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  1. Got mine in Japan via eBay as a lot of seller in The US were expensive shipping I payed 23 pounds delivered hopefully no duty
  2. Anybody got a link for purchase I am struggling a bit finding a PCV valve
  3. Cheers for the advice 👍got 145000 on clock so maybe due a clean
  4. Looking at items to service change and a lot of boys with BMW’s change the PCV Valve on high mileage cars anyone done this? Also throttle body is another that may require a clean?
  5. So the lights go up and down when you first start the car? Also which set did you buy have you a link so I buy the correct ones as there is amber mentioned in descriptions and I don’t know the in an outs of the designs 👍
  6. Does the auto levelling stop working with the Vland front headlights
  7. Anybody got a pic of the fronts?Also with the originals being projectors are the Vlands good for night driving ie good spread of beam?Are the Vlands auto levelling?
  8. I think you have to buy the whole bit across the whole bit of boot?
  9. Man in oz does 3D printing I require one too so we could order at the same time and share postage
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