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  1. Naaaah, i get 30 days holiday a year ( six weeks ) one day is no loss. all i need from you is as much notice as possible, or i can write the procedure for you to take. The time factor for the geometry on average is 1 hour 30 min, with the link i had with Mr Morse his geometry took, as i remember about 4 hours, talking the company through it.... so as you see i cannot support you if i were at STS, but i can 100% here at home :D Today i set an IS that had European Castor positions, it needed small front camber correction, before adjusting i mentioned you and the Castor problem and i said 'watch how i correct' this non-adjustable Castor, end of job cambers re-set/ Castor's re-set 'UK' positions / toe re-set.... Let me know :D ← Hello again Not been on here for a while due to house move - lots of work still going on because I moved in to an empty shell, but I have got agreement from a tyre place that I can have phone guidance for a geometry session. I hope to get somthing organised soon - would it suit you better if I could get it done on a Saturday?
  2. WOW that's a new one..... reads very good. What i would like you to do if its ok with you is this. 1: allow me to write the procedure and the settings 2: give me notice for the adjustment day 3: i will then book the day off work and provide a 'live link' for you and the centre. This is not a problem i have done the same for Anees and Mr Morse, i said i would help and i stand by my word....... to the end! ← That is too generous of an offer - I couldn't have you booking a day off work, could I not pay STS for your time, just for the duration of the set up. I'd be just like a normal customer to them, except you'd be dealing with me on the phone. No point in wasting a days holiday for the sake of an hour. It would probably be an industry first.
  3. Some possible good news Tony - I've been told by a guy on a local forum that one of our large independant tyre centres let him pay for the alignment and do it him self. If they let some one do that, then they should be open to cronstructive input to a geometry session.
  4. The bottom three pictures show smoke from the outside wheel.
  5. Don't mind a bit. And no Colin, I didn't get a refund - I couldn't really say anything since I didn't know what to tell him to say he was wrong, and he did let me decide what way the Camber and toe were set (mistake on my part for asking ) Maybe when I get it sorted (at a different Centre) I could write to the company explaining that my tracking was not set right and ask for a refund. For some reason, it is not as expensive over here for the Geometry - I was quoted £35 and got charged £30 since I bought 4 18" SP9000's at the same time. Thanks all for your concerns - and Thanks again Tony for your relentless support. This world needs more Tony's :D
  6. it's your house - isn't it? :P
  7. Not to worry - as discussed, I'll seek out a tyre center who is willing to cooperate with me - and we can take things from there :)
  8. Hi Tony, I've sent you a PM about my visit today. No print out unfortunatley :(
  9. All booked for tomorrow at 10am - should be fun. I'll report back soonest.
  10. You were nearly there - just keep going. To convert numbers from decimal to binary requires successive division. To manually convert from a decimal to a binary number, start with the decimal number and begin dividing by the binary number base (base "two"). For each step the division results in a remainder of 1, use '1' in that position of the binary number. When the division results in a remainder of 0 instead, use '0' in that position. Stop when the division results in a value of 0. The resulting binary numbers are ordered from right to left. For example, the decimal number 327 converts to binary as follows: 327 / 2 = 163 remainder 1 163 / 2 = 81 remainder 1 81 / 2 = 40 remainder 1 40 / 2 = 20 remainder 0 20 / 2 = 10 remainder 0 10 / 2 = 5 remainder 0 5 / 2 = 2 remainder 1 2 / 2 = 1 remainder 0 1 / 2 = 0 remainder 1 Therefore the decimal number 327 equals the binary number 101000111.
  11. I will support you at any point if needed! PM me if you want any contact # In addition it may help if i write the full procedure for adjusting the geometry on the IS200/ 300/ SC and either display it here or on my site. ← Sounds like a good idea - then next time I get the geometry done, I'll go somewhere else - and ask if they are willing to follow the procedure - if not then it's on to the next place until I find someone who is willing to approach the job with an open mind.
  12. I want to find out what happened with Bing Crosby's kids
  13. I think I'll have a good read over your site before I go down. I'm thinking I might go Wednesday morning if work permits. I take possession of my new house on Thursday, so thime won't be somthing I'll have a lot of after that.
  14. Would that be a skinny fat b'stard, a normal fat b'stard or a fat fat b'stard? Wouldn't a skinny fat b'stard be along the same stupid lines as a giant midget.