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  1. It's all logged on the My Lexus app thing. No problem with them seeing an immaculate service record and repairs minus personal details.
  2. Fantastic news! Fingers crossed for the news re. the service and do post a few pictures if the deal goes through. You won't be disappointed. I've done around 20k miles in mine over the last year. Every time I drive the car it is a special occasion. I had two LS400s previously and the LS600 matches them both for refinement and brings a huge range of other stuff to the party too, not least that amazing hybrid system. Many passengers have enjoyed gliding off in silence and you hardly notice the engine dropping in and out. Superb!
  3. I was in the garage getting my LS600h serviced. It was there on Thursday last week but when I went back on Saturday am it had been sold. £475k. An amazing thing but is it really worth that?
  4. I had a very nice stainless steel exhaust made for my last car (a Honda Accord 3.0, V6) from Powerflow in Crewe. Fantastic job but not cheap. I'm treating this Lexus LS600h like a fine Swiss watch. I wouldn't send that back to an independent watch repairer when for just a few £ more you can send it back to an authorised repair centre in full knowledge that value is maintained. I'm also not sure that getting independents to work on the LS600h would be great news in respect of the 3 year manufacturer warranty that Lexus gave me with the car (despite having 100k miles on it at the point of purchase).
  5. I'm preserving the integrity of the service history for a future owner. There is value in that and I'm also happy that the car is getting the best treatment too. Buying cheap is not always the best solution. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  6. Nice idea, but I don't think you'd get anywhere near a whole exhaust system for around £260 ex VAT which is what the back box on one side cost me. Also, I'm keen to preserve the car with original Lexus parts throughout my ownership. The history of the car prior to me taking it on is immaculate in that respect and it will stay that way.
  7. That's not good. Sorry to hear about that. Given that the tyres were fitted by a Lexus main dealer, hopefully they have not sat around in their cupboard for 3 years! Not sure how to tell their date though. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  8. Not sure about the exhaust but it definitely had a big hole in it!
  9. Those of you with long memories may recall that I bought my LS600h from Lexus Stoke back in August last year. It had done around 100k and was sold with a full 3 year Lexus warranty and a full 3 year service plan. In my ownership so far, it has had a minor service (at 110k miles) but nothing has gone awry until a few weeks ago when I started to notice an uncharacteristic rumbling noise under acceleration (difficult to hear but quite distinct). Anyway, fast forward to this weekend, and I've just got the car back from Lexus Stoke following a major service at 120k miles. As part of the service, I had two new front tyres and they replaced half of the exhaust (the back box on one side and associated other bits and pieces). It had developed a large hole on the top of the box (which explained the noise). Neither of these items were covered by the warranty (no surprise) so I am a few £ lighter but peace is restored to the Lexus and it is driving like new again. I didn't skimp on the tyres either (they put Bridgestone Potenza which I hope will meet with your approval). They also replaced the earthing strap on the underside of the gearbox which had corroded. So, all set up for another year of happy motoring in what is undoubtedly the best car I have ever owned. I'd be interested to know how other LS600 owners are getting on with their cars. I'm still in a quandary about what to do in 18-24 months time. This car is fantastic and has a literally full service history with Lexus (which will be maintained by myself). No one else has touched it. It is a nice problem to think about and plan for so any ideas welcomed!
  10. Great story and what a testament to these amazing cars. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  11. If the touch screen needs replacing that would be your budget gone too I think. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  12. Parking is an absolute breeze. Sensors everywhere and a rear camera. It will even park itself apparently but I've never tried that. As for supermakets etc, I just tend to park in a quiet bit and walk a bit further. Just trying to avoid those accidental dents. I couldn't follow the link but I'm hoping it led to another great Lexus?