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  1. Could anybody post/find a good catalogue-like pic of an IS/Altezza with legana front (or other) in a position like this? Should look as similar as possible...
  2. If you take a closer look. ( they look ....... cheap ;) IMO
  3. Hello, where can I purchase the 3qt Redline MT-90 and get it send to me in Germany?
  4. Your from Denmark? Hello from Flensburg :D
  5. Interesting thread :) Phonedrome... didn't thought about a "phone".. There was a techno-club in Hamburg (dead and dusted early 2006) called Phonodrome.. Years ago I spend some nights there.. and liked it very very much! I was a fan so I wanted a e-mail address like but it was already taken... so I did phonedrome ... since 1996... Second nick is AndIS200... a very common kind of nick..
  6. We need flyers for EuroLOC too! If there is a pile left feel free to send it over to me.. I will distribute them to other EuroLOCers at once...!
  7. Injectors were fitted without upgrading the fuel delivery? Pump, returnline... not necessary?
  8. Thanks for this... will copy it to EuroLOC :)
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a picture of the original IS200 FlyWheel. Please post it here..
  10. Will be build in within the next two months :P Into very new darkchrome headlights :D Yeeehaaa!! (Don't ask the TUV-Question!!! Don't do it!! :duh: )
  11. Hi, if your car is LHD like mine in Germany you won't be able to fit this induction kit. You don't have enough room because the ABS-Valve is in its way. In UK-Spec IS Mk1 the ABS Valves sits somewhere else... Have a look (in this picture on the left, the shiny thingy with the 5 pipes, LHD):
  12. First Post by Mat: :)
  13. I know... we should do the JAE also... :( Think it will never gona happen for me...
  14. Common an well known problem for me... typical for cars doing short turns in wet weather... Just hold the key until the engine runs. Try to avoid several starting attemps. Thing there is somthing like condensat which the engine menagement wants to get rid off before the engine fires up... Thats what I know.. nothing to worry about.. BTW... if you fit a supercharger with tte ecu... the problem is nearly gone... nearly..
  15. Cool and clean :) But why is there the old standart grill built in whilst you have the cd slot on top... Looks like there is old and new mixed up... did the car have had a front crash?!!!
  16. Which Load Resistor did he recommend?
  17. Hi, found out here in the forum that there could be problems with brake warning lights... could be.. Which load resistor is recommended to solve this problem? (Mr Morse?) Any more comments on what should be done before fitting them?
  18. Tested it. It made no difference if or if not the black ecu was installed. So its defect. Today a new black ECU arrived from TTE... that was VERY fast!!!
  19. Hi, last time my car was checked by the garage they told me that my ball joints are worn (now 100000miles). I have no knocking so far and the car feels good.. What I want to know is: Which should I go for? Genuine Toyota parts or are there better aftermarket parts by lets say hks or trd for example. I'm also thinking of exchanging the main bushings on the fronts. Is there a whole kit which you would go for? Any experiences? Where could I get it and how much is it? The summer comes... I have to do something. The car is great. What should I do to make her happy :)
  20. Does they make any difference in driving agility?
  21. Are these adjustable by the cars electric?
  22. Hi, awaiting a reply from TTE. Thanks for the comments :) The cable is from a (so far) disconnected LPG-system. It is a bit too short to run underneath the s/c. But perhaps it will be fixed during the next months..
  23. Pics... from what I know: This should be the first generation bypass-spring-system (what a word).. He told me that it made no difference whether to tighten or lose the bypass cable.. it always does a powerloss at 4000rpm.. So if this kit is a bit... oldish... could it be that a wrong pulley diamter (older kit seem to have a different diameter) together with a slightly newer black ECU causes this problem? Any comments? Pics:
  24. Hmm... no problem for me. Not gaming very much.. But I have a 80gb featured PS2 hat home and a NINTENDO Wii with my girlfriend. This is so much fun... Believe me.. you dont need a big tower pc and also do not need to spend your expensive time in front of Windows if you decide to spread things up a little bit :) Folks... I even don't have a printer on my own... I have a USB-Stick and many friends with printers... :D
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