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  1. thanks for you help with this.. after Lexus UK have replaced the brakes 3 times there had my GSF for 3 week it look like that they cant fix the squeaky brakes so dont where we go next will update you all soon as i no
  2. cool let me no the outcome as hopefully am seeing an director form lexus UK very soon
  3. hi all does anyone have any of you have an issue with squeaky brakes on there GSF or ISF as i have on my 2017 GSF had it from a week after buying the car from new... had new discs and pads but still got squeaky brakes been had a man from Lexus Europe look at my car last week but he does no why just stood there and shook his head and went I don't know. only done 2000 in the car as fed up hearing the bloody noise each time i come to an stop Lexus UK cant help there no good cheers colin
  4. hi guys am in New York Intel Friday working so can't make it would had love to gone
  5. WOW so that means that within the next 12 month my 2012 ISF will be worth more then my 2017 GSF ??
  6. the GSF is a very very good car but for me its the ISF as when i open my garage i look at my blue 2012 ISF and blue 2017 GSF on a sunday morning, myself and my 8 and 15 sons says dad lets go in the ISF and they are both right, its a fab car one of the best.... i did order an RCF but did not like it
  7. you right i think the ISF will hold it price over the coming year there is only 211 are on the road in the UK there are only 152 RCF and 26 Carbon ones and 40 GSF RCF and GSF are now only available factory order but these cars falling in price dramatically.
  8. look at this then at £39k it will go for £35k and i was going to sale my 2012 isf 2 years a go and got offered £28k i for it and i said no way then the 2 month when i got my new GSF and got offered £33k for it got 42.000 miles still keeping hold of this car
  9. yes ISF pirce are going up you can pay £30+ for 12 or 13 plate
  10. I've got an ISF 2012 model and now an GSF 2017 model and i did order a RCF the other year but when i went to ascari in Spain to drive it then I realised with some other that it wasn't a great car lexus had rush the development of the RCF because the US market ask for a replacement of the ISF to Soon or lexus was slow in thinking about a replacement of the ISF.. I can say is that the ISF will be an classic car in years to come and it maybe one of the best car that lexus will ever made, ok ok maybe second next to the LFA but the look at the residual value only 200 was sold in the UK and they are holding their price lexus uk have only sold 40 GSF The gsf is a very good car it's not the best looking cars in the world but it has very good handling but the engine noise is just truly amazing. so thats two pennies worth colin
  11. am going to look like a bit of fun will take the GSF for a spin
  12. hi all good to see you guys at Ascari the other month at the RCF launch.. Lexus did put a fab show for us so thanks Lexus.... getting back to the RCF its a fantastic car i had fun taking it around the track but for me i had more fun in the ISF drifting around the track, as when we git back on the plane to Farmborough, good old Andy from Southampton but the day in to context i think it went something like is (i had so much more fun in the ISF drifting then i did driving the RCF by miles ). so last week i was in the US on business so i went along to the local Lexus shop i had a go again in the RCF for the afternoon did around 100 miles in her.... got back home and my wife said to me colin you getting older your 50 this year and a three door saloon is not right for you... so with that in mind and as my wife is never wrong I cancel my order today,,but i have ordered the new GSF as to me, it looks like my ISF but bigger and man i love that car and its got 4 doors so my wife will be happy... i no you guys will say that an M5 is better but horsepower isn't everything
  13. Just been told that this is guys is running the event SCOTT BASSAG Experiential Manager at Lexus UK