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  1. I think that bespoke exhaust fabricators are springing up in more places. My cat back system, fitted in Shrewsbury a few weeks ago, was supposed to be £600 but cost £50 more as they had to cut back past one of the O2 sensors. As stated, they remove and re-fit the sensor.....Good luck. Mark.
  2. Had mine done, cat back, at a place in Shrewsbury yesterday. I had a custom made stainless system, as quiet as they could make it. Driving home yesterday it was a little un lexus like, a bit of a grunt. I can live with it considering the price a lexus system would have cost me. It was £650 as they had to cut right back to one cat and sort out one sensor. The standard cat back would have been £600. Mark.
  3. Hi Andy, Yes I agree, I thought it was just my developing cataracts!!?? I've also had the polycarbonate polished by my local garage but they are starting to look a little dis-coloured too which probably doesn't help. Mark.
  4. I think there are two issues here that are unrelated. I can't help with the white smoke but the oil topping up is the same as my mk3 and, spookily I'm just shy of 100k! My LS400 never needed a drop of oil but these engines have an issue caused by the system of fuel injection. The piston rings get gummed up and don't do their job properly, thus oil escapes more readily down the bores. Check the US forums for more information. I use Redex periodically and just top up the oil when needed... I can't afford another Lexus right now or to have the piston rings replaced. I just live with it!! Mark.
  5. That's OK, it's worth checking as my VSC light was on and off. Big bumps always set it off, then eventually it would re-set. Only when the exhaust finally cracked (she sounded very fruity!!!) did the light stay on...Good luck!! Mark.
  6. Hi, I had this on my gen3 and it was a broken and holed exhaust. Had the exhaust welded and problem solved....for now!!! Mark.
  7. You could try one of the commercially available wax stick fillers for furniture, they come in various shades to fill the scratch in. Just a thought.... Good luck. Mark..
  8. I find the display to be about 2mpg optimistic, Fridays jaunt form North Shropshire to Northampton and back, mixed traffic and long 50mph roadworks on the M6 and the car told me 40mpg. I usually double check by brimming when filling up and zeroing the trip. I use Tesco momentum by the way. On 10+ miles to Shrewsbury and back I get around 30-32 on the computer. I'm not a boy racer!!!! Hope this helps. Mark.
  9. I've used both Astonish and Autoglym leather treatments on my old LS and now on the GS. I find that both work well with regular application. Mark.
  10. I agree Phil, I've just bought a 2006 GS300 and I'm very pleased with the economy, quietness and quality feel. Despite being slightly smaller than my old LS400 I don't feel short changed but the sloping design does mean that I caught my head a few times and I'm only 5ft 10''.........the V6 also feels creamy smooth and despite loosing 2 cyclinders and a whole litre, it's quiet and powerful. I've only had her for a day so it's too early to comment on the full experience but so far so good.....Mark.
  11. Many thanks for all the great advice. Probably better after the Christmas holidays now, may be able to pick up a bargain in the dark January days? Mark.
  12. Thanks John, don't think I can afford anything as new as that, I always seem to be near the bottom of the food chain, so mid 2000's really. I'm also considering the Honda Legend too.... Mark.
  13. Thanks. I am on a mission then, after this snow melts!! Mark.
  14. My first post outside the LS forum as I am now considering a GS300. I think I was very lucky 5 years ago to get a good LS and now is the time to look for something a bit newer as I had to sell her before working abroad for 15 months. My question is, if I find a GS around 2005 with the CVT transmission, is there anything I need to particularly look for? I know nothing about CVT transmissions except it's a development of the old DAF Daffodil!!! There is a GS in Bolton from a specialist, a little pricey but only 71000 miles. Looks nice. Thanks, Mark.
  15. Fair comment Dennis, she had 183000 on the clock when I bought her!!! Mark.