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  1. Dude, Roys are great. Ian the Manager is very polite and really goes out his way to help. I have a 92 LS400 and they do all the work on mine and I have not had cause to fault them. £40.00 / hr labour plus parts. Well impressed. Give them a try and i think you will return. (and no, i dont work for them!) Tongue out, belly in
  2. Dudes, A quick update. Rang the lexus customer support as T7RY B suggested and they were great. I gave them my VIN No. and within 30 seconds they had a manufacture date. It was manufactured 5 months before the 1st registration. As always thanks dudes :P
  3. Dudes. Hope you can help. I need to find the manufacture date of me beast. There is no plate behind the door and it looks like there never has been (no rivet holes). I have found a plate in the engine bay with the VIN and engine number but no manufacture date. Is there a Lexus site out there or can anyone point me in the right direction as to whom to ring. As always, thanks in anticipation dudes :D :D :P
  4. Dudes, Am thinking of buying new discs & pads and changing them myself. Have seen them for sale on the American site. Has anyone ever bought these and if so were they OK, and secondly, is this a hard job to do?? The reason why i`m doing this is, when under normal braking i can feel a vibration through the car (plus the brakes haven`t been changed in a couple of years). No warning light on the dash though! Any help you guys could give would be great. Cheers dudes
  5. Dude, The Crown looks very similar (if maybe a bit on the square side) Hope your A/C works out there. :zee:
  6. Dude, yeah, if I turn it up a couple of degrees it does come back but not for very long! I will look for a sensor and let you know how I get on (Fluff). Does the Temp/clock display have any diagnostic checks that a Simpleton like me can do!!! Cheers guys :P
  7. Dudes, Can you come to my rescue. My heater works fine in the morning for the first 30 mins or so. Nice and warm blowing out all vents. Then after 30 mins starts blowing cold!! Any ideas. I had a new heater control/clock installed about a year ago so i`m at a loss as what is causing this. Cheers Dudes
  8. Maneesh Dude. You ARE here for a reason. I think you will know why when it happens. Living up here in Norfolk, most of our roads are long winding country lanes which are unlit and very very dark. I should think this experience will make you belt up every time. But your right of course, it does take a near death experience to make you realise what you have, who you have, and how much you take it all for granted. I`m glad your ok. May your lord look over you always. Paulydude. :D :D :D
  9. Dude. I have seen a few of these for sale on Ebay. Might be worth a look. Good luck. :D
  10. Dudes, just had a great day out in Norfolk and there was a classic car show there. Saw my first car I ever owned, a pristine Mk11 Cortina. Bought back a lot of memories. Just wondered if any of you guys can remember your first cars and what they were. I`m sure some of you will even remember the reg No. eh! Happy memories Dudes
  11. Dude. A warm welcome to ya. Well being across the pond you should be able to find your spare parts very easily. I use or why not try lots of lexus spares are sold here at great prices. Enjoy your new ride dude. :D :D :D
  12. Dudes! For the past couple of days i have noticed a clunking noise coming from the front end of my car. Jacked it up and rocked the wheels, nearside fine, offside there is play in the wheel. No grinding when i spin it, just play from side to side. Could this be the wheel bearing? If so has anybody had any experience with one of these? As always, thanks dudes. B)
  13. Well done dude! Lager top with a Jack Danials chaser please. Oh go on then make it a double!! :D :D
  14. Stu76 dude I agree with Maneesh, buy the spares like plugs, pads, belts ect from America. I just bought an oil filter and air filter off (jag graveyard) and including carriage $24.00. which is i guess £19-£20.00 Twodogs dude. Welcome to the club. My 92 LS400 is on 144,000 and you really can`t feel the box changing (except when kicking down and then all hell breaks loose). Have faith big dude and enjoy your toy. Regards
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