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  1. This is the additive that my dealer gave me and it fixed my problem. See if you can get this from your dealer. Hope it helps.
  2. Thank you Dave! I disconnected the negative terminal and left it for a about a hour. I came back reconnected and low and behold it worked. I got into the engineering menu on the nav and found a fault code related to the audio. Cleared it and it appears to be working fine.
  3. Is your car by any chance a sport model. I use to have the same problem. My local dealer stated it was an over active injector and usually the fifth injector pumping extra fuel in. They gave me a specialist additive to put in with a full tank of fuel and it seems to have corrected the problem. You may have noticed as a result your fuel economy is rock bottom when doing short journey's on cold weather? The additive my dealer gave me I could not find anywhere and was told by them they put this additive in the tank during service. Hope this helps. Will try and dig out the name of additive.
  4. My Sat Nav unit was working fine last night. I went out with my car earlier today and noticed my phone didn't connect to the MultiMedia unit. I tried pushing the buttons around the screen and nothing, furthermore air con, rear demister switch all not working. The touch screen is not responsive and does not display anything even when the CD is playing. As I drove back home tonight i noticed the buttons around the nav screen that usually illuminate at night time did not today. Radio and CD working, problem seems to be isolated to the top part of the Multi Media unit, i.e. the screen and the buttons around the screen. Buttons on the steering wheel for the bluetooth phone connection don't do anything either. Any one experience the same problem before on their Lexus? Which fuses should I check? If its not the fuses what could be wrong? I will be grateful for your opinions and advice. Thank you!
  5. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    The warranty on the engine is 5years or 100k miles which ever comes first. Standard warranty is 3yrs/60k, as it just over they do apply discretion. I think you should be ok with getting your car fixed under warranty. If your dealer doesn't support you call Lexus Customer Relations in the first instance, but I don't think you will need to since your car has now a registered a fault to a well know problem with this car. Keep us posted.
  6. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Picked up my car. Lexus had sent a brand new engine for my car. However they authorised the dealer to clean the EGR valve and the CAT. Dale had informed me when I had dropped the car, that previously they were rebuilding engines and replacing EGR and CAT, and that now Lexus were taking back the faulty engines rebuilding themselves and sending out for warranty replacement, they were only doing this if the head, pistons, cranks etc were ok, but most of the time they are not so most people get brand new engines. I must admit after collecting the car, it feels a lot tighter and drives like a brand new car. I filled up the car with Shell regular diesel and took it for 130 mile run, on the motorway I averaged 45mpg, locally I've done 10 miles and got 35mpg. When I filled up I noticed that my fuel range was now showing 495miles, this was just after collecting the car and prior to my drive. Prior to the new engine whenever I had filled up range on tank would only show 402miles. One more thing the dealer had noticed that my rear brake calipers were seizing on an intermittent basis, I had them replaced at the same time as the engine, maybe they were sticking whilst I was driving hence having an effect on the fuel economy, as more friction there to slow me down whilst engine working to speed me. I asked the dealer if they lubricate the calipers on service, they stated they do it now. So maybe when winter approaches every year I will go Kwik Fit and have the free brake test they offer and when car goes in remind the dealer to lube the brake calipers. That way i have two opinions plus one from the MOT test, just to monitor this as I note the rear brake calipers are another common fault. Right now the way the car drives it reminds me of the way my company car use to drive when I first got it brand new. This second Lexus has put a big smile on my face, and having driven my wife's 120d M Sport earlier today think this engine in the Lexus is just as good if not better. Just needs a bit of TLC. If you have any warning lights on take it to your Lexus dealer and let them decide on course of action - it may get your problem sorted than trying second guess an alternative or a cheaper fix, if that doesn't satisfy you contact Lexus Customer Relations to ensure dealer is following their brand protocol in your particular instance.
  7. P2002 Fault Code Is 220D

    Hi All, I bought my d sport end of July 2012. On the drive home I noticed the fuel economy was crap. I was getting 30mpg on the motorway and put it down to bad and cheap diesel in the car. I use to have one as a company car when they first came out, and onmotorways got about 45mpg and 37mpg locally, and understood the characteristics of this car well. Once I started driving it locally noticed that I was getting 22mpg! I thought to let the tank run empty then filled up with Shell V Power Diesel, fuel economy locally went upto 25mpg. I then came across this forum and learnt of what I should have researched prior to purchase...... I called the Lexus dealer in Cheltenham and expressed my concern. Dale asked me to bring my car in to check for fault codes. They had a quick look at no charge and told me there were no fault codes registered however my EGR valve was covered in carbon deposits. Furthermore my car was on the original CAT and that Lexus had a service bulletin to replace the CAT if the relevant fault code registered on the ECU plus any additional work on the engine if it was required. Dale confirmed Lexus had given the engine a 7 year 100k mile warranty but only allowed to do any work if the relevant fault codes were registered. Unhappy with this I called Lexus Customer Relations with a complaint for them to authorise the dealer to fix the problem as all the symptoms were pointing to a failure of EGR and CAT and could result in an engine rebuild, i requested they replace the EGR and CAT to prevent engine failure. They said they would look into this and call me back. 2 days later i got a call saying the warranty administrators won't authorise the work until the ECU registers the fault even though the car had all the symptoms of a problem they are aware with. Feeling let down, I decided to fill my next tank fill should be with BP Ultimate Diesel in the hope the additives in the fuel would help the car breathe better and result in minimal damage when i does go bang, again I noticed a gain in fuel economy and tiny bit on the power. However when this tank load finished I filled up with regular diesel from BP and fuel economy figures dropped back down to just above what they were when I bought the car. I called the previous owner and he told me he had always used Tesco and Sainsbury's fuel. Goes to show branded fuel such as BP, Shell, Esso etc is of a better quality than the Supermarket fuel. Any way on Sunday just gone I was driving home on the M5 with my cruise control on at 73mph and getting a 37mpg average when the engine management light came on followed by a slight judder which cut the cruise control and then the "Check VSC" was on the display, this happened at just after midnight and with my family in the car I just wanted to get home and decided traffic was at a minimal level to allow me to do this safely.. The car had gone into limp mode and engine speed was limited to 2500rpm, when a uphill gradient came car slowed down and gained on an uphill gradient. I got home ok and delayed by 20mins or so. I had reset the fuel computer when the warning lights came on and got an amazing 49mpg on the motorway. Shows the back up program on he ECU runs a more efficient program. I spoke to Dale again the following day and he asked me to bring my car and get the repair done under warranty, we are 99% certain it is the same problem mentioned by everyone else in this discussion and needs the same fix. I will take the car in tomorrow and update.
  8. Welcome to the Lexus forums Hannan :)