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  1. Well after many months and considerably more miles, I've parted company with my IS 200 :( . Having recently bought a dog I've traded for an Audi 1.8T Quattro Sport Avant - I looked at the Sportcross but there was little room in the boot. This forum has been an excellent source of information and laughs, does anyone know of a something similar for Audi? Many thanks Haggis
  2. I think I'm being a muppet here but I can't find any of the links that used to be on the site. Help !!
  3. Hi Guys & Galls After a loving relationship with my IS the time has come for us to part company. I'm looking at an estate car for canine reasons. Any thoughts on the best place to advertise it. I've stuck it in the Scottish Autotrader but would appreciate any other ideas. It's a 2000 W, black with 64.5k miles, FLSH with 5 new alloys, I've put it in at £11695 for a quickish sale. Thoughts on price would be appreciated as well Cheers and Beers
  4. It's an IS 200, it only seems to happen in the cold and wet - which up here - is pretty much every day at the moment. It's due a service soon so I'll get them to check it out. Ta
  5. Hi folks Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed that my car is getting harder to start first time, I've checked the battery out and it seems fine. Generally the car will start on the second turn. Wondered whether anyone else had encountered the same problems.
  6. Got my alloys replaced under warranty about a month ago, when I was washing the car on Sunday I noticed that the lacquer is starting to flake on one of the wheels !!. Has anyone had any similar problems with next generation alloys??
  7. I was in my local Lexus Dealer (Glasgow) the other day and the sales guy mentioned that a new Sportcross model was being launched later this year with the 2.0 litre engine. Anyone know anything about this?
  8. Thnaks for all the advice guys, I'll give it a bash and see how I get on
  9. I've just bought a 2nd hand 200 SE (2000 w)and the alloys are a bit corroded, the dealer I bought the car from (Toyota) suggested I go to Lexus to get them changed. Any tips on what the best way to approach this is. The car is still under warranty. Great site !!