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  1. It's always lovely to own an unusual car. I've been driving around in my new car and I haven't seen another one yet (including trips from Sandbach to Swansea, Sandbach to Chester and Sandbach to Stockport a couple of times). Always nice to keep things original so I'd be leaving it as it is too. Enjoy your new car!
  2. jpjsavage

    My Lexus Website

    Thanks for the link to this. Just installing now to get the info on my new Lexus!
  3. Sorry to hear about these issues. As others have said, raise with the dealer ASAP as you have significant rights under consumer law etc.
  4. jpjsavage

    Nice to be here

    I nearly bought the GS450h that was advertised at Lexus Stockport (the red one) but then got the call from Lexus Stoke to buy this (the previous buyer had pulled out of the deal). You've picked the right car in terms of smoothness and serenity. They are other-worldly in that department and very relaxing indeed. I hope the op goes well. Keep strong.
  5. jpjsavage

    New car first Lexus

    Fantastic - but we needed a smiling face in the passenger seat! I had two LS400 previously and have just been driving around in a Honda Accord for the last two years. However, last week I got back into a pre-owned Lexus LS600h and it is great to be back! Here's a link to the car I bought from Lexus Stoke. Enjoy your new LS400.
  6. jpjsavage

    New to the club and lexus

    Lovely looking car and welcome to this super forum! I've just got back into a Lexus ( you can read about my experience at Lexus Stoke here) and it is a great experience isn't it? I can't help with your specific questions but I'm sure someone will come along soon who can.
  7. What a great review! Thanks for posting. I've just bought a 10 year old LS600h from Lexus Stoke. Just over 101k miles but they were happy (for a small additional cost) to give me a full three year manufacturer warranty with the car. As with your GS450, the peace of mind that the warranty offers means I can enjoy the car for three years (at least) without worrying about the potentially big bills that accumulate quickly. It was interesting to read about the work that you have had done on your car too. When you bought it, did it have a good Lexus service history or was a mix of Lexus and other independents?
  8. Sounds fun! Have a great time in the LS!
  9. They certainly seem to go on and on! Fantastic machines. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for all the best wishes guys. Looking forward to another trip in the LS to Chester this afternoon. Every trip is an occasion to enjoy!
  11. Well, we went into a small room inside the dealership. Table, three chairs, nice decorations etc. We did all the bits and pieces (tax, V5, sales contract, etc) and when that was all done the sales guy said, "Right, let's go and find your new car". We got up to leave the room, but he touched a switch somewhere, the lights dimmed, the back of the room became transparent and he said, something along the lines of, "Your new car is behind you!". There was a door at the back of the room too and we walked through into the garage where the car had been parked all the time! It was quite theatrical really but a lovely touch to make the event memorable and quite special! Great work Lexus Stoke!
  12. As some of you who have followed my previous thread will know, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was going to look at getting a pre-owned Lexus LS600h from the main Lexus dealer in Stoke on Trent. One came up their (briefly) with 101k miles and a day or two over 10 years old. We went to view the car and liked it, considered it for a bit and was then told that another buyer had paid a deposit to secure the car. You snooze, you loose! Well, in this case, not quite. A few days later I had a phone call to say that the original buyer had pulled out and the car was available. We didn't snooze that time! Deposit paid, car secured and yesterday we went to pick it up. It was quite an occasion! Once the paperwork had been completed within the little booth there, the sales guy pressed a button, the back of the booth turned from frosted glass to clear and there, presented beautifully, was our new car! It was a quite a shock (in the nicest sense)! The car looked superb. Pretty much everything was expected, with the wheels having been completed refurbished, a super machine policy and interior valet, new front grill and various other bits and pieces to tidy up the car that we had seen two weeks previously. Anyway, business called so we had to leave the dealership fairly promptly to drive to Swansea for meetings, followed by a return trip yesterday evening. The car is beautiful to drive. Things that impressed me (which I had forgotten since I'd owned the two LS400s previously); 1. How cosseted you are from the noise of other traffic; 2. The quietness of the engine; 3. The amazing Mark Levinson sound system! 4. The brilliance of adaptive cruise control (a first for me in a car). It made life so easy on the motorway; 5. The supreme comfort and luxury of the interior for the driver and passengers. 6. An average MPG of 32.5 for the 400 miles driven to Swansea and back during the journey which was quite a nice surprise. I'm writing this from the swimming pool in Stockport. I've just driven my daughter up here. She lounged in the back, watching her chosen DVD, with wireless headphones and cooled seats. The car has a full 3 year manufacturer warranty and I also got a good deal on the service plan. I can't think of many car brands that would have the confidence in the product to offer this on a 10 year old car with 100k miles on it. I bet if I put a private plate on it most people would say it was a new or nearly new car. It really is superb. A big thank you to all here for your advice and support. I've missed out on the LS430 and LS460, but the jump from LS400 to LS600h (via a couple of Hondas) is definitely the right one for me! I know everyone loves pictures. So, here are some poor photos of the car today, a little dirtier than when I picked her up!
  13. Fingers crossed it will be collected on Tuesday. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  14. Well, general consensus is pretty overwhelming so won't be taking any of those three products. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  15. I'm looking for a second key for my Honda Accord and was told that Timpsons can do keys and transponders for some cars. I'm not sure if a Lexus LS000 falls into that category but I'm going to and get one done for the Honda so will ask the question.