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  1. Deciphering Model Version

    "Comp" = Complimentary. Lexus fitted Premium Navigation for a short period free of charge
  2. Dealer only I believe, plugged into the Lexus computer and updates are pushed over to the car.
  3. Hi Duncand PM me your email address and I'll send you a quick video. JT
  4. Going through a plate transfer and the owning has put the old one on too quick, MOT EXP 09/04/2017
  5. Not that insurance groups mean much today but the Premier is group 21 and the F-Sport is group 20! Make sure you have a drive in a CT first and make your own mind up, if you have driven a german competitor the CT actually rides very well, no were near coil overs ;)
  6. HPI doesn't show anything for this reg, do you have a full chassis number?
  7. Your IS 300h Exec has Lexus navigation (rotary controller in the centre console) Make sure you're on the Nav screen is showing the map, press down on the rotary controller to get the control icon on the screen - tilt the rotary controller so it moves on the screen to the compass picture in the top left hand corner and then press the centre controller to change the layout... North facing, Direction of travel or 3D view. Hope that helps?
  8. 2016 ISF ?????

    That's a Black GS-F not IS F
  9. IS Face lift release date

    Current model year IS orders will be accepted by the factory until August 5th - add on shipping time from Japan and then the factory re-tool.. December - January 2017 would be my guess! Nothing official but that's what the dealers know.
  10. Can you turn off the reversing alarm

    Dealer can do it for you, takes 2 mins and they shouldn't charge for it :)
  11. If have a MY14 CT 200h or IS 300h with the fixed screen you can have a proper wedge camera fitted which uses the built in screen.
  12. Premier Led Headlight Level Too Low?

    Point well made, Just looked through techdoc3 and found the following:- "automatic headlight beam level control system (models with LED headlights only)"
  13. Gs450H Battery Pack Fail

    The Lexus diagnostic computer is used to run a test across the battery system, I believe it tests all of the cells individually and then the battery as a whole generating a printout and certificate for the customer. Google "Lexus Hybrid Health Check" link to the Lexus blog is the best as it has the video. I can't paste into the box for some reason?