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  1. Had a once over when first bought my car and was notified that it was stuck in recirculate mode,I have not noticed a problem but just looking on the tinternet found this part
  2. would this fit?
  3. Did it this morning here is a picture of the replace I will be putting on later oh it cost 69.00 including housing etc
  4. Cheers oh I have removed the glass but how do I remove the wires to reuse the mirror
  5. Bought a second hand wing mirror with auto-dimming do you just remove the glass if you want to replace it if so could someone tell me how thanks in advance
  6. Speaking to my supplier of sat-Nav discs for my 2006 is250 he was saying that the E1G is going to be the last ever which I got this year🙁 has anyone else heard the bad news 🙁
  7. I keep looking at breaker also anyone bought from the USA?
  8. I need a new auto dimming glass for my passenger wing mirror as it has a round centre area that has stopped working(it only works on the outside area Anyone know where I can buy one from
  9. I had to have a new pad. the way I found out was to push the sensor to the window and when I did that it started working after letting go it stopped working so got a new pad fitted
  10. So the fronts and rears should be different sizes? I did not know that what if someone has the same sizes on both axles?