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  1. I just thought I would update you. After 3 diagnostics with three different solutions, anything from £725 to £1800, just for the parts and no guarantee whatever they did would solve this problem. I gave up and covered over the offending lights. Decided to look for another car, newer. In the past month I have been so disillusioned with what you get for your money. I was prepared to spend up to £13000/500 but kept comparing them with the Lexus. each time they bragged about what the newer cars had so did my Lexus. On the way back from the last disappointment I decided to pull back the tape I had to hide the light and it was out and for the next 4 days it stayed off, them! just after I had filled up with petrol the lights came on. I have decided to wait until next year some time and if they are still coming on I will book a session with Lexus, 20 miles away, to do a diagnosis; tell me what the solution is and how much it will cost and if they will guarantee it will fix the problem, no trial and error. If not, either hope they are out when the MOT is due or if not look for another car. Going by the cost of used parts for this car scarp value should be good. I am going to cover the lights up again. Regards everyone
  2. £1500 !!!!. I would be pleased to be offered that in part exchange deal. We have decided, when I say we; I mean I have agreed with my wife that come next March or May we will look for a replacement used car. Because of health problems certain criteria have to be met so a little limited with choice. Not going for another Lexus but considering a Citroen C4 Picasso. Volvo out of the question because they are a bit like Lexus with their prices. Thanks for the responses everyone, just think of the spare time I will have not having to search for Lexus parts. Regards
  3. Just read your tale of ABS and VSC on your Lexus RX300 2004. This is my dilemma as well. For over 6 years when it first appeared the ABS light came on, I stopped, checked the manual and was ready to take it to the nearest Dealer. When I switch on and started, the light went out and over the next 6 years came on occasionally and then went out after I had stopped, got a paper or something and started again and stayed off for weeks and months. Just recently the lights have stayed on. So like you I had a diagnostic test, he came up with "It might be the pump"!!! at £1800 a "might be" is not good enough. I found another reputable company who had my car for one hour, didn't nail the problem so didn't charge me but said they were confident they could solve the problem and needed 3 hours. So I booked it in, they charged me £160 but couldn't solve the problem because they didn't have the Lexus software but gave me the printout and advised me to go to a Lexus specialist. Why didn't he tell me this before taking my £160. He said it was the Steering Angle sensor and on having this checked it did as you experienced tend to tell the controller that I had the steering on full lock, yet another expensive item from Lexus, in 2 parts total cost around £725 but before I plunged in I had another diagnostic test. This fella didn't charge me but suggested it was the ABS control module and wait for it; another expensive Lexus part, this time £1500!!! Like you say they are such great cars it sickens me to have to consider scrapping it for the sake of a light that doesn't actually make much difference unless you drive like a maniac. When you think of all the cars on the road that don't have all these sophisticated devices why change the MOT rules and include warning lights. I am going to have one more diagnostic and get a quote for the work and go ahead if it is reasonable only on the understanding they give me a guarantee what ever they do will solve the problem, like you I have covered the offending lights with black tape, amazing what a difference it makes when you don't have that light glaring at you. If you have solved your problem I would be interested how (got rid of the car) last option.
  4. Yes, he spent over 3 hours and is a very competent technician. The problem for him was he didn't have the software to go any further and my problem is Lexus is over 20 miles away from where I live, otherwise I would have gone to them first. On the first 1 hour diagnosis there was 8 errors, 2 with the air condition, which I am not concerned about. The other were : C1223 ABS control system malfunction. C1243 Deceleration sensor stuck. U0121 Please refer to manual. U0123 Lost communication with yaw rate sensor module. U0124 Lost communication with lateral acceleration sensor. U0126 Lost communication with steering angle sensor module. I think they cured all except the last one and he told me not accept any suggestion I needed to replace the yaw sensor module. He said the Steering angle sensor need to be recalibrated (main dealer or Lexus specialist) I took my car to the mechanic you does work on my car and the MOTs and he checked it out and he showed me on his diagnostic tablet the fixed 116.4 degree on the steering sensor reading and how when he turned the steering the figure never changed but he suggested that it might no be possible to recalibrate and in his experience they mostly have failed and should be replaced. Its just once again no guarantee this would solve the problem, thus becoming a money tree!
  5. Yes LI, I have seen this and a couple others from USA, problem is you don't see them later perhaps needing a new CPU. But thanks all the same. PCM. Thanks I will give it a try. have spoken again with the chap who did the diagnosis, it seems no guarantee because this may be only a part of the problem. He says even after the replacement it still has to go through the diagnosis again and it may bring up new issues. It appears to me while we have the technicians replacing the mechanics and even with diagnostic machines it still looks like guess work. You can't even do a temporary check with a digital tool to see if that will solve it before you lay out all that money and replace the sensor. If I can get a used sensor for 50 70 pounds and it fails to solve it I have only lost that amount unless the used one is faulty but how can you tell?
  6. I hope someone can help me before my Lexus RX300 becomes a money pit. I have had a problem with the ABS light for several years now, it would come on for a short while then go off for weeks, even months so I never worried too much until recently. A few weeks ago the ABS and VSC light came on and stayed on, after three weeks I decided it was time to get it sorted. I first tried a local garage who advertised “Diagnostic” They said it was the ABS pump and duly gave me a quote of £1850 plus. After some investigation I found a garage who claimed to be setup for top “Diagnostics” mainly BMWs and Mercedes but they assured me they could fix the problem. They performed a one hour check but told me they would need a three hour session to cure the problem. I agreed on the understanding they were confident they would cure the problem. After having the car for more than three hours they contacted me, first going all around the houses about everything they had done and then dropping the bombshell that they were unable to fix the problem because the didn’t have the Lexus software and then went on to charge me £160 for not fixing the problem. They did however tell me the problem is with the “Steering Angle” which is stuck at 116.4 degrees, as if it is permanently on a full lock. I am now advised, because it is usual for the sensor to have failed and so can not be recalibrated to buy a new sensor. Now after that rather extended preamble is the knub of my problem. I contacted Lexus for a price for the sensor and was told for my model it comes in two parts, the sensor which costs £396.64 and a cable which costs £241.34, I was so shocked I forgot to ask if that included VAT!!! My question is do I need the cable part and most important will the replacement of the sensor solve my problem and put out the lights??? I apologise for the length but I needed to get this off my chest. Any advice will be gratefully accepted.
  7. Thanks Herbie, trouble is I won't know what I am looking for, never mind I can live without it, rear one still works. I was a little pessimistic about his diagnosis because in my search for the problem I read so many where they had been trial and error, very expensive being a Lexus, just hope he is right. They are very good in this line according to the reviews and he was really good when he did the original diagnostic test. he told me he wouldn't charge me if he couldn't find the answer and because they specialise with BMW and Mercedes they didn't have the wiring diagram for my car he kept his word. He wants the car for at least three hours so got to trust someone. Thanks for your response, most helpful. Regards
  8. Hi, Just wondered if anyone knows how to repair the front parking sensor and where it is located. A few years ago while driving the sensor suddenly started to sound with a continuous beeping. The rear one works fine but I have to turn off the sensor with the switch on the dash. Its just one of a few silly little problems but on the off chance one of my fellow owners of the fabulous RX300 might have come across this and have the solution I would be most grateful if you would share it with me. While I am on here perhaps it might help anyone who has the problem of the ABS light coming on and, knowing how complicated it is to cure. I am about to put my car in the hands of a mechanic who is confident he has found the cause He says it is something to do with the heated windscreen wiring loom and module connections being corroded. Hope it is not just another theory. I will let you know the results. Regards.
  9. Update. I went into a car repair company because I still wasn't sure how to remove the outer light assembly. I was told when you lift the tailgate there on the side is one Philips screw holding a plastic strip. Remove that strip being careful not to break it. Behind that strip are two screws/bolts, undo these and prise the light assembly away with a plastic implement. You should then be able to remove bulbs. Re attaching is the reverse just line up the bolts. I haven't done mine yet but will be taking a look when I get the time. Located a used one on eBay for about £90 compared to Lexus £135 plus vat and another £155 to fit.
  10. I know it is a different model, I have the RX300. I had a petrol gun drop on my rear light and break it. On checking the fitting out I found there are three 3 fixings with 10m nuts that hold the assembly in. If you search on ebay you will find a used one with the photo showing 3 nuts. Hope this helps someone.
  11. Had my RX300 MOTd recently and there was advisory remarks which I partly don't understand. 001. Front inner (brake pads low) 002.(covers fitted) 003 rear (both sides discs slightly corroded) should have asked at the time but so relieved it passed again didn't bother to read this part until I got home. Can anyone enlighten me. I will obviously have the pads replaced before the winter but does the other things mean I should have new discs fitted. I thought I had the rear ones done a couple of years ago, but hey ho I don't go scrabbling under the car after it has a service. Regards
  12. Thank you for that information; its just a pity I wasn't offered that option when I asked Reading. When I contacted the Bracknell branch they didn't seem bothered by it. Just leaves a bad taste that's all.
  13. Got mine this morning and cost was £59.02, for a piece of plastic!!!!. Mind you it is absolutely easy peasy to fit. I noted that there are two small tabs at the front that go under the main bar and it comes with that strange yellow spiral pin already fitted. All you have to do is take the old one out if it is still in the bar housing, clean everything, slide the front tabs in and push the yellow stopper in to the empty housing. I reckon including removing the old yellow thing about 1 minute tops. Mind you I am a bit angry with Lexus Reading, they are the people I ordered from. They told me I couldn't order it through Toyota, who have dealerships closer to me by about 10 miles so I had to make a round trip of 40 miles. The packaging has Toyota and Lexus logo's on it and I discovered I could have ordered it through one of the Toyota dealerships, so addition cost of time mileage and petrol. The hand car wash people paid for the part but how could I charge for the petrol. Great cars though.
  14. Yesterday I took my Lexus RX300 to a hand car wash and one of the cleaners used the roof bar to reach on to the roof to clean it and pulled the roof bar cover off breaking the clip inside. The owner agreed to pay for it and I contacted Lexus for a price, £59.02 and then I have to drive round trip 34 miles to collect. When I asked about fitting he said it only takes a couple of seconds, Because I have no idea how it is fitted, it is a mystery how to fit. It appears to have some kind of rubber spiral cone on the bar frame that I presume slides in to the clip inside the cover because the broken part of the clip was still attached. There doesn't appear to be any other connection and I am wondering how it stays in place, perhaps another supporting clip has been broken and I can't see the damage, I don't have another one to compare. Any advice would be welcome just in case I can't get any from Lexus when I go to collect the part. Regards
  15. I have a 53 RX300, don't use the sat nav very often, sometimes if I get lost in London area I just click home to get me out of London. However I have noticed there is a section where you can input a telephone number rather than an address. Going to try it tomorrow, should be much quicker I imagine.