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  1. RT @fionavalerielau: @jpjsavage And then ofsted criticises schools for not supporting NQTs enough! Argh!

  2. I agree entirely. The tone is all wrong and whatever the car is like that style of communication put me right off.
  3. Thanks Derek. I'm considering the options at the moment and raising some funds too. I'm erring towards the LS600h although the tiny boot was a bit of a concern given that I lug musical equipment around occasionally. I don't think boxes of keyboards and pianos would look good in the rear seats! I might have to reconsider or get a van as well!
  4. RT @MusicEdu4all: @johnjmsboyd @theheadofmusic @jpjsavage Hi John - I would love to help if I can. I've presented across the country advoca…

  5. Fantastic news for a fantastic and iconic venue. Good luck for the final!

  6. @StockportMetro Fantastic news. The younger swimmers will love this opportunity too!

  7. RT @UCanPlayTV: Got a great offer in an ex-demo @Roland_UK F140R piano in black. £749 and comes in tomorrow. Boxed and 1 yr warranty too.

  8. Welcome to the LS club! In the past I've had a couple of LS400s and they have been great. Good luck with your new car!
  9. RT @StockportMetro: If you’re wondering when you can support @HHibbott all the details are here @lifeleisureUK @Midshire Let’s go Holly!…

  10. Hi Tom, good to hear from you! Yes, let's meet up and exchange notes on the LS460/600 market at some point soon. Cheers, Jonathan
  11. Hi Malcolm, I'm in Sandbach. Just dropped you a PM. Best wishes, Jonathan
  12. Two happy swimmers despite an early start. Thanks to @StockportMetro for their excellent swimming programme and esp…

  13. Lovely looking car. Great colour combination. The interior looks superb. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk
  14. Hi Graham, thanks for letting me know about this. If you do find out when it is up for auction, please could you let me know as I'd definitely be interested. Is 'RSR' the rear seat relaxation pack and is that as good as it sounds? If so, my daughter will love be driven from gala to gala in luxury! Cheers, Jonathan
  15. Hi everyone, what with taking my daughter around her extensive swimming commitments, I'm wanting to find a nice LS460 or 600 to replace my ageing but trustworthy Honda. So, if anyone knows of a nice privately owned car that might come up or it up for sale I'm in the market again! I really enjoyed this forum when is was a member a few years ago with my two LS400s. If think about buying one of those again but at the moment I'm thinking that a newer car might be fun. I'm open to being persuaded though! Please keep me in mind if you see anything that might be suitable. Thanks all. Sent from my LG-H870DS using Tapatalk