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  1. New Pics Of My Is200

    That's awesome. When you said friend 8 was hoping that meant permanent friend :) I'm looking into a IS350 maybe or gs430. I just sold my gmc sierra which I kept for longer than planned. I like the new shape although it'll never have the classic look of the first gen its a great looking car and the pearl white is an amazing finish. (see alot of them here in usa)
  2. New Pics Of My Is200

    Wow what's going on? 😮
  3. Well I saw Ians at the meet in the same colour. Wierd thing is I love that colour on the IS lol. I will deffo go see it but was waiting for others to pop up firs. Loving the US mate not to say I don't miss England tho and very eager to be back in the Lexus scene. Also been checking the loc to see if the guy who bought my IS200 came up but he hasn't. I told him to sign up and left the stickers on lol Anyway will keep you updated. However I'm prepared to wait for the right car to come up like I did my IS. 3 months I was looking lol
  4. I'm interested to buy a GS400 that's popped up . It's in great shape, low mileage and a good price. It's also close. My only thing is it's in that gold colour! I don't like it and not sure if its stupid of me to avoid it for that reason and wait for something else to come up. Will the colour grow on me or will I always regret it every time I walk up to it!
  6. New Pics Of My Is200

    Hey hoodrich. Im shortly going to be back in the lexus game with a GS400 With e-shift. very excited. Miss my IS200 immensely
  7. Ive been looking at a yatour ipod type device for a 1998 GS300 and they all list compatibility with 2001MY only. Why is this? is there no CD changer port on pre 2001 or something? Are the head units different?
  8. Hi guys. After much thought im in the market for a 1998 - 2000 Lexus GS400. ive considered cars from Jeep Grand Cherokee's to Buick Roadmasters, I love american cars but after driving a Lexus they are just always lacking something. Quality? Performance? not sure. but the Lexus bug is planted and i just cannot hold back on getting another Lexus. I was originally looking at a 430 as but believe it or not the option of E-Shift was taken off when they replaced the famous 1UZ-FE V8 4.0 with the 3UZ-FE V8 4.3! can you believe that! so i want a GS400 for sure with black leather interior and navi. This car wasnt available in the UK. From what ive heard its a monster and arguably one of the best cars Lexus have built in that period.
  9. Is200 Auto Se 1999 Gearbox Power Problem

    Glad your getting it sorted mate. Get it done before the winter hits. Let us know the outcome
  10. Check Your Timing Belt Early!

    You ask if you should changed tensioner and idler in this thread lol did you not see the pictures of a result of leaving them? And from my experience water pump is good to around 100k so up to you. And £100 for a water pump? Why so much? Get a good make for under £50 halfords advanced coolant only £15 or something. seeing a nice shiny water pump alongside new belts and a fresh oil change was a big selling point when selling mine.
  11. Wow I always thought spats were discontinued.
  12. Just A Update For Those Who Know Me

    This was cool. wonder whats in there
  13. Is200 Auto Se 1999 Gearbox Power Problem

    Yeah i thought that too. Couldnt remember seeing a indicator. I think ive watch all his vids hes funny lol
  14. Is200 Auto Se 1999 Gearbox Power Problem

    Here you go, this is what you need to do :) You could also do what colin suggested and disconnect the cooler and get as much out as pos Dont use that oil though! lol
  15. Is200 Auto Se 1999 Gearbox Power Problem

    Yeah dont over fill. I always measure what comes out anyway. Im assuming there is correct amount in there now?