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  1. Is it recover home and home start level? if you go for 2 years it does bring the cost down a little.
  2. its the most expensive but if you get 2 years with the AA cover included for you and your other half it works out better value.....
  3. A couple of points, I'm loving my is220d just a few strange bits. I get 550-570 miles from a tank at the minute, however when I fill up the range only ever goes to 530, its nothing I loose sleep over I just wonder why it never shows what I will actually get. My trip computer constantly under reads by around 1.3mpg. The cars averaging 44.5mpg to a tank with a mix of motorway and town driving, just motorway sees about 46-48mpg to a tank. I still can't work 6th out, my car seems to pull it smoothly at 70mph however it doesn't use more or less fuel than using 5th at that speed so tend to just use 5th. Also pondering in 18months when I'll get a newer one, are the 2009models really 5mpg better on average? I'll want the car to have cooled seats(I know these were dropped for the newest ones) and not to have DRL's, I think that'll mean a 2010 car will be the newest to have those two things??
  4. I had great service from there too. Also as you said, I said a price and they eventually came down to it. :)
  5. Head Gasket

    140k / 7 years old
  6. if a warranty direct warranty is £455 you'd be better off getting the lexus 2 year one as it includes comprehensive AA cover for yourself and one other too which makes it cheaper for more cover?
  7. I hope they offer a none hybrid version as I don't want to pay extra to lug 600kg of batteries up and down the motorway. A couple of dealers have said they're looking at making another oil burning version as it'd net them a fair few sales.
  8. If its a 10mile journey you want a petrol car, oil burners of any make will not be properly warm by then!
  9. Its down to when the warranties were taken out etc. I bought my 2006 car in Aug, basically if I wanted over the standard years warranty I had to take the extra year then. They wouldn't let me put 2 years on top(giving 3 total). Its about as clear as mud! If you call them they should be able to point you in the right direction, its not clear to even the dealers though.
  10. With the lexus warranty the wording is under 7years old when the warranty is taken out.
  11. Things to remember, lots of people come on forums just to post about problems, think of the large number of cars that never have any issues. Most of the issues could be the fact that they're not getting the oil burning lump hot on short trips. They have issues but are easy to spot, if its got a full history lexus will warranty the engine till 140k or 7 years, so you could say they're a better buy as you've got a level of factory cover. MPG wise, I seem to average about 45mpg on the motorway and 39ish around town. Last tank did 550 miles, that was all motorway and about 2.5hours central london, 44mpg. They've not got a big tank(should be 80ltrs really). 6th is fine at 70 unless you've got big hills etc, I tend to do 75 in 5th where there's no vibration/noise. A lot more midrange stomp than a is250 but not as smooth at lower speeds. For what its worth I had a is250 on test and got 31mpg over a 200mile journey(which I thought was good for a 2.5 auto), the 220d did 42mpg on the same journey the following day. If you're doing the miles the 220d is the best bet, if you're not the cheaper is250 would be the better bet.
  12. Good to hear, enjoy the car :) I've not long had a 220d and noticed the noise you've mentioned. done 600miles in it this week and its done over 45mpg with some serious midrange stomp. Proper all day comfort too.