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  1. For anyone who is interested the Lexus RC F is the star car in the new Men in Black movie, might increase used prices!
  2. My 2001, 146k, my dads before me, killed at the end of June by a lorry, had new o2 sensors and exhaust, thats it, passed every MOT, never let us down! Heart breaking! Replaced with a 2002 Lexus RX300 with 70k
  3. Have you got your headlights on? Wont work without them on!
  4. I think you should treat yourself doog442, and tell us all about it!😀
  5. Hi just a quick one, I have read in the past that the is200t cant be remapped, but just noticed Tdi Tuning are offering a tuning box for it, showing good power gains, I understand that they are quite a reputable company. Ant thoughts Regards Jason
  6. Hi Just bought a lexus stereo with the cd loader at the top and not sure its the right one, thought all top loaders had same connections but apparently not, any way Im going to try and fit it anyway, can anyone identify the white connector in the middle of the pic, and perhaps tell me what else I need to do to go back to standard! Thanks Jason
  7. Hi according to an older post Ive just read, the older stereos have different connectors, so anyone with the newer type stereo for sale let me know!
  8. Hi Wanting to put original stereo back as my is200 was fitted with touch screen interface stereo when I bought it, also would like my sat nav working again! So my question is, is there a difference between the original tape on top is200 and the later tape on bottom stereo? And will they both work in my 2004 is200? Thanks Jason Ps if anyone has a fully working original stereo pm me id be interested if the price is right!
  9. Hi Out this evening in the IS200, floored it 30 to 50 and my daughter said " now thats a nice noise" shes 9, and is a girly girl, so proud!😆 Jason
  10. Hi Just to counter foxy-stoat, it is an interferance engine and if the belt goes its knackered, its a common misconception because the 1mz- fe on the Camry is non interferance, the later 1mz-fe vvt-i are interferance and thats whats fitted to the RX300s of all years! Cheers Jason
  11. Hi The right hand side bolster on my IS has what feels like a wire running through it, just underneath the leather about half way up the bolster, really uncomfortable on my right upper thigh! Anyone had anything similar? Thanks Jason
  12. Hi Just done my first fuel economy test, all local, aircon on most of time, heated seats on, lights, wipers etc on. No peak time heavy traffic driving, snow mode on 95% of time, hypermiling techniques were also used. Tesco 99ron. The result 25.7 mpg , I can get 22 in my RX300 ! Maybe needs a full service!
  13. Thanks As far as my basic googling goes, lexus all seem to leave the factory with Toyota belts made by mitsuboshi, but stamped as Toyota. I have no stickers in the engine bay saying the belts has been changed, so Im just hoping someone can tell me if SKF belts were a factory fit! Oh and the Lexus printout says just water pump was changed! Thanks Jason