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  1. Lexus Is200 Se Or Sport

    Pity you are so far away you could have purchased my 2001 IS200 Sport for £1,500 MOT Nov15, no mods, everything works - shame Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8
  2. For Is200 Repair Manual

    DVD (not download) for IS200 didn't work for me as they require a lessor system to run on and they haven't resolved it. I've asked for a refund but so far silence - even the 08708904499 customer service number isn't recognised. Just emailed them, and waiting for a reply. I have raised a ticket, but they are ignoring to resolve it. I paid £19.48 for something that doesn't work. Certainly won't be recommending this service for IS200. Sorry if they are in anyway 'in Partnership' with this Club - people need to be aware.
  3. Has anyone managed to purchase a manual for the IS200 2001 Sport model. I managed to pay nearly £20 for a DVD from, that doesn't load on my laptop. Been through their ticket system and nothing, not even an offer to refund. What's your experience of this website?
  4. Oil Control Valve

    I agree, its such a simple thing to forget (if you need to replace the filter, they are cheap enough from Lexus), a good clean out should help. Its a very fine gauze mesh and you may find it chocked with old oil, this is something that is missed with a service (as its not normally something that people think of) - I used 'gunk' and a small screwdriver to drag out the rubbish, but don't be heavy handed or you'll break it. Its so small that once you've taken the bolt out you will need small pliers just to pull it out (as not attached to bolt, as you'd think). Difference it made was noticeable and even my local mechanic now looks for it when he services all types of cars.
  5. Gold + Membership

    OK - now a gold member (Good old PayPal) - but why isn't there enough dealers (esp. where I live or even near to me) signed up so that we can make use of a discount, I don't care much for Halfords, OK for small everyday replacements, but what about 'parts' !!!!!
  6. I'd like to add (mines a IS200 Sport 2001 model) - check the front coil springs that they aren't broken. I agree with the brake calipers, my OSF tends to stick every Jan/Feb - apparently water moisture rusting the cylinder - some solution is new seals, these I believe are only available through Lexus (NOT aftermarket outlets), although you can find sets which have been refurbished (OOCH). Rear number plates bulbs are a pain to change. Check that you have locking wheel nut. Check that you have both front seat adjusters intact, expensive (I think for a piece of plastic). Also the CD issue - I found that if you have one stuck that a bang on the side (passenger side) with hand generally jarred the system. In future I believe its best to eject the CD's in order (1 to 6) to avoid jam. Nice car to drive and handles well
  7. 2 Button Keys Are Actually 3...who Knew?

    Ok, I've a 3 button shell - how does the metal key come out so that I can put my key in its place - as the 3 buttons appear to be welded to the key???
  8. Is200 Springs And Shock Absorbers

    Hi, I've now discovered that my April 2001 Sport has a broken NSF coil spring. On my V5 it says 'variant' GXE10(E) and 'version' GXE10R-AEFVKW(2C) - can anyone say which coil springs I need (mine have two red marks on the coils)
  9. Gold + Membership

    Just tried to join as 'gold member' but that was a waste of time as it doesn't like me paying by credit card - does anyone have a direct contact number so that I can speak to some one about upping my membership?
  10. Mpg

    Hi, my first post on this forum. I record all my petrol purchases and mileage - you may well say sad, but then I know if the car is performing bad and I can catch things early. Mine is a IS200 Sport, a 2001 model and has done just over 100k - I average about 36mpg - and I've been monitoring the car for two years.
  11. Radio Codes

    Hi, thats good to know. I've just come off 3 Series BMW's and am used to trying to find radio codes. This was a woory for me as when I purchased my is200 sport I couldn't find any reference to codes. Cheers
  12. Welcome to the Lexus forums Myis200Sport :)