the Denso ones.
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