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  1. I know it is a different model, I have the RX300. I had a petrol gun drop on my rear light and break it. On checking the fitting out I found there are three 3 fixings with 10m nuts that hold the assembly in. If you search on ebay you will find a used one with the photo showing 3 nuts. Hope this helps someone.
  2. Had my RX300 MOTd recently and there was advisory remarks which I partly don't understand. 001. Front inner (brake pads low) 002.(covers fitted) 003 rear (both sides discs slightly corroded) should have asked at the time but so relieved it passed again didn't bother to read this part until I got home. Can anyone enlighten me. I will obviously have the pads replaced before the winter but does the other things mean I should have new discs fitted. I thought I had the rear ones done a couple of years ago, but hey ho I don't go scrabbling under the car after it has a service. Regards
  3. Thank you for that information; its just a pity I wasn't offered that option when I asked Reading. When I contacted the Bracknell branch they didn't seem bothered by it. Just leaves a bad taste that's all.
  4. Got mine this morning and cost was £59.02, for a piece of plastic!!!!. Mind you it is absolutely easy peasy to fit. I noted that there are two small tabs at the front that go under the main bar and it comes with that strange yellow spiral pin already fitted. All you have to do is take the old one out if it is still in the bar housing, clean everything, slide the front tabs in and push the yellow stopper in to the empty housing. I reckon including removing the old yellow thing about 1 minute tops. Mind you I am a bit angry with Lexus Reading, they are the people I ordered from. They told me I couldn't order it through Toyota, who have dealerships closer to me by about 10 miles so I had to make a round trip of 40 miles. The packaging has Toyota and Lexus logo's on it and I discovered I could have ordered it through one of the Toyota dealerships, so addition cost of time mileage and petrol. The hand car wash people paid for the part but how could I charge for the petrol. Great cars though.
  5. Yesterday I took my Lexus RX300 to a hand car wash and one of the cleaners used the roof bar to reach on to the roof to clean it and pulled the roof bar cover off breaking the clip inside. The owner agreed to pay for it and I contacted Lexus for a price, £59.02 and then I have to drive round trip 34 miles to collect. When I asked about fitting he said it only takes a couple of seconds, Because I have no idea how it is fitted, it is a mystery how to fit. It appears to have some kind of rubber spiral cone on the bar frame that I presume slides in to the clip inside the cover because the broken part of the clip was still attached. There doesn't appear to be any other connection and I am wondering how it stays in place, perhaps another supporting clip has been broken and I can't see the damage, I don't have another one to compare. Any advice would be welcome just in case I can't get any from Lexus when I go to collect the part. Regards
  6. I have a 53 RX300, don't use the sat nav very often, sometimes if I get lost in London area I just click home to get me out of London. However I have noticed there is a section where you can input a telephone number rather than an address. Going to try it tomorrow, should be much quicker I imagine.
  7. Hi ChrisKay. I suppose the only avenue to search is breakers yards. I did find a RX300 being scraped on ebay, unfortunately he didn't have my side.
  8. Not sure if this will help. Recently the rear quarterlight black plastic frame started to come adrift. I removed it and cleaned off the old sticky stuff. It turns out Lexus use a double sided tape to hold this on. Couldn't get any from Lexus or Toyota but a company local manufacturers it but only did it in £100 minimum. Luckily one of the staff took pity on me and gave me about 2 mts, plenty for the job. It is a foam based tape about 1/8th inch wide but easy to cut. Hope this helps. Regards
  9. To be honest no, this problem with the ABS light came about some two years ago but every time I went to have it checked out the light was not on and the check showed no errors. Most recent service 3 Months ago (full) asked them to check it out, again no errors. Good thinking batman on the negative battery lead. The fact so many of the error suggest a short to battery makes me suspicious that it could well be something like you suggest. I will give it a look at the weekend. I will also give the sensors a good hose down as someone suggested on an earlier post. Thanks
  10. Checked it out and you are partly right but there are also other things it points to. The steering torque problem could also be electrical, so again I say perhaps it is all electrical. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get an expert to have a look. At the moment all the lights are off.
  11. Bad earth where, at the battery? I am a bit concerned about going to a mechanic and saying look I have these codes can you sort it out; without knowing exactly what the problem is. They could still bamboozle me with tech talk. I suppose I have to trust someone. The thing is I keep seeing reports about the sensors costing £120 each. But when I do a search they come up at around £25/30 each. Anyway thanks have to think about and see if I get any more suggestions.
  12. I used a mini reader with "Motorist" to do a diagnosis and it came back with 5 error codes, unfortunately when I clicked on them I got the message that they were having difficulty finding the page. Did search but could only find the answer to one. Codes: P1860. TCC PWM Solenoid circuit electrical/transmission transfer case contact plate D short circuit to battery. B1270. Servo motor potentiometer defrost circuit short to battery. C1511. Left front wheel pressure reduction performance problem. P0200. Injector malfunction. C1184. ABS system is not operational. The ABS light comes on intermittent and can go off for days, weeks or even months. So what do I do now. I have read so many different solutions to some of the problems but could the fact there appears to be so many "short to the battery" be the main problem. Changing sensors, but which one/s. I have posted this on my old post so I hope you don't mind my posting it as new. Regards
  13. Can't use the kindle I don't think it can be paired. Anyway I tried Auto doctor and this didn't give any information at all. Used "MOTORIST" and it came up with 5 Error codes. Unfortunately only one code gives me any information, all the others when I tap them I get the message on the web "Having trouble finding this page" List: P1860 TCC PWM Solenoid Circuit Electrical/Transmission Transfer Case Contact Plate D Short circuit to battery. B1270. Servo Motor Potentiometer Defrost Circuit to battery. C1511. Left Front Wheel Pressure reduction performance problem. P0200. Injector Circuit Malfunction. C1184. ABS System is not operational. What does C1511 mean? and what do I do now because the ABS light is intermittent, it come on and go off some times for days weeks or even months.
  14. Just thought for future reference if anyone asks: I have discovered Kindle is an android tablet so will download Torque Pro on to the Kindle, has a larger screen than my phone so will be easier to see. Regards