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  1. Yeah lights definitely on. They don't seem to pop out or anything so assuming no power. before I start pulling things apart I thught Id see if fuses as always easiest option :)
  2. Mine haven't worked since I got the car. Is there a separate fuse for them or is it more likely pump issue in which case is it a difficult job?
  3. Thanks. I shall try that. Where I been using my 430 I left the 400 and the battery had died so replaced battery as test showed battery no good so then I replaced it and went out a couple of days later and found the new battery was dead again... Luckily I have a back up car to use :)
  4. Sooo tried different battery and earth from battery good... Is there another earth to check? Ive noticed also that when I switch lights off, the warning lamp in dash seems to stay of for a while... could I possibly be looking at a dash issue? wouldn't have thought that would cause battery to drain over couple of days though?
  5. Battery went completely flat thru lack of use and when checked said replace so i did have a new one fitted :(
  6. No seems to do it whenever it feels like it. Although i have noticed its not as frequent when driving along motorway and that it starts to run lumpy at idle speeds.
  7. Not doing to well with lexus... my LS430 is playing up with a misfire and now my 1998 LS400 has decided to play up too... I have an issue where the temp gauge momentarily drops right down to nothing, at same time the gearbox selector light on dash goes out and the revs drop. when I go to get out of the car and turn lights off, they stay on momentarily then go out but the light warning on dash stays on and goes out after a while. when this is happening, if I lock car with fob, it will not open with it again and I have to use key which means alarm goes off... really am getting to wits end with L
  8. Was done using snap on diagnostic machine :(
  9. Ok, Im hoping some knowledgable person can help with a problem with my 2002 LS430 before I end up scrapping it. Vehicle has an intermittent misfire and when it does, the EML comes on and it it runs on 6 cylinders. Did diagnostics and it said random misfire cylinder 5. Checked plugs which were a bit dirty so replace all 8. Cleared codes all was well for a few days, then came back. this time saying cylinder 8. Was told possible coil pack so replaced it and again cleared codes all was well, came back this time cylinder 3 so replaced that coil pack and the rest of them. Again, all fine then came
  10. Thanks for all your replies, sat nav seems to have sorted itself so just the headlamp washers to play around with 🙂
  11. Hi all, its been a while since I been on here (probably about 10 oooerrrr!) as the '90 Celsior I had sadly got scrapped, fast forward a fair few years and I decided I wanted another LS so I bought a '99 400 that was on coilovers and had some loud exhaust..... had a couple of months and decided to have cambelt done as the 'full service history' wasn't available, well soon after one of the VVTi pulleys decided it didn't was the belt and snapped it. Bought another for spares but found it to be tidier that the one with broken belt so swapped all coilovers etc over. I love it but as I go from Dum
  12. My 1993 LS had 325371 on it when I sold it. Appparently still going strong!
  13. Im thinking of upgrading my LS, a few years back I borrowed an import that had massaging rear seats. Anyone know what year these were fitted or were they just for imports? The import I had, was on personal plate so didn't get what year it was!
  14. Thought I'd be first to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year!
  15. Shock horror!!! I tested a '92 LS today and found a hole at the back by subframe mount!! must admit, the whole of the underside looked like it had spent it's entire life in a sal****er bath! Must admit Ive tested a few and never seen any rust before. As already mentioned, compare that to late Mercs and suchlike. Ive has numerous '96 merc come in with advanced stages of corrosion!
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