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  1. It’s under warranty so will get it booked into dealers.
  2. It’s a 2019 with dab factory fit. Never had this issue before and had a few from new. Seems to work fine at night but daytime poor reception and no reception when anything is in charging usb port. Has that shark fin type antenna. May need a trip back to dealers.
  3. Recently swapped to ct after owning a few is models and have issue with DAB. Ct keeps losing signal on DAB generally during daytime use and whenever anything is connected to usb and charging. Never had this issue with IS. Is this a ct known issue or an issue with my car.
  4. You are right about some dealers I went out looking for a quality second hand 250 around the 16k bracket and got into one SEL which must have belonged to a smoker. My life you have never smelled anything like it now I like a smoke but this car was like my great grandads with fag burns all down the drivers window trim. Ended up walking away with a brand new 250 advance.
  5. Hey all thanks for the replies my wireless router for Internet is faulty and causing RF interference at home. Lexus care are that good after identifying the problem which isn't really a Lexus problem they changed both keys and RF transponder unit in car to stop happening in future should router pack in again. Well done Lexus
  6. Thanks for reply I too encountered this problem about 4 years ago on a previous less prestigious motor. It just seems strange that it has been parked on my drive in the same place for a month no problem and last night the problem started. The AA guy had a gadget to check for RF interference to no avail. It's now at the dealers so fingers crossed that will iron the glitch out. Still gutting though.
  7. Had car 1 month and due first trip to dealers. Car won't lock with either fobs or door buttons had to resort to the caveman key. Lexus care sent AA who hadn't got a clue. Have I made a mistake following heart and not head. Audi ? BMW? Merc?
  8. Needed a laugh before bed so had another peek at the big cat ad lmfao lmfao lmfao!!! How many bids????? Wish e bay was around when I sold my orange Austin allegro with black (ish) vinyl roof almost a good runner with plenty of good miles on it and loads of s**t miles on it might of got a few quid for it instead of paying to scrap lol
  9. F.A was right about hdd feature not being enabled on system more the pity such a shame. Only disappointment mind so not too bothered I'm sure someone will find a way round it at some point thanks for the replies !
  10. Well where do I start. Collected car today and love it all I expected and more the build quality and driving experience is awesome well done Lexus!!!
  11. Yes sounds good but knowing the luck I've had with cars the fault wouldn't occur for me and I would end up driving it til the end of time lol. Or more realistically out of the car park and one place change!!!!! Wonder if he is any relation to Arthur Daley.
  12. Car at dealers a day early. Sat waiting for the valeting dept to finish polishing then out for my first drive. Can't wait so excited !!! Hope Lexus are as good as they are made out to be I've wanted one for around ten years now
  13. Finally ordered my is250 advance and can't wait til Thursday to collect. Does anyone know if you can save music to the hdd or is it purely for th sat nav
  14. Welcome to the Lexus forums Steviecogs :)