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  1. I intend to pay for the additional 2 yrs warranty before the end of the year. I will keep calling in to have it checked and I'm sure it will end up having to be replaced.
  2. I've been in to the dealer this morning. I ended up with a 2hr wait, after which I was handed my keys and told a new battery had been fitted. I'm confident that should be the end of the issue. I also asked them to check the rear shock absorber whilst I was there and was advised there no cause for concern at the moment, and no oil leaking. Heres to many miles of trouble free motoring
  3. I'll get onto them next week about the battery.. They suggested to keep an eye on the shock, and that it could be sorted under warranty. I was told to go back in a month or two and get it checked. My main concern with it, is that I don't want it going so far that I end up with oil leaking on my stone driveway!!! I'll press them for a repair as I am going to purchase the additional 2 yrs before christmas. I will mention it at the same time I end up going in about the starting issue.
  4. Thanks for that. I cant believe my searches didn't find your thread...! The wife has just pointed out we go the car mid July, and the first time it happened was on a day trip in August.. At that point I thought it was my fault. Now I know it wasn't. Most of her usage of the vehicle is short journeys. cheers
  5. I have searched the forum for any similar issue before I have started this thread. I purchased a 60 reg 450h SE-i from the main dealer in June. It had 52k on the clock. My wife and I absolutely love the car, having traded up from a very good RX 300. It was in for an MOT last month (free of charge) at the dealership. An advisory was issued re faint spray/"ghosting" of oil on the top of one of the rear shocks.. My main query relates to the vehicle starting. In the last 4/5 weeks, when we press the break pedal and get the green light on the power button. Pressing it just lights the dash with all the pre-start warning lights and the car then does not say "ready" and isn't starting. If we press the brake again, power button light goes green. A further press gives nothing more. We have started having to press power to turn off, then repeat. It is taking several attempts before we get "ready" and the engine starts? I will be taking back to the dealer, but have no time to do this in the next couple of weeks. I have swapped the keys over, in case the battery in the first key was running low causing a low signal to the car. The 2nd/ spare key makes no difference to this issue? Is this likely to be an issue with the 12v battery? From what I have read, this could be expensive and is not covered under the warranty? I can assure you that it is not a lack of pressure on the brake pedal when trying to start. Is there anything I could be missing. It is far to frequent, to be "operator error". I have tried allowing a longer press of the power button as I attempt to start. Keeping my foot on the break longer. Nothing makes any difference.
  6. I am also looking to source a pair of roof rails. The dealer has quoted 372.84 as "cost price", with them normally being 495. That seems expensive to me. I remember a post from several months ago that Lexus Birmingham were selling a few sets off at 159.00. I have a set of Thule aero bars so just need the rails to attach these to. Does anyone have any knowledge of any dealers offering the rails at a better price? cheers
  7. I recently put a deposit on a 60 plate 450h and will be due to pick it up in a couple of weeks. Supaguard was offered in the sale as an offer along with a saturday morning car wash "club"..., There is no extra cost. Rayaans, why is it crap? I guess if its at no extra cost I wont be losing anything.. I wouldnt have paid extra for it in any event.
  8. ronnaybarkay


    I have just bought a 61 plate SE-i from the dealer with 53 K on the clock. Very happy with the car. It came with over half a tank of fuel in, so after a week and a half I have only just filled filled up. From 1/4 of a tank it only took £31 worth of fuel, which I was surprised at as I hadn't read up on the sized of the tank. Not thats it an issue, I'll just need to fill up twice a month rather than once. It will be interesting to see how many miles I can get out of a tank as generally with my last car - diesel. I was getting around 540 from a tank, and only usually having to fill up once a month - around £70. Sometimes twice. My daily commute is 35 miles round trip. Dual carriageways and motorway. The in car read out is hovering around 50.9 mpg thus far. I was just saying to this wife, that I have only been to work 3 times since fill up and its already well down at between half and 3/4's of a tank. I have been driving around 65 mph and generally steady. One thing I will look at in the next few months is the fitting cruise control...
  9. I have just bought a 61 plate SE-i from the dealer. 53K on it, Full Lexus SH. I paid £10800. Managed to get the full 3 yr warranty included with some negotiation...
  10. The pads were from a local motor factors, but you can get the rear's online for around £18. New front disks look about £100, so you could save a lot. Look at the fixed prices for the RX on to see what you would be paying for discs and pads... Search for "the good garage scheme" near you for a reputable local place to try for fitting any parts you pick up.
  11. Cars running superb after its service. Just been to local garage and had rear mintex pads (£24.95) fitted, and the garage has been able to free up and grease the slide pins on the calipers - £60 labour on brakes. Good brake feel again. The total bill was £118, including the fitting of a £25 rubber gaitor that picked up an advisory on the MOT. Considering my initial worst fears. Very happy with the outcome!!! Will look at some new front discs in new year I think.
  12. Jason, I had a new F/O/S suspension leg fitted to my RX 300 last year as a result of a knocking noise caused by excessive play. Lexus said £899. I had it done at a local garage for about £830. The tracking was out a bit after, and I ve since had it re-tracked when I ve just had the 60K service done. So in the end it has pretty much cost the £899... If it did need doing. Based on my experience, prob let Lexus do it... The leg itself was about £600-650 as I recall.
  13. I do use the parking brake all the time. The service manager asked the same question. I always assumed it was essential.
  14. Thanks for the offer Scott. Im in Sheffield area incidentally. The cars been in for its MOT today - £35. £15 cheaper than what Lexus offered me at the time of the service. The car has passed. The only advisory was that a rubber gaitor has a small split in which may allow the elements in over time. As such Ive booked it in at the local garage to replace to prevent winter corrosion etc. I mentioned the recent service and the points highlighted which we have been discussing. I spoke with the MOT tester who said all was well. The rear pads were legal but getting down. As a result I will let them replace these when the rubber gaitor is sorted, and at the same time check the calipers.... No braking deficiencies. On reflection of what were my worst concerns, the above has put my mind and wallet at rest. I was looking on the web last night and found a set of Brembo rear discs AND pads for £47 delivered. Lexus = pads £115 fitted. Its a no brainer for a vehicle which is as old as mine. Like you say, up to 5 years, the value of the vehicle is worth the Lexus expertise. Its always down to the individual, but the garage in question is a member of the "good garage scheme" which is supposed to be a sign of honest, reasonable costs, and a good standard of service/ workmanship. It also has a lot to do with finding a garage where you trust, and receive good service. Local or otherwise.