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  1. Just the cold I do garage it normally and it’s ok but I left it at work a couple of days last week and noticed it so all seems fine just need a 5-10 mins warm it it seems
  2. If I leave my is250 out in the cold and start it up and drive it it struggles to move until warmed up anybody else noticed this?
  3. Mine are Michelin crossclimate 225/45 17 front 245/45 17 rear very quiet on road and should have a good wear and are for use in winter too
  4. They are not cheap I think I will put it in my watch list and await a bargain😎
  5. Where can I get a new one of these and what is the part number mine has gone brittle and snapped
  6. What is this part called and what is the part number so I can buy a replacement👍
  7. Finally got my wheels back feedback would be very appreciated also a bit of decal works too
  8. 36mph on a 200 mile journey 26 around town 31 on journeys around 20 miles winter 2-3mph lower on all journeys
  9. While my wheels have gone away to BCS IN Nottingham, I decided to clean up my Calipers and paint them to match my car below.I will show the end product when I get my wheels back colour I used was Ferrari red pearl which is quite close
  10. Acrylic polish is the best and put a protector lacquer on afterwards just bought these for my lights
  11. I have just purchased a refurb for my 4 alloys and may want to change the colour how do I photoshop the wheels as looked on tinternet and I am struggling any help would be appreciated
  12. Had a once over when first bought my car and was notified that it was stuck in recirculate mode,I have not noticed a problem but just looking on the tinternet found this part