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  1. 36mph on a 200 mile journey 26 around town 31 on journeys around 20 miles winter 2-3mph lower on all journeys
  2. While my wheels have gone away to BCS IN Nottingham, I decided to clean up my Calipers and paint them to match my car below.I will show the end product when I get my wheels back colour I used was Ferrari red pearl which is quite close
  3. Acrylic polish is the best and put a protector lacquer on afterwards just bought these for my lights
  4. BCS are doing my wheel refurb
  5. I have just purchased a refurb for my 4 alloys and may want to change the colour how do I photoshop the wheels as looked on tinternet and I am struggling any help would be appreciated
  6. Had a once over when first bought my car and was notified that it was stuck in recirculate mode,I have not noticed a problem but just looking on the tinternet found this part
  7. would this fit?
  8. Did it this morning here is a picture of the replace I will be putting on later oh it cost 69.00 including housing etc
  9. Cheers oh I have removed the glass but how do I remove the wires to reuse the mirror
  10. Bought a second hand wing mirror with auto-dimming do you just remove the glass if you want to replace it if so could someone tell me how thanks in advance